Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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Malthusian Survivalist Newsletter #5
Xenophobia is the fear of foreigners.  And of course we hate what we fear, which is the whole point.  I’ve mentioned xenophobia before, as what most people actually are rather than the racists that they are accused of being.  Words of course matter and just because you hate someone for being from the ghetto doesn’t mean it is because they are necessarily Black or Brown but because of their obnoxious and unacceptable behavior and attitudes.  I’ll talk about that again, of course, but my end point I’m working towards is how xenophobia is a survival trait and how it would behoove you to accept it as such.  Racism has gotten a pretty bad rap and that is rightly so.  To hate someone just because they are the wrong skin color is kind of stupid and I hate stupid people because there are way more of them than we need around the planet as it is.  Skin color has the main benefit of optimizing environmental conditions and is not really all that good of a tribal marker.  Yet, skin pigmentation becomes a farce after migrations.  A simple look at Vikings and Eskimos, two completely different colors living at the same longitudes, makes this pretty plain.


 And to use skin color as a tribal marker doesn’t work very well externally because of forced genetic cross breeding of a conquered people ( internally, discrimination against the wrong color, even very negligible differences, does benefit selective breeding to remove the offending trait, social pressure reinforcing cultural preferences-not to mention underlying the blind acceptance factor ).  All in all, there is very little reason for racism other than for a reinforcement of accepted cultural behavior, which is important enough as it is, but when that reason is absent it serves no purpose and is counterproductive.  Racism has a purpose, as does xenophobia, but the Political Correctness forces trying to eradicate both are ill informed and even stupider than baseless racists.  I’ll cover the danger political correctness places us in, how racism can be a benefit, then we’ll move on to the positives of xenophobia.  Most of us already have these beneficial attitudes but they are buried and fought against, both because the cultural wars ( eradicating all cultural mores and insisting on personal sovereignty only insofar as being unable to police others actions in traditional values, but given shackles from moving from the PC paradigm.  Political Correctness is, obviously, just a war on tribalism and not much more ) are being fought to keep us dependent on the centralized government and because few of us wish to become social outcasts and we program ourselves better than Maoist red brigades ever could.


A good guide in life is to assume the opposite of everything the powers that be tell you.  Not that it is that easy, there are always subtleties involved.  But it is a good starting point.  Another good guide is that if any concept is complicated, that very complication benefits someone else rather than you.  Cultural prejudices should be butt simple, binary, on or off.  Once you start thinking why your tribe demands a certain behavior, you diminish the effectiveness of said behavior.  Cultural behavior should be instinctual in order to benefit their practitioners.  We’ll cover that, too.  More next article.

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  1. "Another good guide is that if any concept is complicated, that very complication benefits someone else rather than you."

    Totally agree. I may not be the brightest star in the sky but I wasn't born yesterday, either. If I can't figure it out, then it's probably a bad deal and someone's trying to scam me.

    Idaho Homesteader

    1. Unless they are from the government, then they are just here to help.

  2. A gathering of my extended family looks like a meeting of the UN -everything from Koreans to Kurds. That being said, they are all family and family pulls together for each other. I guess we are a functional clan? Tribe? Whatever?

  3. Or "1", if that crowd is another tribe.