Thursday, January 5, 2017

finances for collapse book 8



Prior to 2008, in general except the worst areas you could get a second income to supplement your prepping.  After the economic implosion ( that has only been papered over with yet even lower interest rates.  No one is allowed to borrow, except those In The Loop, but those Holy Rollers are pretty much borrowing at de facto negative interest rates.  A LOT of companies are borrowing to buy back their own stock and other shenanigans that give the illusion of growth and stability.  The Tech darlings, the Frackers, etc. ), even illegals-uh, excuse me, undocumented workers-moved back to Mexico for lack of jobs.  I would imagine those still crossing over have families here, or will sell drugs, or will get on welfare.  And then, yes, they will take White Boy Jobs.  All these decades the Elite assured us those wonderful immigrants were only interested in picking vegetables or scrubbing toilets.  And that was true at one time.  Now, they actually do compete for the few part time jobs available.  As far as getting a second job, let alone a First?  Fuggitaboutit!


Other money raising schemes are just as problematic.  Garage sales or E- Bay?  Chump change.  Everything everyone owns is overvalued by them yet when it comes time to buy anything from anyone else, they expect it to be close to free.  It certainly isn’t impossible to get some money that way, but I think you’d be surprised what level of Pain In The Ass ( PITA ) it will be.  Learning a new trade?  What the Chinese crap sells retail for is, usually, your cost just for the raw materials.  We are at the right of the apex of the Industrial Revolution, the globe awash in manufacturing capacity, with close to no economic activity capable of paying for even a fraction of those products.  Factories are going bankrupt and those items offered are lowered in quality to reduce prices and raise profits.  Cottage Industries are at a worse advantage than at any time since the Spinning Jenny started up.  On a quick, related note, if you wish to sell anything to raise money, do it now regardless of loss.  Soon you won’t be offered anything for most of the modern petrol dependent gee-gaws you consider assets ( think back to the early ‘80’s when you couldn’t give away a V-8 gas guzzler car ).


As per the last chapter, your only hope is to minimize expenses rather than maximizing income.  Only then can you prep ( as well as ONLY prepping frugally or you won’t even be able to do that.  Download my free booklet The Frugal Survivalist Digest Version from and you won’t spend a thin dime on learning how ).  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to earn a second income.  The only catch is, most likely it won’t be much of an income.  I’ve been writing for twenty-five years ( see my Bio & Biblio article, link at the end of each article with all of the rest of my pertinent info ) and only in the last ten have I made money.  Before the housing bubble burst I was making $300 a month, half my take home pay of my day job I put 45 hours a week in ( I had a LOT of deductions leaving me 35% ).  Now I make $300 on a good month and usually no lower than $100 most other months.  I’m certainly not complaining.  The very few loyal minions I have are very generous ( 500 daily readers for the longest time, recently bumping up to 750.  I hope that holds.  At one time with my first blog I had up to 1200 but once I stopped allowing unmoderated comments I dropped to half that.  Which is okay-I’d rather have serious readers who like my information rather than my comments entertainment. So 750 might or might not be sustainable.  I like to think the panic has set in permanently and those wanting life saving information rather than a soothing shot of glittery rainbow smoke blown up their ass have discovered me ).


Here is my point.  You cannot work for money, but love.  Then money follows because labors of love are rare and appreciated.  But NEVER assume you can make a living wage from it.  As soon as you do, you are just like the other millions of Mammon grubbing asswhores who don’t care about their customers but about their paycheck.  When a survivalist writer doesn’t care about his readers, guess what?  You might not be getting life saving advice but rather the life threatening variety.  Not necessarily, but potentially.  I’d love to say all those prepper gurus out there are god fearing Christians that only want the best for you, but that would only be true if they are ignorant fools who only think they are advising you properly.  Enough said about that.  The bottom line is you need to work hard every day trying to NOT love money.  Trying to love work rather than a paycheck.  Look, we all are forced to work crappy ass sucking soul draining humiliating jobs four to eight hours a day.  Why would you want your hobby job to share any of those characteristics?


And make no mistake, once your focus goes from experience/love/happiness to money, you start down the path to another fecal stained rectal munching life draining job just like the one you were trying to leave.  You will be working at a loss at first, then if all goes right for chump change.  Then, finally, for a small second income.  Nobody is saying work for free.  But do the work because you enjoy it, and then far less monetary compensation won’t be a deciding factor.  Hell, I’m actually glad my writing doesn’t pay enough to live on.  Then I’d go from a paid hobby to another crappy way to earn a living.  Get your prep money from cutting back expenses.  Your second income should be a supplement that is a bonus, not an expectation.  Expecting a business to be successful money-wise is being TOO efficient.  That is a huge problem in today’s culture/society.  Everything must be maxed out in efficiency.  Which of course leaves zero redundancy for emergencies.  Personally, it leads to decreased performance.  Yes, you could get less sleep to be more efficient.  At the price of health and piece of mind.  You could maximize your income by only doing what pays rather than what you enjoy, but at the price of a dissatisfied life.  You get one life, and you want to waste it on money?  Dumbass.


