Thursday, December 10, 2015

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NOTE: JJC, got your Kindle book.  I was coveting said book, thank you very much!  I'm kinda getting a tear in my eye, people.
I can understand why most folks refuse to acknowledge evolutionary biology.  Their religion prohibits it ( notice how a faith based argument is valid, then they use that faith to discredit a scientific viewpoint ).  Also, it goes against all their childhood programming ( “be nice to others”, ”share with others”, ”treat others how you’d want to be treated”, “eat your vegetables, canned and overcooked food is nutritious” ), religiously motivated or not.  You can choose from three paradigms.  God created the Earth six thousand years ago ( bible thumpers ).  Man evolved from chimps who evolved from ocean slime or something ( bible haters ).  God created man millions of years ago and he evolved to survive ( those who don’t want to hate anybody ).  Personally, I’m not too concerned with how all this got started.  I have as much trouble accepting The Big Bang Theory as I do The Big God Theory.  I just pick and choose a theory that seems to make the most sense to explain why everyone acts like they do.  So sue me if that offends your version of how we came to be on this planet ( isn’t the whole question kind of a chicken and egg problem? ).


Most of mans existence was as hunter and gatherers.  And he evolved to optimize the survivability of that occupation.  He was not meant to be a farmer or vegetarian or live in a nation state worshiping Amazon Princesses.  The main problem with our species is that we breed like insects and die off as easy ( while true that hunters mostly kept their numbers in line with their resources, the breeding urge is too primal and overwhelming to completely manage that.  Not to mention the wax and wane of resource availability ).  Man only really has one predator and that is himself and we are damn good at kicking our own asses.  But regardless of always sowing the seeds of our own destruction, you have to play the game by the rules we’ve played by for two million years, not some feeble made-up crap a Johnny Come Lately organization like a king or pope threw together to enrich themselves.


  Repeat after me, Tribal And Territorial.  No exceptions, no Time Outs.  No Roberts Rules Of Order.  Tribal And Territorial.  You have to stop, disregard all the happy day glo glittery unicorn fart happy bullcrap you’ve ever been spoon fed, and revisit our friend History for a crystal ball look into your future.  How were Blacks treated prior to the War Of Northern Aggression, and how were the indigenous folks treated by the FedGov?  That is how you can look forward to being treated.  By everyone.  By the governments we have now, buy our future governments.  By your fellow citizens and by foreign citizens.  The future will be ruled by the strong.  Not by the worthy or smartest or by a set of rules, but only by those with the will and means to screw everyone else before they get screwed.  You can’t Live And Let Live.  You can treat fellow tribesmen with all the good and sterling qualities we all know and love, but you had better treat all others as non-human and unworthy.  This is a theme I continually harp on, because it is fundamental for survival.  It is as basic as Wheat, Ammo and Off-Grid.  Next post, last in the series.  A short history of slavery and genocide for profit ( mostly by really religious and pious pricks ).


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  1. Personally, I’m not too concerned with how all this got started. I have as much trouble accepting The Big Bang Theory as I do The Big God Theory. I just pick and choose a theory that seems to make the most sense to explain why everyone acts like they do. So sue me if that offends your version of how we came to be on this planet ......

    Yup, bout the way I see it too.....subject to change at all times.
    We must have tribe yet small enough to avoid the necessity of governance's. They be the downfall of all societies or groups. Strong men and smart logical ones will last longer...maybe

