Friday, January 13, 2017

gatekeepers 3 of 3


Let’s take a small slice of Hillbilly History, shall we?  After getting screwed by the British after colonialism, the mutt hybrid Scots-Irish came on over to this country seeking a better way of living than being some tea sippers bitch.  When they got here, assuming they survived indentured servitude ( pretty much on par with Black slavery with the injustice and death inducing work conditions-just because their term of service had a expiration date didn’t mean a lot of Whites didn’t die before freedom ), they probably had a bit of an attitude problem now that they had ALSO been some American tea sippers bitch.  The Appalachian mountain were a good escape from the lowland coastal American aristocracy settlements.  There they only had to kill any Indians rash enough to stay in the wave of this migration.  They asked for little from the lowlanders and got even less.  What they carried with them for a couple of centuries was a solid conviction that outsiders were bastards and would screw them at will, and every generation had that prejudice validated by events.


Now, let me ask you this.  If these were your people, would you blame them for refusing to participate in our economic system?  Not only did the elite then screw them over, the elite now want to do the same.  They are in fact being screwed, without willingly seeking another, bigger helping.  But here is some little punk like J.D. Vance thinking all these hillbillies are stupid jack offs for not running out of the hollers, hats in hand, towards the nearest campus so they can eventually work for the very people already exploiting them.  I have to respectfully call J.D. a bit of a dumb ass.  I admire his convection in escaping his circumstances, but he isn’t anywhere near as smart as he thinks he is.  His people display a lot more native intelligence than he, and in his ignorance he mistakes that for willful ignorance.  They probably are thinking that with the structure of things today, getting into debt for college is a suckers game.  And despite the odd successful graduate getting a job, for the vast majority college is a stupid gamble.  Vance got lucky.  Oh, he put in a Herculean effort, no doubt about it.  He earned what he got.  But millions try just as hard and get screwed rather than lucky. 


An oppressed people refusing to kowtow to their exploiters ( did Vance ever hear any stories of the mines prior to Unionization? ) by playing a rigged game.  A folk whose culture allows debt dischargeable by bankruptcy for when the next wave of unemployment occurs, yet disdain debt that can NEVER be discharged, just to gamble on a slim possibility of getting a job away from their people while all the time slurping the ass of relatives of the whores who killed their grandfathers.  I’m thinking I really like these stubborn pricks!  They would rather live in poverty than willingly be exploited ( yes, you could argue that since they are being exploited anyway they might as well “play the game”.  I argue that their pride is far more important than money, but what the hell do I know, being a foreigner? ).  You might think a life of drug abuse, alcoholism, wife beating and unemployment is a sad and pathetic life, but I would remind you that gainfully employed folks can be just as unhappy as they drink to excess and smoke the ganj and occasionally bitch slap the uppity spouse around ( granted, the unemployed take all that to further extremes, a fact our royal betters appreciate as we can’t have any of that jeopardizing job performance ).


So, the Ghetto Black and the Holler Hillbilly don’t exactly crowd the military recruiting offices to be exploited further.  Back during the draft they had no choice and then, yes, the extreme poor did die in droves for imperial expansion.  Now they just die from poverty ( malnourishment ) or their choice of economic activity ( crime ) or even from boredom ( liquering up and face planting a tree on the road ).  Nobody forces them to do so, just as nobody forces the working poor to join the military.  Nobody forced the original hillbilly descendents to immigrate as indentured servants.  Or work at the mines with its explosions and black lung.  This is the song and dance the rich perform to ceremoniously wash any guilt from their souls.  Hey, I get it.  Nobody thinks of themselves as evil.  But as Forest would say, evil is as evil does. 


And, yes, nobody should expect the military to pay if that institution itself wasn’t profitable ( protecting pineapples and bananas weren’t much of a payoff,  but that practice got them into protecting oil ).  But other countries offer the poor a military career, and they are not empires.  What I am saying is that while the rich have excuses, which contain kernels of truth, at a certain point excuses do not justify a body count.  Just as a Saab driving hippie is just as guilty of raping the planet as the CEO of Exxon is, the rich kill the poor even if the poor voluntarily step in harms way.  This might be a kinder, gentler murder than the press-gangs of old, but that only reflects our sensibilities, not our intent.  The rich need bodies at the tip of the spear and they shall have them one way or another.  If you control the environment which necessitates making bad choices, you are ultimately responsible of coercion.  You might disagree with me, and that is fine, but then I know what side of the barricades you’ll be on, won’t I?


You’re either ill informed or willfully ignorant.  If you are apologizing for the rich, you are complicit in their schemes.   Probably because you yourself want to be rich.  Part of the ten percent, are you?  You’ve taken the King’s Schilling, so you’d better be aware of how you’ll be treated in the future.  When resource scarcity becomes food scarcity, all you system supporters will become targets.  I don’t make those rules, history does.  Beware the side you pick.


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