Monday, March 6, 2017

sucking ass through a straw

note: the book "The Mandibles, a family 2029-2047" by Lionel Shriver is a step above your normal doomer books.  It is a slow economic collapse ( so far, I'm a quarter of the way through it ) as it effects the former middle class straw boss/10%'ers.  It does take its time unfolding-don't expect a fast paced action packed entertainment.  I'm actually impressed with it, even for being an effort and being written by a gal.
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Are you tired of your entire life being nothing much more than sucking ass through a straw ( a nicer way of saying the less nicer way of saying “kissing ass”.  Think, sucking ass scat )?  Yes, I know it is normal, and yes, I know we are supposed to Cowboy Up and just take it like men ( gals are usually pretty lucky as they can and are encouraged to breed, their natural inclination, whereas the guys are only allowed to suck ass through a straw rather than follow their natural inclination to kill those that oppose them ) and for the most part I can understand and abide by this rule.  Our evolution requires us to toughen up, suck it up and risk our lives for our family and tribe.  And that is the way it should be.  But guess what, guys?  You ain’t sucking it up to do that.  You are rather sucking it up to enrich others.  You are throwing away your life ( whether literally as cannon fodder or figuratively through wasted motions of meaningless existences ) for the benefit of everyone EXCEPT your family and your tribe.


Yes, sure, your family benefits in a minute way as you provide for them ( you aren’t able to protect them as the majority official protection racket requires you to remain docile.  In a lot of locations you can’t even protect them against violent criminals-and if you are living in one of those you are a straight up moron.  No amount of “provision” can make up for that lack of “protection” ) but if you do the math it isn’t all that much.  More than likely your spouse works, so right there  you are only providing 50% of the needed total.  Subtract 30% of that in withholding taxes for a total of 35%.  Of the remainder, most likely half is going for a mortgage and half of that is property tax and central bank taxes called interest.  So 17% is a mortgage and half of that is 8%, so eight from thirty five is 27%.  Now from that take away another half for commuting costs.  14% of your wages are available to provide for your families total needs.  Of course it is even less with taxes of 25% minimum in hidden costs so 10% of what you earn ever gets down to the traditional provider status.  And you are sucking ass through a straw for THAT?


As far as a tribe, you aren’t even allowed membership in one.  It is nation state allegiance or bust.  Not that this state of affairs will continue for very long ( get it? STATE of affairs, allegiance to STATE-okay, perhaps only marginally witty ), but you are stuck with it until the bitter end.  In the meantime lame substitutes such as sports teams and hobby guilds or social media are a desperate sad attempt at belonging to a tribe.   So, again, why are you following the old rules that demand you keep getting screwed for very little reward ( ten percent goes to your family )?  That mortgage, the car payment, all that crap is for the benefit of others.  Now, don’t get your bloomers in a bunch.  Even though I don’t like debt, you could be indentured as such for your needed piece of land, as long as you did it smart ( cheap land paid off quickly, not a twenty year mortgage for a country version of a McMansion ).  And to get that rent free piece of land you just might need a motor vehicle.  Probably through a loan because I can’t believe the cost of cars nowadays, even used, nor how low quality they have gotten.


You can never eliminate sucking ass through a straw.  The only thing you can do is narrow the straw size and the amount of ass you must suck.  Getting out of debt and eliminating monthly costs does that.  Then, there is self employment.  Another good idea, but with several pages of fine print of caveats.  The biggie, you’ll NEVER get rich working for yourself.  That used to be the equivalent of a Black basketball player going to the pros.  Only one out of a thousand ( or whatever insane percentage it was ) made it to the big time, but that was enough to keep the rest of them trying.  The same with Amazon authors.  Now, you can’t get a better deal in publishing than the cut Amazon gives authors.  I grant them that.  The problem is, you have thousands of new books, per genre, self published every month by them.  Most folks don’t sell enough copies, even at a generous 35% to 75% commission.  The few successful ones spur on all the rest.  And so it goes with a small business.  Of any type.  You will NOT, and I repeat NOT unless you win that lottery, make any amount of decent money.  It will be far less than minimum wage ( not that there are many of those left anymore-remember, the contraction is forever more until the collapse, with zero improvement possible ).  The only thing self employment is good for is to be able to tell 90% of all the asshats out there that you won’t suck their ass anymore. 


I had an epiphany today.  I’m only sucking ass through a straw out of lifetime habit.  I don’t have to rashly quite my miserable job ( good job, terrible, horrendous, world class dingus boss ) as I’ve wanted to do for so long.  I could, but I enjoy the NOL and she wants to stay in town ( I could lure her out, but only with a turn key house ).  I can just take less crap from them, and if I get fired I don’t have to worry about a job reference because I don’t need another one if I choose not to.  Instead of waiting for the job to be lost through the company bankrupting, as I furiously save, I can wait for that OR being dismissed for a crappy attitude.  I don’t NEED to suck their ass.  What brought this on was it being the first nice day in a very long while.  Not spring, but finally sun and above freezing.  If I wanted, I could not work at a job but commuting daily out to my lot and starting construction on a real house ( as opposed to a dank and dark B-POD, cramped and hard on the arthritic knees of the New Old Lady to go down to ).  The weather is perfect for it.


So why am I planning on going back to work tomorrow, without putting in my two week notice?  I don’t want to draw down my savings, granted, but it is just there in case I don’t have a job anyway.  Let’s continue this tomorrow.


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  1. I'm self employed and it's definitely not for everyone. Certainly isn't for me

  2. Un related post comment.

    I have noticed 22 long rifle is becoming more available at lower prices(both online and locally). Any one else notice this?


    1. Just did an "ammo seek" check and I'm impressed. Nickel a round. Cabelas offers six cents with free shipping over a hundred bucks. Obviously now is THE time to buy. It might go down slightly with the economy ( you know the price is lack of sales ) but better a bird in hand than two in the bush.