Tuesday, October 11, 2016

opportunistic predators 2 of 4


I really, really, no, REALLY, hate when I’m reading something and the author goes off on his little tangent about how “the Oxford Dictionary defines ‘insufferable prick’ as some guy who tries to teach his grandmother to suck eggs.” ( okay, the word is usually the article title or subject but I like my example.  And by the by, if you aren’t familiar with the quip, teaching grandma to suck eggs means you are being a smartass whippersnapper and attempting to tell her how to do something she learned decades ago and was practicing and perfecting before you were even a glimmer in your daddy’s eye ).  We already know what the damn word means, so I can only imagine the author is padding his word count.  It is a very off-putting style of writing, as far as I am concerned ( say’s the writer with stream of consciousness run-on sentences ).


Yet in this case I don’t believe I have much choice.  Opportunistic Predator wasn’t a description just because we first-theoretically-started eating meat by chasing away less dangerous carrion consumers from a carcass.  As we have talked about before, a chimp soon learns to limit its meat consumption to small insects, rarely consuming a larger animal.  Insects ( certain types ) contain a lot of fat.  A small mammal such as a rodent most likely does not.  And the digestion of meat for monkeys ( humans being the Naked Ape of same said titled book fame ) is problematic.  The system is not designed to metabolize much of the meat raw.  Once man had figured out how to make fire, with cooking this problem was solved.  BTU’s pre-digest meat ( and a heck of a lot of other foods we can then steal from other eaters ).  Once we were able to figure out fire, it is a good bet we were able to hunt rather than scavenge.


No, I believe Opportunistic refers to our ability to perform a cost-benefits analysis.  We were always on the alert for any Opportunity [ definition: favorable conditions ] to screw somebody over.  It didn’t necessarily have to be as a Predator [ definition #1: a carnivore ] but as a Predator in definition #2, to steal for gain.  A doctor doesn’t want to kill you and consume your meat, but he has little difficulty taking a minor problem and convincing you if you don’t spend a reasonable amount of money on it you’ll rue the very day you were born.  By nature already an anti-social geek in the gladiator sport known as High School, I had the misfortune to be taken to a doctor who diagnosed my curvature of the spine as needing years of wearing a back brace.  You can imagine the stigma.  Years later, I talked to a buddy with a far worse similar condition who was merely advised to strengthen the surrounding muscles ( something I had already figured out on my own-we were playing racquetball together as I’ve never stopped with keeping my lower back in shape ).  As you might imagine, I view most in the medical profession as Opportunistic Predators.


As well as most women.  Not by nature, because mating bonding benefits both parties, but by our current dysfunctional system of Political Correctness.  And of course, all politicians.  Not MOST politicians, but ALL.  Imagine my confusion as the blog-o-sphere groans under the weight of the multitudes chiming in as they discover both presidential candidates are pretty much the same kind of lying scumbags ( remember what I said:  Trump will merely screw you for all your money.  Hilary will kill you for it.  Of course, she has to be able to remember who you are, and that Alzheimer Annie doesn’t look like she could outthink a head of cabbage-so she might be the safer vote.  She’ll just sit around and drool, while Trump will sniff around for your money ).  And, yes, I’ll say it because I haven’t pissed in your Cheerios this week, bitches on Social Security.  Opportunistic Predators.  They smell money, they take money.  And they could care less if you get screwed in the process.  Hey, don’t get Droopy Drawers, gramps, nothing personal.  ALL of us operate the same way.   Now, having said that, I’ll of course quantify. 


We all have two modes of thinking.  Monkey Mind and Lizard Brain.  Some of us have way more of one than the other.  Ghetto punks educated in Ebonics on the street corner are largely Lizard Brain.  They don’t interact with others on much more than a primitive violent level.  The lizard brain is our ancient more animal, more intuitive and instinctive survival brain.  When the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, that is your lizard brain warning you.  All it is, is the parts of the brain submerged under the Monkey Mind being able to harness old techniques of danger detection.  The Monkey Mind uses higher brain functions, true, but that doesn’t make you smarter.  It allows you to use more brain function to interact in a group.  Rather than being able to detect an ambush, it warns you of social hierarchy dangers.  Who or what endangers your standing in the hen pecking order.  Most of us are too Monkey Mind and not enough Lizard Brain.  You need both but unfortunately one or the other atrophies.  But you never JUST have one type in use-they are a mix and match.


I’ll get into that further in the future ( I need to do some more research ), but for now you just need to know the basics so you can understand HOW your predator is going to strike when the opportunity presents itself.  If you operate under the assumption that the fellow facing you is calculating a cost/benefit analysis using the same type of thinking as you ( either monkey mind or lizard brain ), you might be dead wrong.  We all WANT the other fellow to join our tribe of monkey’s because in numbers there is strength.  That has been our species strength.  Yet, what is far better of a survival species strategy is being an Opportunistic Predator As A Group.  It is a double edged sword.  More tomorrow.

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  1. Indeed, after my accident, the neurologist stated I'd never be able work again, nor walk more than a few feet at a time.
    Well as to that, I'm up to a mile and a half on a treadmill now ! Only maybe a half mile with real walking, but I'm improving.
    Lizard brain says the survivalist in me must be able to flee.
    I do not fear a Hillary Presidency, fear the Trump drones will give her a majority Democrat congress. Then we are in real trouble. When all three branches are majority dem....

  2. Yes we have monkey brains and lizard brains, but we also have shit for brains that is what makes us vote for the two main parties.

  3. Hilary and Trump are both from the same party- the 1%. THAT is all we need to know. Screw Republicans or Democrats. Distinctions as opiates for the masses.

  4. I challenge you, sir, to write nearly every day for twenty years and have any imagination left on new situations. I contend that I offer more variety than most, regardless of how often I write on the same subject. I try not to fall back on the "it's free, shut up and read" argument because not only is nearly everything else available free, I think I'm better than all the rest. Now, go out there and find me anyone else that is underpaid and still writing everyday, and improving every year. Most give up far short of that if not striking gold. In short, shut up and read ( I'm kidding! ). :)

  5. Being that I live in a Island nation, I was dumbfounded to learn that wasn't a fence around the borders of nation states. Here in Australia we got a fence that fences of about 1/3 of the nation in the south east from the rest of the country to stop dingos eating the sheep(google Australian dog fence). If Trump can seal your borders that alone would mean he is worth voteing for.

  6. Hold it! Isn't Oz a continent? Trump won't seal crap. He is part of the 1% benefiting from suppressed wages.