Thursday, December 3, 2015

xenophobia 2


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Malthusian Survivalist Newsletter #5 December Issue
Political Correctness, or PC, is more than just an annoying hindrance impeding the acquisition of a college education.  That crap is everywhere, ruining once marginally effective organizations.  The military, corporations, campuses and Hollywood ( I was getting pretty excited about the Netflix show “House Of Cards“ when in one episode near the end of season two they had a bi-racial couple, a lesbian couple and what really made me vomit into my mouth, the main character having a threesome with the wife and MALE bodyguard.  Ah, dude, friggin GROSS! ) and divorce courts are the obvious wreckages.  The crap that the thought police come up with to distort and ignore reality is mind boggling.  I won’t start a fifteen part series on the examples that abound, as it is sufficient to observe that the level of energy dedicated to ignoring the laws of physics would not happen without a reason ( and, no, the reason isn’t proving college students as well as graduates are mostly morons-something we all knew two hundred years ago when the Ivy League was catering to inbred blue bloods ).  PC is just a cultural war dedicated to severing all ties to traditional organizations and safety nets and replacing it with a centralized government ( which benefits corporations, central banks, and the military along with the government ). 


If you look at anything PC disapproves of, they all fall under the category of traditional values.  Not in a narrow specific religious aspect but anything historically proven as a survival skill.  The cultural traits that did little to nothing to please the individual but which proved a very strong glue to hold a group together.  Child independence was not allowed, or extramarital sex, nor divorce in most cases for the simple reason that family cohesion was damaged by those actions.  Marrying into an unapproved religion or tribe was prohibited to minimize conflict within the tribe and between other tribes ( if both separate tribes intermarry to avoid genetic damage, their cultural views must be similar to retain harmonious relations.  Separate races marrying in this country was illegal as in our case skin color did denote another tribe and a separate culture.  It still does, but PC tries to deny this fact ).  Females prohibited from working made for a better family and a better marriage.  Yes, the female was in effect forced into dependence.  But no more than the male was forced into a lifetime of supporting both his immediate blood but also his inherited family line.  That is what is known as responsibility, and it is the opposite of the reward coin.  Today, after PC has indoctrinated all of us, we have no knowledge of anything other than reward.


And the price of that is we have no family and no tribe and no cultural or social survival skills, just central government dependence ( unsupportable and insanely debt ridden welfare programs are well worth the cost of the economy as the population is firmly under control and will not drag out the guillotine )( you might be wondering why Blacks, almost universally dependent on government welfare, are not as lacking in survival skills.  The short answer is that they have not given up hate or tribe or ever embraced PC ).  Whatever PC hates, embrace.  Racism protects us against foreign cultures who would harm us ( Knock Out Game, anyone? ).  Blacks firmly embrace racism and not only are they winning the war against Whites with a minority of the numbers, Whites are not even allowed to voice the fact the war already started.  You had better be embracing closet racism as a survival trait.  Continued next article.


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  1. 32 years and holding.
    It's the right thing to do and everybody knows it.

    This country isn't fractured, it's shattered.
    If you break granny's heirloom plate you can glue it together but if you slam it on the concrete floor it's done. That's where the US is now, all over the floor.

    Now, you have to sweep up the mess and dispose of it and then create a new plate, and maybe in time it too will be an heirloom.

    1. Culturally and spiritually shattered. Which is why, I guess, we just focus on economics. Not quite to the same place. Yet.

    2. ghostsniper,
      excellent analogy.
      so many want too 'take the country back'. it is shattered and taking it back does not seem to be an option.

  2. You don't have to be a racist to recognize that there are three types of 'black' people in this country - Thugs, Apologists for the thugs, and Americans who think of themselves as American first and color last (if at all). Telling the thugs from the Americans is easy- the thugs dress differently act differently talk differently, etc. The Apologists are the ones to watch for- they tend to dress even nicer / more formally than the Americans, and speak with intellectual and leadership tropes falling from their mouths- but until they speak or act you cant tell them from the Americans.
    IMHO everyone, no matter what their skin color, has a number of ":strikes" until they get on my long list for post rule of law. Skin color alone doesn't get a strike but it does gain extra attention until they can fit one of the above categories. Thugs get 3 strikes as soon as it is clear they are thugs, Apologists get 9 (aka put on the long list for post rule of law more than once).
    Interestingly the same three categories fit most other skin colors as well - with the addition of the 'wanna-be' thugs.
    Now, while our civilization and rule of law hold together, some of the thugs can be redeemed and even become useful friends and allies for post SHTF. I have never witnessed an apologist get redeemed yet though. And wanna-be's are going to be the worst, they seem to me to be the sort to whine and snivel until your back is turned....

    1. Aren't apologists just cashing in, though? Politicians in all but name? Politicians and lawyers are birds of a feather.

    2. Politicians and Lawyers are in fact almost all in the Apologists category, as are most social workers, many educators, etc. Apologists generally are white collar professionals often working for a bureaucracy of some sort or another.
      I have known black people who are Americans first, and just as many who were Apologists (just ask about the 'racial injustice' of the cop who shot the guy on the ground in the back who shoplifted from the 7-11, then tell them you were talking about the white guy shot by the black cop in Utah, and watch them squirm and flop around)...

  3. “PC is just a cultural war dedicated to severing all ties to traditional organizations and safety nets and replacing it with a centralized government ( which benefits corporations, central banks, and the military along with the government ).”

    Powerful quote James, and sums it up effectively. Unfortunately, the west is so hopelessly PC and feminist F__ked in the head, that any return to normalcy is beyond hope at this point, short of a massive die off (reset button).

    Notice how these problems are either rare or unheard of outside of economically powerful countries, where there are no legions of bored jackasses living in the lap of luxury, with too much time on their hands, dreaming up ways that some demographic is constantly a victim of another? As opposed to worrying about where their next meal is going to come from, or if they will have a roof over their head the following night?

    Western people problems!