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  1. Why in the world would anybody work at things they don't like?
    There is a choice but it has consequences, you have to be smart, aware, and willing to let go of the dynamic you've lived under your whole life and create a whole new life for yourself.

    The hourly wage concept.
    What a nightmare.
    Whoever invented it was a communist genius.

    If all you're doing is sitting on your fat ass watching the toob then hourly wages are the last thing that should be on your mind. Determine a dollar amount for any given task, then git er done. With the gov't out of the pic your money is ALL yours.

    I installed a 16'x7' roll-up garage door for a lady and charged her $125. It took me 1.5 days to do it. I first installed a garage door on my own house many years ago and knew the basics of how to do it. I have the basic tools, paid attention, and did it right, and got that big lump in my ass pocket to prove it. I look at the garage doors as giant Lego kits, lots of fun.

    I could have sat on my ass and pissed and moaned that $125 was not enough and let it slip away (to a mexican?) but what good would that have done me?

    I do lots of stuff, for anybody, at any time, for cash, and have been doing so for at least 10 years now and see no reason to ever stop except death. It's the way lots of people lived 200 years ago. Freelance everything.

    1. $70 a day is certainly not chump change if your bills are minimized. I would say your enthusiasm for that garage door job was directly related to your frugal lifestyle. You have made the transition away from Mammon for its own sake.

    2. Jim once a person adapts a frugal lifestyle 10$ an hour odd jobs are good money. There are more pidly jobs out there than most think. We are an aging society. 20 here 40 there adds up in a month.

    3. With the frugal lifestyle, I can easily work at $8 an hour. I look at Wal-Mart starting wage of $12 and am NOT tempted. Not related to odd jobs, just making a point I have to suck less crap since I don't need the money.

  2. I'm a day late for yesterdays comment section, but there are modern products superior to the old ALICE system. This is the base of what I use for a combo light survival/fighting kit. It's very comfortable and top quality at 18+ pounds the way I have it set up. I'll probably be accused of being yuppie scum, but maybe it'll be helpful to someone. Yes this gear is expensive, but it should last the rest of your life if you don't abuse it.

    Peace out

    1. I just got an error page when I went to your link

  3. Right on point Jim !!! I started doing BBQ as a hobby a way to interact with the community. I did want to make gas and pocket money. It has GROWN because I make a quality product at a affordable price. I take pride in what I cook but I didn't cook for the money that came because of consistency Quality, price I still treat it as a hobby and only give it 2 days out of my week.

  4. You do have to be careful how much you cut back toward frugality and how suddenly.
    First the spouse and kids will object - especially if they don't see the reason (even with a spouse on board for prepping they are going to object to too much too quickly). Better to keep the little luxuries going as a "voluntary" bribe now than to risk a bigger cut involuntarily applied through divorce court or familial theft. (imagine going to use your preps when needed only to find out your kids sold them for the latest poke-mon game...)
    Secondly too much feeling of deprivation to yourself will make it that much harder to stay the course when prepping looks more and more like a waste (like if the economy is booming, international peace is breaking out, personal liberty is at an all time high, all at once... And don't think TPTB cant make all that happen/ appear to be happening/ again - for a *little* while, just long enough everyone will think it is going to be the new normal.......Then BOOM black swan or just systemic collapse..) And because prepping to survive was seeming such a waste/bore/expense you took up a new, less useful, hobby of wrangling internet game ducks or what ever.
    Prepping/survival is a lifestyle change for many. Living frugally is an important part of that.
    But any massive lifestyle change needs to be incremental _or_ such that backsliding is impossible AND so engrossing/rewarding that you don't have time to choose to backslide.
    Jims right that cutting a few of the frivolities is insufficient for real frugality. In fact I would say to KEEP a few, just to keep everyone in the family happy and distracted, while cutting out a couple of the real cost extras (do you NEED 2 cars *and* a pickup in a family with 2 drivers? Do you NEED all the junk in the storage unit that you have been renting for years and only visited twice? Do you NEED a 3000sq ft mc mansion rented from the bank when you could rent a 2000sq ft condo down the street, closer to work and schools for half the price, or better, park a trailer on your junk land that you just finished paying off?
    Make a couple of the big changes while leaving much of the little stuff for later or as rewards for putting up with the big stuff.

    1. I thought that since we lived in a trailer on grid for five years that going off grid with it was going to be okay. Of course, looking back, being in a trailer turned the ex against me, then going off grid got her hating me far more intensely. Incremental changes, indeed.