Wednesday, March 1, 2017



Every time you start getting a stupid attack, and think that the grass is indeed greener on the other side of the fence ( remember that “Far Side” cartoon? One of the doomer sites just reprinted it in an article ) and that I am not as grand and wonderful as I think I am, that I merely always blather on about the same old crap, I want you to stop and think about Newsweek magazine.  They have dozens if not scores of writers, a large budget, college educated editors-in short, everything I don’t have.  And they just came out with the same crap they’ve been regurgitating for SEVENTY FRIGGIN YEARS!!!!!  The cover, done in suitable dark eerie red, was “Hitler, The Evolution Of Evil” ( or very similar title-it doesn’t even warrant my typing in a web address to double check ).  Really, I mean, SERIOUSLY?!  Another Uber Evil Hitler article?  I wonder how many forests have been razed to push that stale propaganda, how many tons of coal or gas franking wells have been sunk to electrify that same message.


First off, as usual, I have to state the obvious so as to shut up the stunted thinkers because frankly if I want to listen to dumb asses I’ll just stop a random idiot on the street ( in other words, even though I expect better from my readers, I know that every web site has an embedded scout from the Troll Brigade ).  Killing Jews was certainly NOT cool.  I’m not a White Power Bitch ( I’m a Jim Supremacist, not a White one ).  Having said that, I’m sure that some living Jews over in Israel  don’t want to hear what I’m about to say because it endangers their American Aid Gravy Train ( not to mention the German Litigation Gravy Train ).  How many Russians did Stalin kill?  Far more Slavs died than Jews did.  Hitler, while a dick, was about par for the course, or even a piker compared to Mao and Pol Pot and Lenin’s successor and etcetera.  How many Japanese civilians who had ZERO say about what their government did perished in fire bombings or nuclear explosions?  Perhaps not as many as the Jews, but it would be a tight race if you lumped the innocent Germans into the American body count.  Besides which, Jewish discrimination and killings had been going on by many others way before Hitler.


Did Hitler have some ruthless bastards that suppressed the population if they didn’t support the war?  Sure, as did the US.  How many civilians went to jail when they refused to be drafted?  By what metric is Hitler evil?  He killed far less of his own population than others.  His Gestapo was probably less brutal than the KGB ( or whatever they called themselves then ).  It seems that the real measurement was that he started the war.  As if we and the British and the French were innocent in our colonial conquests.  Yes, of course, those were Little Brown People and the Germans attacked Whitey.  Is that all it takes to be evil?  Attacking First World’ers rather than Third?  Or is the hue and cry against Hitler a reaction to cover up the fact that the US has been acting no better than that dictator?  Or is this just fresh fodder for a new generation so that they may understand the label that has been slapped on Trump?  If that is the case, you had better start looking over your shoulder and covering your wallet.


All this crap about Trump is just smoke and mirrors.  The Republican verses the Democrat is VERY old propaganda.  Way older than the hemorrhoid on my ass.   The elite have been pulling that one out every four years for at least a hundred years if not longer.  There is no R or D, there is only 1%.  It doesn’t matter how much fiat money it takes to Select a politician.  It doesn’t matter what he votes for.  In the end, he is the puppet that puts on the show hiding the man behind the curtain.  As for the One World Illuminati Jewish Conspiracy, as we just talked about you don’t have a centralizing force in an energy deficit.  All this Skull And Bones, Trilateral Commission, Council On Foreign Relations, Word Bank conspiracy crap is merely background noise attempting to deny we are in Oil Down. 


On to the “elite factions fighting one another”, I’m not convinced one way or another.  It seems unlikely, since NeoCons were no more colonialists and interventionists than all the central bank/central governments political players before them.  When you get right down to it, there is only one way to conduct the affairs of empire.  Surplus everything is drawn down from your subjects surrounding you, and in the decline phase the surplus is contracting.  Trump, or the Trump faction, or whatever, is doing absolutely nothing new under the sun.  He is still in charge of extracting tribute from those that serve the emperor.  So, perhaps, the lapdog media is calling Trump evil, while at the same time working for Trump because he works for the Elite.  Why?  The content doesn’t matter, as long as the smoke and mirrors is effective.  The media isn’t “on one side” if you are thinking conservatives or liberals.  If Trump was impeached tomorrow, the same types of people with the same agenda and connections would still be in the drivers seat in the palace.  Vampire Squid Bankers would still be Treasury, PC 2nd Generation Warfare Generals would still have charge of the military, etc.  Nothing would be any danger to our very own Gravy Train engineers.  You can take THAT to the central bank.


What is one of the oldest political tricks in the book?  Befriending half the voters, even as you work against them.  Trump doesn’t care that Lefties hate him, but he does use that as a handy device to pacify the Righties.  All the while screwing both.  It is actually rather embarrassing seeing so many of the doomer crowd lapping up this garbage.  NO politician is Afor ya.  But they certainly are Again ya.  And what, pray tell, does this have to do with prepping or survivalism?  Simply, you must know who to trust and how to smell hidden intentions.  Trust no one, AND verify.


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  1. Replies
    1. At first I just thought I was ranting, but rereading I'm convinced I'm more brilliant than ever-and great minds think alike :)

    2. "The Republican verses the Democrat is VERY old propaganda. The elite have been pulling that one out every four years for at least a hundred years if not longer.
      There is no R or D, there is only 1%; and the rest of us.
      There, I fixed it for you. Please note the 1% does everything they can to keep the remaining 99% divided in every way possible and hides itself with all sorts of the factions it chooses to create.
      Watching the local servants of the 1% will be your only chance of a warning of an immediate large threat that the 1% know about.

    3. Not sure about that last part. For instance, a world bank conference they fly to is a cover for bugging out. How do you know the difference? And why would they bug-in?

    4. Well I did say it was a 'chance' - but a sudden, not previously scheduled, conference might be an indicator - of course if they were choosing to inflict the event they could have it previously scheduled....

  2. May as well paint "Romanes eunt domus" in big letters across a wall if they're going to fight extinct ideologies.

    Nazi haters should be mocked the same as someone getting all worked up wanting to fight the Visigoths.

    1. Good point, someone please tell all our liberals.

    2. So tattoing SPQR on my arm doesn't make me a Roman Legionaire or bring back the glory that was Rome in AD100?

      How about the 2-headed bear for the imaginary New California Republic?


    3. Were tattoos around back then? Or am I missing another reference?