Tuesday, November 22, 2016

clinton election emergency plan


Okay, so Hilary didn’t win.  I was all prepped to write this article on November 9th and post it the following Monday.  You had from until then to inauguration day to follow the plan.  Actually, you might not even have had that much time as who knows what could have happened in the interim.  We know the One World Government/Politically Correct/Social Marxists would have been joyously happy as it was little secret that Soros was a big contributor to Team Clinton.  It would have been Obammy Business as Usual, with first class tickets for radical Muslims to a nice and free Section Eight apartment in a town close to you and everyone else ( no, I do NOT buy into the cover story the FedGov used as anal lubricant for patriots that the evil boxcutting Muslim dudes hated us for our liberty and so we needed to surrender it to the NSA and TSA for safe keeping.  That doesn’t negate the religious war between white boys and towel heads, nor invalidate Muslim takeover by birthrates, or mean that it is a brilliant idea to immigrate their asses over to our WASP/HIC [ White Anglo Saxon Protestant, giving way to Hispanic Immigrant Catholics ] communities, either ).


But that would have been the least of it.  Other actors could easily have panicked PRIOR to the end of January.  Putin is not an idiot, and while he wouldn’t have done something as silly as preemptively nuking us, that being a great way to get a glassed over crater where Moscow used to be, he certainly would have perhaps thought that he needed to do something prior to the crazy bitch getting her own launch codes.  I would imagine most of you can agree that more likely than not, foreign powers without our best interests in mind ( which is pretty much everyone, except perhaps Canada, and if I were them I’d wait until we were down and out and kick our ass in retaliation for all the times we invaded them ) have the capability of doing great harm to us without directly assaulting us.  Hacking our entire electrical grid comes to mind.  Honestly I can’t imagine why it hasn’t already been done except for the fact that although we are a danger to ourselves and others, we still, marginally, protect world trade routes which is a free rider for other economies.  But if Putin, who obviously knows more than I do about the true health of Hilary ( just what You-Tube showed was scary enough, leading to such amusing antics of me putting her herky-jerky movements to song-Do The Epi!-and others commenting that one public appearance was uneventful enough that she must have “had a heroin suppository” ) was concerned enough to do something, anything, it could have been at any time prior to her royal-ness being crowned.


I wasn’t necessarily worried about the economy.  Oh, This Suckers Going Down!, for sure, but since markets are rigged and have been since The Gipper formed the Plunge Protection Team ( actually, I think that was all Bush as by this time Ron was probably as loopy as Nancy with her astrologist.   I wonder if that was what got Bush pre-elected by our Masters ), and just gotten much worse since the Housing Bubble bursting, I wasn’t worried about those already in power pulling the plug themselves ( one imagines that, baring asteroid impacts or such, our economy will limp along as long as the Petro-Dollar is still accepted by enough countries.  That means the paper wealth won’t fail until that time.  Course, don’t try to time that one!  My best guess is, as already stated, Deutsch Bank implodes and the dollar follows-and that can happen in hours, not months or years ).  I don’t believe that “foreign investors panicking” has any effect on a rigged game.  Foreign governments of course are a different story.


Would that have had an impact from the election?  It is hard to say, as on the surface all the Powers That Be had stayed in place.  I can only imagine that behind the scenes factions of the PTB were silently battling for supremacy ( and we know this to be probable, else how to explain Trump ever becoming a contender? ).  Perhaps that conflict might have had an economic impact ( as in, one group controlling enough finances to throw a monkey wrench in propping up the German bank, or something similar.  It sounds a bit overly paranoid, but remember that one tenth of one percent control 90% of all assets [ a home is a consumer item-property tax means you never own it and you can’t earn money from it, it only costs more all the time, just as a boat or similar ] and while the pie has shrunk alarmingly, that is still a lot of wealth to be fighting over ).  If Clinton had won, would the market have still crashed, by design at least?  Impossible to tell, as so little is ever revealed to even the most resourceful public.  All we can do is guess.


