Tuesday, October 25, 2016

moral authority 1 of 3


Despite what its apologists claim, the human brain isn’t exactly All That And A Bag Of Chips.  Oh, don’t get me wrong-for what it is and how it works, for such a small biologic machine, it performs wonders.  But it doesn’t add up to a lot of the hype surrounding it.  One of the worst offenders is science fiction that claims we can find out how to utilize the  “unused” 90% of our brain.  I actually love those kind of stories, but you need to know they are fantasy.  Just like faster than light spaceships or transporters.  All they are is Super Hero Comics in drag with a very thin veneer of science clocking it.  No, AquaMan, you can’t use your brain to command the fishes.  The “90% unused brain” myth is, in my humble opinion, something a guy that knows all there is to know yet doesn’t know he doesn’t know everything came up with a theory that has yet to be disproved because that endeavor of study has yet to advance ( possibly due to lack of easy Federal money.  One thinks the mating habits of Yellow Slime Slugs are better known than the mechanics of our brain because it was both easier [ look at his little yellow boner, dude, better record the time on that one! ] and requested by a superior grant writer  ) past what he knew.


For one thing, The Power Of Positive Thinking is pretty bogus.  It works, to a degree, certainly, but it can’t override stronger programming.  The brain is taught by negative input, not positive.  This has a clearly superior survival trait in that love and lounging in the sun and the happy thoughts they produce are just a bonus.  Getting screwed over by the ex and getting so sunburned you never go to the beach again are what dictates future behavior.  When you see a lion and your testicles retract and you run screaming to collect every other tribal dude with a spear, that helps you survive.  Looking at a lion in the distance and marveling at the joys of nature, that will not help you remain fearful enough in the future.  So, you see a friend torn into pieces, you fear lions forever more and go out of your way to hunt them down.  Survival trait.  Hey, sorry those lions gots to be massacred.  They brought it on themselves.  The film, “Born Free”, where we all got teary eyed and fell in love with nature?  Not only was it a disservice to little brown dudes in Africa, it was false advertising.  The lion they studied and filmed, all calm and jiggy with it, in the end turned and ate one of the cast ( or crew-someone that was a bit more important than a Red Shirt ).


Think about all the less than desired behavior you engage in, and try to think back to what firmed it in your brain to start with.  It is hard, isn’t it?  Most of how we act was taught to us by a traumatic event.  Mostly in your childhood.  And I don’t think it is any accident that both the age where your basic behavior is set in stone and the age you don’t remember much about prior to are both about the same.  There is a lot of trauma teaching you how to be sociably acceptable.  Your brain usually blacks out traumatic events.  You think any gal in her right mind would give birth again if everything was crystal clear?  Would a guy go back into combat?  Burying bad memories is good.  The only bad thing about it is that you can’t “re-program” yourself by identifying the issues that changed your behaviors.  Which I suppose is also a survival trait.  You aren’t given a choice whether you want to avoid certain behavior.


Although, to my imperfect memory, it does seem that the social behavior memories are a lot harder to dredge up than the physical.  When I am on the road, I am physically incapable of pedaling over nine miles an hour.  When I try, my heartbeat increases dramatically and I don’t think it is lack of cardio training.  It happened after an accident when I both almost got run over after a parts failure occurred while going at least 15mph and I flipped over the handlebars and  I also lost so much skin I went into mild shock ( once I ran to the sidewalk-thank you, adrenaline! ).  Yet, conversely, I can’t imagine where all my other social phobias and behaviors come from.  I don’t know what event aged me before my years, when I started both acting old ( such as stubborn adherence to schedules ) and started preferring older friends.  I understand what, in general, reinforced these behaviors, just not what started them.  Traumatic equals memory loss.


Now, this is actually going somewhere.  There are short circuits available.  When a social behavior is “beat into you”, you can overcome that behavior once the social stigma is removed.  Your brain got the message loud and clear, initially, that the tribe/family did NOT in any way care for your behavior ( mostly this involves pressure to conform ).  Whether your parent spanked you, or a school mate had the whole class gang up on you with taunts, you were traumatized and learned to avoid repeating the stigmatized action.  Your brain didn’t care that, for instance, the ant you were burning with a magnifying glass was suffering.  What you cared about was the insane disapproval your mom the animal lover showed you ( I know, I can’t imagine anyone cares about ants except for their role in aerating the soil, but that was the example that came to mind for whatever reason ).  If she changed her mind later and gave her blessing I’m sure you would be fine torturing the little bastards again.


