Monday, November 7, 2016

throw her under the bus 1 of 2


Even though I spend hours a day on the Internet ( not counting the evening Netflix as the NOL has a nice smart TV so we don’t have to watch our shows on a laptop-yes, I know it is still technically using the Internet, but… ), I don’t visit a whole lot of survival themed sites.  Daily, about a half dozen.  Throw in the once a week posters and maybe a dozen total.  For one thing, I’d rather be reading a book.  For another, a lot of time gets taken up responding to comments.  That is NOT a bad thing as I get most of my article ideas from interacting with my readers.  I don’t mind doing it, it just leaves less time for other sites ( and, okay, there is the book shopping at Amazon ).  And for the last thing, after a time if I don’t agree with the basic philosophy of the author I eventually drop the site as a regular.  Case in point is George Ure over at Urban Survival.  Great writer, great stuff over there.  But he is too influenced by the Elliot Wave economics.  Over the decades I’ve come to disregard this theory for others, and any analysis regardless of skill or soothing/amusing prose based on a rejected theory is, in short, a waste of my time.  Not to say I’m right and he is wrong.  Just that if I don’t agree with the underlying rationale of his reasoning it doesn’t make sense to follow him.  And yes, I understand the danger of not covering views other than my own.  Hey, I said I’m short on time.


But here is the other side of that coin.  If I agree with the basics of the author, and he holds a particular idea I reject, I have to look around and think perhaps in that particular instance, I might be wrong.  The website Of Two Minds is one of my regulars.  And he is a big proponent of Fighting Factions in the elite.  I never agreed with this, but that is mostly because I tied my horse to the “evil Federal Reserve Bank runs the country” paradigm a long time ago.  I still think that is fundamentally correct, but I was clinging so tightly to that explanation that I am unable to account for all problems that occur.  One being, this election tomorrow ( as usual, I write exactly one week prior to publication, so there is a lot of time between now and then for events to unfold.  Just keep in mind I’m writing this on Halloween ).  Since my stock answer to voting, formed right after the second Bill Clinton election, is that it is a waste of time due to the vote being rigged, I might have been missing some of the answer I think I already have.


So here is my newest, tentative only, theory on voting in America.  It is rigged, after a fashion.  Not as I had envisioned, as in the electronic voting machine preprogrammed with the desired answer, but something a lot lower tech than that.  Just the political parties are controlled, to limit access, and the only candidates allowed to access must be pre-approved.  So, usually ( but the unusual is where the rubber meets the road ), no matter who the hapless voters pull the lever for, the established elite always win.  Now, here is my reasoning ( in a long and convoluted manner as is usual ).  Think back to the last, real, advancement in our society/economy.  It was the 1950’s and ‘60’s when the microchip was nudged into creation by government ( military/industrial complex government ) funding.  Bell Labs would not have had the resources to pursue the replacement of vacuum tubes without both a government granted monopoly and DARPA dudes ( or their predecessors, I’m a bit vague on when that agency was founded-not that it matters, just as the difference between the OSS and the CIA is largely only one of labeling ) encouraging the financing of key personnel. 


You really can claim that nothing new has come along since Peak Oil in 1971 in this country.  Not only did the Space Race peter out and die ingloriously, so did all innovation and advancement.  The personal home computer in the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s was not innovative technology, merely innovative thinking and organization.  And the only reason THAT happened was because for a small window in time the large scale businesses that had dominated this country economically failed to see through their initial creation ( being staid centralized top down organizations ).  For a time, one person in a garage COULD build a better mousetrap.  Of course, the big elites pushed back on that and closed that loophole through the financialization of the economy ( Ronny, dude, I loved you, but that was all on your watch ).  Our elites, contrary to my imaginings, are really not all that very clever or smart.


They are bureaucrats.  Business and other elites that run this bitch all work on the 1880’s model of robber barons.  Also, they were trained in the Prussian model of governance.  They haven’t changed their organizational structure for nearly 150 years.  Now, here is the thing about bureaucracy.  It is a highly efficient way to run things…on the way UP in an empire.  During the DOWNSIDE, that way of organization hurts rather than helps.  Mainly because an embedded amount of energy is needed to run any organization and when the Go To solution to any problem is to add more layers of bureaucracy ( because it did solve problems previously, and the one thing a bureaucrat is incapable of doing is to chance how he does things [ an organizational man does not fight the organization ] ) during a shortage of energy-pretty much the very definition of a failing empire-you have a deficit in energy flow towards problem solving.  This is why you had a handful of men orchestrating the construction of the Hoover dam ahead of schedule, whereas ten times their number cannot accomplish anything, at ten times the price, other than have more meetings about the problem.  The bureaucracy has grown past the point of usefulness.


The same problem we now experience haunted that other Prussian organization, the Nazi’s.  The only reason they could have even hoped to have won the war ( it was really a toss up the first few years ) was because they were operating off the imbedded legacy system of the Kaisers and the businesses they had supported.  The Nazi’s, more likely than not as a system of checks and balances to help Herr Hitler retain power,  was so insanely bureaucratic that it was a minor miracle anything got done.  So, if the US has this same legacy, it only makes sense that the way to fix the vote now is the same as it was a hundred years ago ( if our technological prowess peaked nearly sixty years ago, it is no stretch to assume the way we organized that accomplishment is far older than that ).  More tomorrow.


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  1. happy monday!!!

    janet reno is dead.

    this is going to be a great week.

    1. Yes indeed, the week has started off well, but it's not going to end well. I hope that everyone has all of their off the record gun purchases in place, as well as ammo. And if you don't, I wouldn't wait too long to do so. I have a decent supply of .22's, as well as a carton of 25 of 12ga, and then some. I'm going to be placing a bulk order for blackpowder and percussion caps soon.

    2. I think as long as you stay away from semi auto crap, the shortages will be minor. It might not even be a clear victory if Trump cries "fraud" and we get a Hanging Chad rerun.

  2. I threw Rosie O'Dumbbell under a bus one time. She broke both axles and put a hell of a dent in the floor.