So, are we in the clear?  Putin is happy, the Central Bank is happy.  Clinton is sad, but, hey, hump her.  What has that twat ever done for me, except ban cheap SKS carbines from importation?  Are the Commies able to strike back?  How?  They were probably never a power base, just a puppet used by the rich fascists to divide and conquer.  I would guess that the price of keeping Clinton away from the Instant Death Red Button has to throw those limp wrist fag boys under the bus.  They will probably hibernate until needed.  Another power faction?  It seems to me that Reagan/Bush power bases are the default setting for our elites.  They throw in alternating eight year blocks of socialists to keep everyone’s minds off the right wingers damage to society.  It is back to Full Speed Ahead Impoverishing The Peasants, what all the elites prefer regardless of cabal, without time draining demands to pretend to care about helping minorities or banning impotent plastic carbines or whatnot.  And, what was the Clinton Plan?  I don’t know.  I never had anything past the title.  I was confident that blind panic would have motivated me in my writing.  Just stick with the default plan which has always been:

Panic early, be prepped yesterday, store a LOT of Better Than Nothing first, and only then if time permits should you buy any luxury items.


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  1. “And, what was the Clinton Plan?  I don’t know.  I never had anything past the title.”

    I think that what we had here was pretty much a race between two democrats, with one with an R next to his name (Recall that Trump supported Clinton's past campaign efforts). Still, something tells me that a Clinton win would have saw her rewarding her communist constituents with small tokens of appreciation such as “hate speech” laws (No more Dakin, his site is not “family friendly”, “it's for the children” after all) I'd imagine even more anti-male hate laws, absolutely more draconian gun laws, and I also heard talk of forcing, via military intervention, feminist policies on other societies that were not quite as “enlightened” us all over here.

    Funny, but I keep picturing a scenario where Trump, upon it becoming apparent that he was actually going to be victorious, has an

    “Oh shit, I'm actually going to win this thing, now what?” sort of moment :D

    1. I don't think Obammy ever had a similar surprise at winning. He just seems too dense to know anything other than what his handlers told him.

    2. I think Obummer's handlers pretty much knew that he was a two time shoe in on the “white guilt” vote alone James. After all, he came out of no where late in the 08 election game as a relative unknown, and still beat the left's favorite hermaphrodite, who was hoping to similarly play the “woman's card” this time around. But the best hand in the world isn't enough to win the game when you're that awful.

      Funny how this pc idiocy only exists in Anglo countries filled with stupid white liberals (Russia being the only exception that I can think of) when all other races/tribes play by a different set of rules when it comes to any “past injustices” towards other tribes. You don't see the Six Nations members sitting around suffering from “red guilt” and offering “reparations” to the AA's, or nominating an AA as one of their chiefs, lol! At this point we've become a total laughing stock of a society, we're a clown country.


    3. Agreed.
      I saw that specimen (obama) in video form for the 3rd time last night and again I was again appalled at what the votists put on the oval rug. Seriously, is THAT the best that was available at the time?

      No. Of course not. Not even close. Not even in the top 10,000,000.

      There was another reason that negro was put into place.
      Frankly, I doubt he could make it in the crony free market without being killed or gang raped depending.

      Only in the highly distorted and surreal world of US gov't can a person such as that not only succeed but flourish.

      He's an historical embarrassment of the highest degree.
      I claim no allegiance to any of the people responsible for that a$$hole. I condemn them.

    4. 538-Blacks fighting to get INTO an Indian tribe? Who else is treated worse than Blacks, right? Geez.
      GS-To me, Bush was our elites saying, here is a figurehead-deal with it! When Obammy was installed, the message I got was "here is your figurehead, and FUCK you!"

  2. TPTB are F**king wid US. They gave us the choice between Clinton and Trump. Just like our Monopoly-colored money.

    1. At least they cared enough this time to give us the illusion of choice to calm us down. The last two times, they didn't care if we knew they didn't care.