Today in the Western world, violence is a social taboo.  Mostly this stems from FemiNazi bitches and ho lunatics  taking over the asylum.  Only the most insanely retarded ass- munches would think it was a good idea to replace your Stronger Warrior protecting the tribe with a fiercely scowling Girl Power 90 pound weakling.  That was, I imagine, the price of power.  First you get rid of all or at least most of the males in coveted financial fields and then you castrate those left in law enforcement and the military and politics ( I dare you to defend Obammy as anything other than feminine ) so that no one may usurp your power.  Moral Authority has been, largely, withdrawn from the application of violence.  Tomorrow, we’ll visit this situation as it pertains to the apocalypse.  You may fear you’ve been neutered, but that is far from the case.


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  1. We might all be better off de-balled early in life before the little head takes over all rational thought and you willingly submit to a life of slavery.
    However, I'm rather fond of mine even in my advanced age but they have costed me a fortune. I could own my own island by now instead of the hovel.

    1. I think, on the whole, most males are okay with penis induced poverty. As long as the Little Guy remains happy, of course.

  2. At some point, due to declining testosterone from age, the big head eventually overrules the little head, and bitches and ho's are relegated to the back seat where they belong. LOL

    Memory consists of 2 parts, recording and playback. Memories are created when any of the 5 senses are stimulated. Only 1 of the 5 senses is capable of being limited. Closing the eyelids though only limits certain sectors of the light spectrum from interacting with the cones and rods. So even in sleep and coma the 5 senses are still supplying data to the cerebellum.

    A loud truck driving by your house at 3am may not wake you but it may put you in a bad mood upon waking in the morning. Ever heard of getting up on the wrong side of the bed?

    Playback of sense stimuli is more difficult but can be expanded with practice. Nobody is good at anything the first time but with regular practice anybody can be good at anything, even memory recall. Afterall, what good are memories if you don't remember them?

    Imagine sitting and watching the game show Jeopardy every night for an entire year and being able to recall all of the questions and answers. They are right there in your brain because your 5 senses put them there, and you can probably remember some of them, even years later. But not all of them.

    If you practice recalling memories and *writing them down* you will expand your ability to recall memories. A very intelligent person once told me that the most recallable memories are the ones that stimulate the most senses. A memory that stimulates only one sense (hearing for example) is the most difficult to recall. Listening to a song stimulates 1 sense, but watching an artist sing the song stimulates sight as well as the auditory glands and will therefore be more able to be recalled. If something can stimulate all 5 senses simultaneously it will be the most recallable type of memory.

    Memories that only stimulate 1 sense are the most common memories to be mistaken. Seeing someone commit a crime and then trying to recall it later in court is a common example of a mistaken memory. If, however, the criminal also jacks you up against the wall and slaps you around while screaming and threatening you, your memory of the incident will be much clearer upon recall. The trick would be to quickly recall the memory in detail and write it all down.

    We all have memories of everything that has ever happened in our presence but none of us, yet, have the ability to recall all of them. I believe in the future, if we survive the upcoming holocaust, our ability to recall memories will be far greater than now. By the year 5000 we will remember everything that has ever happened, even before our conception/fabrication.

    Roll that around for awhile.....

    1. It is my uneducated opinion that recall needs neural pathways to be strengthened. You can do that with tricks, such as repeating someone's name several times, or writing down a reminder to yourself. But those with better recall of more things are sacrificing something else as far as brain function. Our brains are not infinitely expandable and spend a lot of function just in running stuff-the infrastructure. The brain gets X amount of calories and can do Y amount of work with that. It is a biologic computer with no way to upgrade the hard drive. You can keep new pathways open with tricks and practice but are diverting energy from other functions.

  3. "You can keep new pathways open with tricks and practice but are diverting energy from other functions."

    THAT is probably true.
    Like evenly dividing up any size bag of M&M's between 2 or more people - somebody is always gonna get one more than everybody else. Try it an see.