Wednesday, October 26, 2016

moral authority 2 of 3


What males have been denied lo these many generations since the insanity of BitchesLib reared its ugly head, permission to engage in violence, does not mean that males regular state in nature will ever be excised.  It merely means that we have too little practice at the application.  Most of you, getting long on tooth but not yet ready to fill your Depends while retired on a golf course, remember an idyllic childhood filled with exploration and roughhousing and the glorying in violence.  And that is pretty much where your violence phase stayed.  The women ( and their collared docile bitches ) did not take over the country all at once but in the great scheme of things they instituted changes pretty darn quick.  My childhood was brutally ( culturally speaking ) ended when I entered the already Politically Correct military of “bitches be equal” and “we need a quota of Negro’s and they aren’t expected to do much of anything”. 


And it has been one thing after another, surrendering to the gals ever since.  I shan’t go over all too familiar ground.  But the bottom line is that while we can still own guns in most areas too sparsely populated to be controlled effectively ( even if they do outright own the public schools-so it is just a matter of time ) by the New Culture, all you are allowed to do is fondle and caress and dream about using them.  Your violence impulses are confined ( to that, and to electronic violence ).  Men by nature might be violent, but we do need to hone our skills.  One problem in today’s military is that after being monitored by Helicopter Mom for eighteen years, and while at school being punished for making finger guns or drawing stick figures exploding, the only violence practice is, at most, video games.  Not sufficient outside of being a drone operator ( and those are Air Force pukes anyway, which is a bit of a stretch to call a branch of the military ).


Okay, so you are going to be severely handicapped come the Die-Off, due to lack of training.  Running around with cammo and practicing squad movements is not what I am talking about.  Training in violence.  Training and conditioning.  And, almost as important, social approval to do so.  Males are naturally violent.  Given early social approval, then a lifetime of practice, produce warriors.  Semi-automatic plastic guns do not.  Most of us do not receive this training.  Here in Nevada, for instance, both parties in a fisticuffs altercation are charged.  This is pure laziness on the part of the government ( “we don’t know which one started it, just throw both in the can and we’ll sort it out later” ).  But much more importantly, it is the law enforcing the new cultural standard.  Violence, even good violence, must be punished.  To bitches and ho’s, ALL violence is bad.  Their little pea brains cannot add black and white to create gray.  Their little pea brains are incapable of much else, evidently.


Removing social stigma from violence can do wonders for your abilities.  Just having permission can exponentially increase performance.  When I was an MP, I never consciously thought about violent altercations, other than to wish for more of them.  I was never afraid-and by nature I am not an alpha male type.  I am more analytical than action orientated.  I’m not the world’s biggest pussy, but I prefer to avoid conflict if possible.  Usually by engaging in humor, but also by avoiding most people.  That is, while I am a civilian.  As an LEO, there was the surrounding culture of aggressiveness.  Not looking at starting fights, but of refusing to avoid conflict.  And it wasn’t because we had a sidearm strapped on.  Most situations you were not allowed to use it, of course.  No, it was because you were authorized to initiate violence.  That was all it took to transform me from mostly meek to someone unafraid of violence.  Think on that for a second.  Most of us, even in obvious cases of self defense ( a burglar in the house, in a state with a safe castle doctrine ), have to overcome the social stigma on violence.  I’m not saying none of us will shoot.  I’m saying that there will be a moments hesitation ( no matter how tough you talk, you are still an ape in a group where group dictates are far more important to you than life or death-the Monkey Mind is incapable of separating the Social Death from the Physical one, believe it or not ). 


In case you were wondering, a moments hesitation in conflict can be deadly.  You are already under the handicap of lack of practice.  Not practice as in hand to hand combat, but practice in overcoming fear.  Of pushing through hesitation.  That training is critical, and sadly lacking.  So, the very last thing you need on top of lack of experience is to hesitate because of social conditioning.  Remember, you CAN’T decide to ignore group dictates.  That is how our Monkey Minds operate.  Just as teenage boys can’t stop thinking of sex ( nor girls, even if for different reasons ) and you can’t overcome stress by willpower alone ( but only through experience and training ), nor can you stop gravitating towards the most competent leader and willfully subjecting yourself to him ( males, not females-fems naturally gravitate to group consensus ), neither is it possible to alienate yourself from your tribe.  We are group animals, not lone wolves ( those that are have mental issues-the norm is desire for groups ).


Since you cannot avoid acting within the groups dictates, even at your own expense, you must change your group to one that allows and glorifies, nay demands, violent behavior.  THAT is what will give you the edge in combat.  It isn’t enough to have more ammunition, or to emulate an organization that requires cannon fodder ( any of you still having erect nipples and pulsing sphincters over the US military and its practices need to read up a bit on the history of class in this country.  Poor people, the lower class, where expected to die in battle.  And you can bet very few lower class are ever officers-at least not career ones ).  You must change your environment to one that allows your inner berserker to roam free.  More tomorrow.

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  1. I love my god and my country
    I honour the flag
    I serve my Queen
    and cheerfully obey my parents, teachers and the law
    (and here is the real kicker, all the boys, not the girls, would say at the end)
    And fight for my country

    This is what we would say with our hand on chest as we stood in front of the flag pole every Monday morning at primary school in the early 1970's Very politically incorrect now.