    1. Or Murphy will screw you no matter how strong or smart :)

  2. Child, Spouse, Family, Clan, Tribe, Village, (race/ethnicity is probably right about here) City, State, Nation, Humanity.
    I have never heard of anyone sacrificing their ONLY child for the good of all humanity except as an extreme outlier. I have heard of people betraying their nation for the safety of their child. I think these are very close the order in which people are loyal. Religion/God tries to put itself of everything in many cases- but usually cant get much past race/ethnicity toward child.
    I know I would do ANYTHING for the well being of my child. It is why I prep. I know my parents feel likewise for me and as much or more for my child. Why don't people go around robbing banks for their children or other high loyalty purposes? Simple that our society will punish not only us but to a lesser extent the child. The reason terrorism works is that the terrorists put race or religion well ahead of village and the child will be taken care of by the terrorist organizations.
    Everyone reorders their loyalties a little, especially on the less loyal end and involving religion and race.
    But it is usually the outliers that you hear about. I.E. : it made the bible that one old Jewish dude was willing to sacrifice his son to his god - as a moving tale of loyalty to his god, and the kindness of the god that he called the whole thing off at the last minute. Most people would have been calling upon the devil well before putting their kid on the altar.
    If you can show loyalty/care to another's kids the others will likely move you up their scale of loyalty- but you probably will get no further than clan (think of inlaws you probably wont let them starve, unless it means hunger for your family). There are a couple kids I like my kid playing with (at least one of which I think could grow into an appropriate spouse for my kid in only 20 or 30 years). My spouse and I make certain these kids are often around our kid, and given food, water and (healthy)treats when they are. Those kids are at at least village level loyalty from us.
    Where your SELF sits on the loyalty chart will change as you grow older, but usually it is well below the nation level- the reason soldiers fight is their squad becomes their village or clan (ask any soldier who has actually shot at an enemy directly to kill said enemy). This is why effective snipers are so hard for the army to get. People don't want to murder for the nation. But for their town or clan they are far more likely to do so.
    Finding out where on this scale your neighbors think you are is essential to your future survivability. You can push your way up through various actions and indicators on your part. But always remember that unless you have mingled blood you wont likely count for as much as clan.

  3. First of all. There was the Big Bang. Then by dumb chance a planet evolved intelligent life. They learned genetic engineering and engineered out all the traits we are talking about so that all of the beings are altruistic. They also learned interstellar travel. They stumbled upon a planet that was out in the sticks, galactically speaking, that also had life evolving, but it was a much younger planet and also had somewhat of reset a few million years back. They found a hominid race that had lots of promise and set to studying them. They decided to uplift one of them to a higher level, but not full sentience. One day both Adam and Eve were out of their cages and were looking for some food. Eve found some vials in the refrigerated unit that had some promise and she brought them to Adam and they both had a little drink. They fell to the ground writhing in pain and barely managed to crawl back to their cage before they passed out. When they awakened the next day, their strange friends were very angry and started to scold them about messing with things they were told NOT to. Things seemed much clearer to Adam and Eve, but the daily headaches were killer. After few years Adam and no more headaches, Adam could actually talk to their strange friends and understand some of the concepts they explained to him.
    My story is as good as others. No? I actually am a Christian, but have a hard time reconciling things in my own head. I just made the above story up, just now. BTW I also just found out what Unicorns poop.

    Seriously though as a Libertarian thinker I look at all of our models of governing along with the theoretical stuff, Anarcho capitalism, Libertarianism and especially Marxism and see that none of them completely take human ANIMAL nature into account. Especially Marxism. The political Left buy into this crap and try to make it work over and over again, with the same failed results. Why are they such idiots? I truly think many of them are mentally ill. I agree tribe is about as large as we can handle, but the warfare would be constant. Most Religions call for their followers to rise above the animal self and use that big brain to overcome and learn self-control. Also to be good to your fellow man. There is one religion in particular that kind of does this, IF you are one of them. If not they can lie, kill, rape and abuse you. And this is all good according to their religious texts. They practice Fascism as part of their religious politics. Without exception they are allowed to do this. Most of them don’t thankfully, but they believe in their heart of hearts that it’s allowed. That’s why you never hear the Moderate ones denouncing the radicals.
    In the Jewish Torah or Old Testament of the Christians there was a time that there wasn’t a King, just Judges. It worked for a bit because most of the people followed the religious edicts most of the time, and when they didn’t the Judges would come around to convict them and get them to change. It couldn’t last though, the people demanded a King and so they got one. This model fascinates me, because I wonder how we could make it work today. Anarcho capitalism? This seems the closest, but even the biblical model failed eventually. So it must be in our nature to want a “Leader” to be controlled and told what to do.

