Thursday, September 17, 2015

I otta smack him 3


Centralized government doesn’t have a monopoly on violence of course.  They are more prone to tend toward excess, since bands and tribes usually only fight to extinction during rare events such as super-volcano induced bottleneck events whereas all civilizations must grow and grow until they grow too much and then use up their resources with population growth and soil erosion ( for the upslope of imperial growth, population growth is good and necessary, on the downside that just makes all the other problems exponentially worse ) and so to them the end is always an extinction event ( discount the last 500 years of European colonialism and the reliance on central banks to finance empires-that skewers the historical norm of far more violent crashes and burns, the area never to recover from the biological damage.  Europe ate off of its colonies and was able to recover, some better than others, until they entered into total war with each other, yet even then all the countries never achieved complete soil degradation [ thanks to colonial fertilizer importation or coal-to-artificial-nitrogen ] such as the empires from Greece, Italy, the middle east, etc. ).  Smaller political units are just as violent as empires, but it is rare to be wiped out in normal times ( regular weather ) because the violence is small scale.  Rather than stark survival, the violence is used as conflict resolution and contract enforcement.  Violence is normal in every human organization.  It is hidden in wealthy empires, monopolized by kings, practiced by all males in tribes and nomadic groups, and it all can be tracked back to those cute little chimpanzees who, when not wearing diapers or signing for a banana but back in their natural habitat, are territorial, vicious, violent, tribal allegiance orientated ( and they even follow Bush’s lead in attacking on the pretext of anticipating future violence ).


Evolution should not be dismissed by religious types.  Darwin was deeply religious and thought evolution to be a process designed by the Creator ( the “five-thousand-year-old-earth” was mostly Papist politics ).  When the devote ignore evolution they dismiss the entire study of anthropology and miss vital clues as to how man acts and will act in crisis.  And when it comes to food shortages, man is hardwired by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution to use violence against all other outside groups to help his tribe.  You understand that, you know why American Blacks passionately hate Whites ( they never assimilated from tribal to nation state ).  Blacks can be slurping up all the fried chicken and orange soda their high blood pressure can tolerate, overweight enough that hunger never motivates them, but since they are tribal, and Whites are not their tribe, we are the nemesis.  Add hunger to that, wow!  You think Blacks hate you now, just wait for the real violence to erupt when our cities run out of food.  That alone would disrupt the whole equation of passively grouping together for survival ( in other words, your violence is only defensive, the group blinded by the myth of non-violence ), but that is just the maraschino cherry on top of the crap sundae of the civilization collapse.  Everyone else is going to also now hate you, and act accordingly.  You can flagellate yourself into self congratulatory religious fervor over being peaceful and only willing to engage in violence when necessary, and then en masse meet your maker ( and I hope for your sake he is appreciative of your sacrifice ), or you can embrace your human nature and increase your odds of survival.

More next article, as we finish up this series

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  1. You pointed out something in this article. White folks are going to be targets no matter where they are come shtf. I'm not being racist, but realistic. Blacks, Mexicans, and Indians, they are all gunna come gunning for what they think you have, social injustice being a warm and fuzzy blanket they can wrap themselves in to justify their actions.

    1. Just as Whites wrapped themselves in the fuzzy blanket of colonial givers of civilization. Turn-about is fair play, although a gold plated bitch.

  2. 1) by 'blacks' I hope to clarify you mean the ghetto culture embraced by many of African descent- that a child of African descent who was raised into "white bread American" culture will act no worse (or better) than most "white bread Americans". And vice versa - other ethnic genealogy raised in the 'black ghetto' culture will respond like any other raised in that culture.
    Of interesting note many Asian cultural standards embrace the nation as a stucture of advantage to the family/clan and give loyalty to it (secondary to the clan) for the advantages it provides the family. Prior to the welfare state many African-American families felt the same- some of the few that avoided the welfare state (usually through a history of military service) still do.
    Hispanics also put the family first but seem to culturally hold less loyalty to the Nation as a whole. But that could just be my Hispanic ghetto/ illegal immigrant experience speaking.

    2) Some empires lasted until invaded/destroyed by outsiders, and in at least 3 cases (Egypt, China, Russia) have managed to survive as political entities ready to resume their imperial extent (more or less) with much less disruption of their empires. Sure they crash every so often historically, but they also pick right back up into the former status-quo in a generation or two. Note that they were all solar powered and - in two of my examples at least - river based for soil fertility. The USA has the Mississippi, the Ohio, and the Colorado rivers for empires to form around, plus the Great Lakes (where the rust belt is now).
    Two to Five cultures clearly exist in the USA - the coasts, The NE, the South, and the West of the Mississippi/ north of the Gulf coast. Texas has more in common with Eastern Washington that Seattle does with North Dakota, and the south has more in common with Wyoming than with New York. The fragmenting and coalescence of the future North American Empires will be a fascinating study for future scholars.

    1. 1) yes, ghetto Blacks, not Oreos.
      2) I think we can exempt Egypt now, with the Answar ( sp? ) dam.