Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Gatekeepers are paid to keep the riff-raff out of the city walls.  They guard the gate.  They also have, after a time, a certain sense of self importance that is certainly not justified but which is nonetheless encouraged so as to wring more productivity out of their performance.  They confuse their efforts with their owners, a hammer thinking it alone is causing the nails to sink into the wood.  A classic example of this was the Mandarins of old China.  The bureaucrats were drawn from those that could study extensively on their own before taking an onerous civil servant exam.  Those who were accepted, a very small minority, believed themselves to be some very brilliant minds being rewarded for such.  Yet, the system that was set up merely showed the intelligence of the Elite that those men served.  Draw only the most intelligent from all the kingdom to fight and claw for the chance to serve their government.  They did all the work of selection by engaging in the screening process.  The government didn’t have to pay past the test to get the best.


Yet how intelligent were these folks, exactly?  Their positions and jobs didn’t call for originality or creativity.  It called for drones processing paperwork.  It was a job needing literacy, but calling for a genius who did little more than read.  Like hiring a doctor to read the newspaper ads to you.  It made sense, in a world of scarce resources, in that it was cheaper to overpay for literacy in the minority than to pay to teach the masses literacy ( which was only possible after carbon fuels and especially the Haber-Bosch process of artificial fertilizer-which did more than medicine OR sewers to extend lifetimes.  Do the Germans get thanked for that?  Of course not.  We just make a big stink over Hitler while ignoring FDR’s mustachioed butt buddy Stalin ).  And would you like to hear the sad part?  We are little better than the barbarous ancient Chinese of old.  To all the idiots out there pimping out our glorious technological times, hubris on a scale unimaginable, we have learned zero.  Inflating our money like Roman Senators and equating literacy with intelligence like the Orientals.  We are still merely one step above feces flinging monkey’s.  Hell, the monkey’s might even be smarter.  They eat fruit all day and pick nits for tasty protein snacks.  We frantically rush about, losing sleep ( I awoke early on a day off to write this, the burning question of the poor joining the military precluding going back to sleep, which you know, thank you brain for working and not being senile and all, but now I‘m so groggy it seems my leisure time will lack any quality ), working jobs to have bigger more glittery peacock feathers. 


We have gate keeping mechanisms today, and they are also educational requirements.  But the product of that gate keeping process are the 10%.  Those are the civil servants and the drones for the Elite who benefit from the ability to excuse, apologize and protect the 1% ( which are really only the 1/10th of 1%, but the Occupy Movement characterization of the 1/99 is popular and handy ).  Lawyers, police, military, accountants, contractors, teachers-anyone blue or white collar that lives a middle class life benefiting from the current economic system.  The 10% must not only reverently believe in that system, they must live to defend same.  They must oppress to get their pieces of silver.  It doesn’t have to be a baton to the side of the head, but can also be propaganda.  And all these educated idiots think they are intelligent, even as they shamelessly whine for an extra biscuit from their masters.


One of these shameless apologists is J.D. Vance, author of “Hillbilly Elegy”.  Over half of this book is hilariously laugh out loud funny, recounting our authors childhood with hillbilly grandmother MaMaw.  After trying to kill a cow thief at the age of twelve,  this gal went on to bigger and better things like dousing PaPaw in gasoline and setting him afire after he kept drinking too much ( if she didn‘t, she would have lied about that threat ), and setting a young lads mind to rest after he wondered if he might be gay by asking if he liked to suck dingus ( since the shocked answer was of course “no”, then how could he by gay, right?  MaMaw knew how to cut to the chase ).  For that part of the story alone, the book was ALMOST worth the $15 I reluctantly parted with.


( my non-fiction book buying scale is: $4, buy it.  $8, it better be good.  $12, it better be one of the best books ever.  $18, I’ll put it on my list and wait, literally, ten years for a used copy to come down in price.  Over $20, a miracle if I buy.  $30, once every three or four years and it had better be better than anything ever before written.  For fiction I of course pay far less.  Two bits is optimal, but since I only go to the bookstore a few times a year I generally settle for under $5 ordering online.  The towns book emporium is well stocked [ my litmus test for this is the size of their used science fiction ], friendly and reasonably priced, but they don’t churn stock enough to visit weekly as I once did, nor is there a huge selection past female writers portraying Girl power Detectives or vampires, or lowest common denominator New York Times Bestseller novels which are all equally tepid.  I pretend that my 90%+ non-fiction over fiction picks is my burning desire to learn, but mostly it is the sad lack of decent novelists out there.  Truth be told, I’m now at the point I’m mostly recycling the desired information I’ve already read extensively on, other than history.  I had thought that I‘d never have enough time in the day to read as much as I needed to, but in my chosen fields of study I‘m running into derivative works ). 


Unfortunately, the second part of the book launches into a growing diatribe against the lazy slacking ho’s out there that don’t embrace education and advancement through currying favor.  If you aren’t an optimist giving The American Way Of Life a wet rim job, you ain’t worthy.  We’ll cover that tomorrow.


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  1. As nearly one of the 10% (and previously actually one of them, as I was a private college "instructor" until I could take a reasonable pay cut and get before that moral compromise killed me), I fully understand the pressures that come to bear upon those who are supposed to indoctrinate the populace. Every time I opened my mouth to tell a student the honest truth of their situation I ran a massive risk of being fired.

    1. Unfortunately few have the will to pay the opportunity cost to save their soul. I'm sure we're both glad you did.

    2. Oh, I am just constitutionally adverse to giving advice I know from my own experience is wrong. A student would come in all bright eyed and thinking he would be an easy hire for a good wage - Rather than tell them the problem they faced I pointed out they had 1 week of free/refundable tuition, and as part of their first days assignment had them look at the want ads, then calculate the starting wage that they would qualify for vs. the length of time it will take them to pay off their student loans. I got told that wasn't part of the syllabus, so I had to break it up over the first week. A few got the hint. A few more had the wherewithal to make it or sources of tuition other than loans. Most graduated with what I thought of as dismal prospects.

    3. JJ thank you I have a daughter that is getting a lab tec certification. Her present job has got her into the 12$ + range and she is spending thousands to enter a field that pays 14 starting. 10,000 in student debt for a 2 to4 $ pay differential isn't a good option to me but how do you tell a kid that?

  2. As a teacher myself, I find it already cool enough that we are able to teach the population on a massive scale.
    In France, the cost to teach one pupil in Middle High School for one year is north of 8,500 Euros.

    This is going to be over very soon. Then we will have (quite mechanically, indeed) the stupidest religions on a massive scale that will obliterate the capacity of the population to self-organize (let alone to think critically). Think India but much much worse.

    "Gatekeepers" are necessary if you want to have functioning sewers and electrical power. Without them copper wire will be stolen and clogged sewers lead to mass epidemics.

    Damn Elites, can't live with them and can't live without them.

  3. Jim this mite be of interest to you.