Wednesday, November 23, 2016

finances for collapse book 1



Much of what I have written previously has focused on preparing as cheaply as possible.  And contrary to what some Yuppie Survival Scum proclaim ( no playing favorites here, pretty close to everyone else writing on survivalism is playing the tired old saw of spending at least a hundred thousand to buy only the best because you indeed are a special snowflake and deserve it because your life is worth it.  What they actually mean is that they can’t think of anything original that hasn’t already been said before and that since they read the top ten survival books of the 1970’s, then did little more than update the prices and model numbers, you should immediately send them all your money so they can retire to the boonies and still maintain a middle class lifestyle in which both their lard asses and the ass of their trophy wife has grown accustomed to.  If you feel great about taking survival advice from a marketing genius, more power to you ), you certainly CAN prepare very cheaply and still have quality equipment and training.


Right now, you might think that a pound of wheat kernels is a pitiful excuse for a days rations, and compared to a tasty fat and protein packed MRE, you certainly would be correct.  Alas, the wheat cost twenty five cents and the military ration near $7.  Now multiply that cost by however many days you want to stay alive after the stores have closed down.  With trapping and wild edible foraging supplementing your diet you can live on wheat, of which you have years worth due to its low cost.  You can’t afford years worth of freeze dried foods, or even grocery store wet pack cans.  Living in a bunker awaiting the nuclear fallout to clear, yes, wheat is dangerously lacking in some nutrients.  Of course, so are MRE’s-just different ones.  And don’t get me started on semi-auto weapons.  I can count on one hand the number of folks I’ve corresponded with that agree that you can actually survive without them.  I won’t dwell into that quagmire right now as I’ve already written an entire book on the subject ( Apocalypse Gun Porn ).  I’ll just say that I’m perfectly willing to bet my life on the Queens Own Lee-Enfield over any fancy plastic poodle shooter that cost at a minimum twice the price ( not including magazines, upgraded parts to minimize the jamming, optics to help blow through your ammunition supply even quicker as you turn your mid range carbine into a submachinegun and back-up sidearm for when your weapon is down for maintenance in the field ).  I feel I’ve gotten superior equipment and supplies for far less money.


But folks continue to equate money with quality.  They still feel they need to proclaim superiority both to their breeding mate and to their social group.  Look at me!  I have a house that cost EIGHT times my yearly income, compared to your pitiful, inferior SIX times.  Debt is my peacock feather! 

And that pretty much goes to the heart of this booklet.  Far too many people have been preaching for far too long that worshiping Mammon is the cure for all your ills.  So, I can’t just preach Cheap Survival, I feel I also need to cover how to think about your finances so that you can survive.  Both surviving the unfolding financial collapse ( you seriously only believe we haven’t been in a collapse since 2007 if you take the FedGov’s statistics at face value.  Rather than dig for the right ones, just look around at the job market and our medical industry, the two canaries in the coal mine that are so dead and rotting that only an ivory tower professor could miss the signal.  Boots on the ground easily tell you that we are in free fall economically and as any parachutist can confirm, once you start falling towards the ground gravity will have you as its bitch.  Do you even have a piece of cloth to constrain your pull towards an uncomfortable landing?  Or do you just have a nice looking book  telling you how to build one?  The most barbaric fundamental supply stash, your bird in the hand, is far superior to the theoretically ideal bird you’ve never procured due to lack of funds over yonder in the bush ) and freeing prepping funds.


Let’s continue piling on our metaphors.  If you were on the Titanic, and you were in a hurry to get the hell off that turd, would you jump in the first badly painted overcrowded boat, or would you wait for one that only carried first class passengers and had comfortable seats and a fresh coat of polish?  That, in essence, is what most of the survival advice out there recommends-waiting for a lifeboat with better accommodations so as to pamper you in an emergency as you had been in life.   Are you really sure it is a good idea to wait for your better lifeboat?  I sure as Hades don’t.  I was ready for Financial Armageddon before it began ( there were significant issues as to whether I could survive the lack of a job while the Police State still functioned-the ex-wife tax being non-negotiable.  But in all other aspects I was ready, and living in a tin shack on scrubland was far preferable to living in the city paying rent and hoping I could stay employed long enough to save up for a far better retreat ).


You can’t just stockpile affordable and frugal supplies.  You must also develop a better mindset about money and spending.  Even if you think you are ready philosophically,  it is a constant fight to deny a society surrounding you advocating debt and instant gratification.  It SHOULDN’T be difficult.  We all know money is intrinsically worthless now and headed even lower.  Yet that is the power of tribal consensus.  Bitches all wanna get paid, all the time.  In a time the resource pie keeps shrinking, everyone fights harder to increase their piece ( or at least keep the shrink minimized ).  Everyone.  The social pressure and stigmas are only growing, and to buck the trend is harder than ever.  Of course, like all difficult tasks, the rewards in success make it worthwhile.


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  1. It concerns me that all the Trumpeteer's think that happy daze are here again and the Con in chief will be trickling down upon his loyal minions. When in fact, he'll more than likely just piss in their Cheerios.
    The likelihood of war though temporarily postponed. Has in fact ratcheted to new heights beyond comprehension of those lowly minions. Putin will be given full reign to do as he will with Europe. Ushering in a new full strength Russian empire. This time with a powerless USA to do much about it.
    I fully expect the dollar collapse to be our main preoccupation during the interim.
    Much depends on how much hold the Rothchild's have on the Donald....if any. In fact he and Vlad may well have that all prearranged.
    One good thing of note on the preparedness industry collapse. There could well be some excellent sales on freeze dried to be had. Of course to be only taken advantaged of by those of us fully stocked with the basics.

    1. While most is spot on and a refreshing viewpoint, which I appreciate, I wonder at the actual threat level from Putin. I think he is intelligent enough to recognize Americas collapse, and its danger, without forgetting the danger of his over-extending commitments. And, who gives a crap about Europe? Keep Bomber Base Britain and devil take the rest. Let Russia use them to her trade advantage.

  2. My brother had one of those Enfield rifles. My grandfather bought it out of the blue for him one day, and also gave him a box of shells to go with it. I don't know what model it was, but the stock went all the way to the end of the barrel. He showed no interest in it, but every now and then I'd take it out in the backyard and put a few rounds through it.

    He foolishly gave it away one day to some guy that collected guns from the bar that he frequented.

    1. Sounds like the earlier, WWI model, the no.1 ( the no. 4 is the WWII type ). The sites suck, compared to the no.4 peep sites, but other than that the most notable difference to the user was the no.4 didn't have as good of a bayonet ( there are other differences but mostly interest a gunsmith rather than a casual user ).

    2. The Dingo that ate the BabyNovember 24, 2016 at 2:16 AM

      303's are expensive in Australia. Expensive and worn out. Thanks to the gun buy-back (ban) they became very popular.

      Briefly AIA made 303 clones in other more modern calibers. Clones sans bayonet lugs :-( but alas, the government stopped them from being made.

      Presently my TEOTWAWKI gun is a Mauser in 308. My fun gun is a Marlin 30-30

    3. Mausers are great, and at this point you can get a better deal on them ( and with less wear ), but I chose the Enfield. Field performance over accuracy. Better sites. Even, usually, ammo availability. But you could do a lot worse than Mauser.