    1. It amazes me how different cultures were all equally infested at the same time with political correctness. Almost like it was a virus.

    2. In all corners of the affluent free west we have grown soft and complacent shielded beneath the nuclear umbrella while our minds have been dumbed down by ready access to "bread and circuses". The longer the collapse is delayed the bigger the bang will be when it finally does implode.

    3. it is a virus. sometimes called the zeitgeist.
      our current zeitgeist is suicidal or homicidal for most of us and those greedy for power are part of the operating force.

    4. Those greedy for power have always been that way, but only act suicidal when they have no other choice. I'm sure energy decline and PC have something in common.

  2. "We are group animals, not lone wolves ( those that are have mental issues-the norm is desire for groups )."

    You need to check in over at western rifle shooters and observe whats been going on.

    Topic: Who can you trust?
    Answer: No one.
    Why: Because anybody can be bought and sold in todays gov't mandated society.

    Your wife, no matter how long you've been married, will sell your ass out in a second if they threaten to take her kids away.

    Your next door neighbor will "make shit up" about you, for a free gov't issued $1,000.00 debit card.

    After klintin takes office on 20 Jan 2017 she is going to put out an announcement pertaining to her first Executive Order, that she is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone that provides information that leads to the conviction for illegal firearm possession.

    Now, think about who you have told that you have firearms in your possession.

    Your favorite shooting buddy may be a shitstain and turn your ass in, and only then will you be able to say how well you know him.

    If you don't know a man under severe duress you don't know him at all and he is of limited trust value.

    Back here in the sticks for the past 10 years and almost no contact with people prior to that time period, there are currently only 3 people that know I possess firearms and one of them lives with me and the other 2 have more guns than me and therefore more to lose.

    This rotten assed gov't has destroyed or heavily skewed the entire human existence.

    1. Our culture has been destroyed, but humans anywhere desire to run in a pack. What you are saying is that the government has destroyed trust. I am saying avoiding others runs contrary to human nature. We still desire a pack even if we can't trust them.

  3. “Poor people, the lower class, where expected to die in battle.”

    I don't think much has changed here James. It's my understanding that the majority of recruits are still white boys that hail from the more economically challenged areas of the Southern U.S.

    Probably not true anymore, but I've always thought that the military could have been a good gig for the right person, as long as you were placed in a relatively safe situation. 3 hots and a cot, and squirrel that entire paycheck away into a savings. If you could stomach it for 20 years (I don't know what it is now, but that's what it was when I was a kid) you could have retired at around age 38; not a bad deal. It just wasn't for me. I was never fond of being treated like shit, and the thought of belonging to the government even more than us subjects already do now had no appeal for me.

    1. I think only the poor are still enticed into the military. There are just more of them, and hence from more regions. I look back and see I avoided both Gulf Wars, stop loss, alcoholism and other insane stress and can't imagine a small monthly check worth it. Hate I'm still working but glad I didn't piss away my life in the military. Instead, I pissed away the same amount of time supporting an ex-wife.

    2. A fella I went to school with was considering joining the clergy, but instead he joined the navy. Got a lot of similarities, both organisations run your life for you leaving little to worry about in your personal life.

    3. The other day I was worrying over whether I should take a crap or not, and wished I was back in the military so they could decide for me.

  4. Those people who would/could rat you out need testing now, rather than killing later. Honor inside the group is a good test. Working for the advancement of the group in a future time, without current compensation -nay- SACRIFICE, is a good test. Gangs doing illegal activities do this pretty well. -pdxr13

    1. The question remains, however, WHAT test.

    2. A "Character" test, of course.

      I have done this thousands of times over the last 30+ years with clients (and others) I have dealt with. When people have anywhere from $50k to $100mil on the conference table character matters above all else.

      I have made an art of it and can determine most peoples trustworthiness in 30 seconds or less.

      I can also detect personality conflicts instantly, even from across the room, I don't have to interact with the person.

      Because of the enormous amount of buffer space around most people these days character has mostly been relegated to the back of the room, but for us on the front lines with no buffer, character has always mattered in all human interactions.

      This is why my *tribe* is so small.

      It's not because of lack of people, there are plenty around.

      It's because of the huge amount of flawed characters.

      I believe much of it is because most people it seems have no core values and take their signals from other people and things they interact with.

      This probably comes from the dissolution of the family unit and the massive influx of the largely immoral media and gov't.

      There was a time not that long ago when people were concerned about what their behavior's effects were on other people. Their family and the community they lived in.

      Now, the media and gov't encourage all the retarded little snowflakes to do whatever they want and nobody has the right to judge them.

      When judgement was banished from the building it dragged character with it.

      Bonehed: "You can't judge me, you don't know anything about me!"

      Me: "Uh, yes I do, I know everything I need to know about your flawed and untrustworthy character, now leave my presence, before I take a knotted plowline to you!"

    3. Good observation there ghostsniper that I totally agree with. Old saying that you cant judge a book by its cover, but most times you actually can. If it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck you can be pretty sure that it is indeed a duck.