Tuesday, December 29, 2015

my biggest prepping mistake 2 of 4


Survivalists agonize over guns, something I understand but try not to encourage too much.  Guns are great, but they aren’t exactly a butt dildo your gay dude shops for with the perfect color a burning question in his mind, right after length and girth ( do colors matter?  Is the skin tone important, or are colors not seen in nature important?  Neon yellow all right?  See what I mean.  You are gay and so you don’t want to be That Guy and be prejudiced and discriminate against a mocha chocolate color, but you are also worried what your dates think.  Are you normally the inserter or the insertee?  The husband or the wife?  If you are supposed to be macho, bright colors are out.  This crap can obviously get complicated ).  While you should be selecting the proper tool according to ammunition considerations ( the main article in the January 2016 issue of Malthusian Survivalist Newsletter ), most folks just look at their middle eastern urban combat hero’s and buy the same gun because it is cool and wicked bad ass, yo!  I’ll admit I occasionally lust after thirty caliber battle rifles of Spanish/German design ( in American clone variety for budgetary reasons ), and it would be little trouble to buy my first one with excess savings on hand ( the ammo now, that would be an ongoing several paycheck pillagings to acquire in a relative hurry ).  But rather than give me a warm and fuzzy feeling for being better protected, rather I would feel I wasted money, depleted my savings meant for unemployment, worried I had made a tactical blunder as with semi-auto I would NEVER have enough ammo and totally upend my life as I now needed to worry about buying duplicates ( at $700+ a pop ) and dozens and dozens of magazines and cases and cases of ammunition and scopes and scope mounts, worry about a bayonet, and in general worry hugely about nothing important.


I can’t say I made any mistakes with my arsenal.  Food now, perhaps I’ve blundered by not stockpiling enough.  Well, not really.  I know I don’t have enough protein, or excess heavy labor calories.  But really, how can you ever have enough?  At $1 a day, protein is just insanely expensive to stockpile.  And since you should try to NOT eat your stockpile as much as possible after the collapse ( you WILL have multiple year disasters with your livestock and farming ), I figure a bare bones stockpile isn’t a bad idea.  You should be forced into a renewable food supply as quickly as possible, and a heck of a good incentive to do so is insanely massive animal protein cravings ( so, yes, I’m saying not stocking a lot of dead animal flesh might be strategically advantageous ).  If your tribe of wheat gruel eaters gets enough of a hankering for a BBQ, they will have a fire lit under their asses to go raid some cattle.  I think my food stash, while far from ideal, is good enough where I don’t feel its sparseness is a mistake.  It was meant to keep one alive, and that is about it.

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  1. To true. Even the richest can not ever afford enough of everything they want, diet wise, in storage food to last them long enough. And even if they did, where would that leave them? in some sort of hidden concrete air conditioned hole, unaware of the rest of the world until it arrives unannounced with overwhelming force to seize their delicious vittles? Where as, if they had enough to survive but not enough to be HAPPY with it they would be going around and hunting, gathering, farming, or herding and being aware of their environment and threats to them. They could always fall back to an air conditioned concrete hole if that should be advisable, but staying there; without greater hands on awareness, for too long is a death sentence ESPECIALLY in the face of a changing surroundings which would occur during the worst parts of a collapse and the beginnings of the PODA afterward. A hole is good to be able to duck in for shelter when the feces is flying, but you have to be able to peek out when there is a pause in the rotary impelled blades duties as a doodie flinger; and confirm the new lay of the land, and adjust as necessary possibly moving to a new hole.

    1. Regardless of ham radios or the like, massive immigration movements might still take you by surprise, especially if Gore Warming gets worse. Good call on long term situational awareness.

    2. I was just clarifying your call on the situational awareness issue.

  2. Hey Jim; you know why Rock Hudson was never lonely?

    Because he had "Nabors" up the
    butt ;)