Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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Part Two.  Factoring in the worst case scenario before you decide to buy an item or not.  Don’t have well water if you can’t afford to drill a new one.  Don’t have a car unless you can afford a new transmission.
You don’t want to panic buy when prepping.  You could pay too much for a gun, then not have enough for food, for instance.  But you do want to panic if you are not prepped at all.  After the bare bones panic prepping, done dirt cheap, you can go back to being cautious and taking your time.
Part 2 in a new book, the Battle Rifle Book.  A planned 17 part book for those that simply must have a semi-auto, despite my best advice.  This chapter explains why affordability is one of the most important factors in your choice.
Using debt to prep is retarded.  In this part, why the bankers are immoral, hence you owe them nothing-a thief is not worthy of your honorary behavior.
Part 2 of not using debt to prep.  Debunking the only reason to have gotten into debt in the past, to run a business.  How that will bankrupt your business nowadays.
Part last, avoiding debt to prep.  It isn’t about saving all that much money as much as it is giving you much more flexibility to prep.
Relax, Francis, being too efficient, driven, Type A, is counter-productive and not natural.  Ignore the “every waking moment train for the apocalypse” advice.
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