    1. Good story! The old tales of hunter gatherers being equal is probably off. I'd guess a war leader ( combat proven, popularly elected ). We might seem to want a leader and to be told what to do ( why else the constant power jockeying from both female and male? ) but I'd guess that was ONLY at the tribal level. And constant warfare needn't be a given. Just because a nation state war is once every ten years, average, and that of tribes is two years, that isn't exactly constant. Tribal war is low level, usually except in times of collapse. Then of course territorial and contract disputes turn into genocide for survival. Check out this post. Funny:

    2. Christians will often say the least tolerant of their rules are from the old testament and don't really have to apply to them as they are followers of the later Jesus who replaced almost all the previous rules.
      But even the new testament includes Jesus telling his followers to have a sword to defend themselves over and above having a cloak to stay warm (implying that a cloak could quickly follow once they had the sword).

    3. I guess with all of that being said, we are ALL going to HELL!! :)

    4. Speak for yourself. I've got an "in" with Baby Jesus.

  4. "Most of mans existence was as hunter and gatherers. And he evolved to optimize the survivability of that occupation."

    That's not evolution, that's adaptation. There's a big difference. I've never met anyone that denies adaptation. The problem is trying to extrapolate that theory into macro-evolution. Man adapted to his environment but, he never became anything other than a man. As a matter of fact, you could go back in time and bring one of those early humans back to the present and they could breed with any modern humans. They are not a different species.

    As a bible thumper I do have a religious issue with atheistic macro-evolution but, I have a bigger problem with it from a common sense stand point. There is no evidence in the fossil record of a transitional species anywhere. If dinosaurs became birds then where are the fossilized remains of a dinosaur with feathers. Not only should they exist, they should make up the majority of the fossils for that kind of creature. Instead we find dinosaur fossils and bird fossils but nothing in between. Simple scientific method pokes holes the size of semi trucks in the theory. That doesn't even touch the subject of abiotic life. Even the most simple single celled organism is so complex that there is no way that it occurred by chance in nature. I don't discount that God could have used evolution to create his universe but, the evidence is severely lacking.


    1. As birds will evolve to occupy different food niches on the same mountain ( varying by elevation ) so perhaps primates evolved into man to adapt to the savanna from the rain forest. Sounds almost reasonable. Except, for one, why no other semi-human primates? Why would we needed to have hunted them to extinction as we did the Neanderthals? If we did that. Many, many issues, myself. It is mostly book theory with almost no real world evidence. In general, however, what else to go with in the meantime? Mans hardwiring seems to fit tribal hunting and gathering, not imperial farming. Believe me, I see your points.

    2. Actually dinosaurs with feathers are being found all the time. And it looks more and more like the Neanderthals may have been F'd to death given how much of their genes are in modern humans (quite a lot thank you). Think about modern women's take on what makes a 'masculine' male doesn't it sound like someone with part Neanderthal traits? And modern men like secondary attributes (breasts, buttocks, willingness to have sex, etc.) that could apply to the Neanderthal women...
      Chance can generate a lot of possible things given a long enough time frame. *Proving* that their was long enough time, and that there was not any sort of intelligent outside intervention is not possible though, so intelligent design will probably remain a possible hypothesis forever, and it does give an Occam's razor response to some complex and unlikely developments...
      But humans adapting in a manner that encourages violence against outsiders is a clear proven.

    3. Grasp the notion of 10 million years. Go ahead, just try. You have nothing to compare it to. Thus, the silly question about dinosaurs with feathers. Speaking of silly questions. Where are dinosaurs mentioned in the bible? Who made god? What was there before the big bang? (why, there was a whole series of bangs of course!) And then there is the thing about, why aren't ALL of the books in the bible? True readers will know what I mean.

      Life is too interesting, dangerous, enjoyable, and pathetic to waste even 1 second on extrapolating from too-old stories.

    4. While you rightfully say "
      Life is too interesting, dangerous, enjoyable, and pathetic to waste even 1 second on extrapolating from too-old stories" you must also realize the same is true of wasting one second trying to refute religious types ( and I don't mean that to insult them. Just saying we each believe what we do and usually won't change our minds. An optimist will always be one,regardless of doomer porn. A pessimist will always be one regardless of happy arguments to the contrary. Let's go easy on opposing viewpoints. Yes?

    5. We, Homo-Sapiens of NON sub-Saharan extraction have about 4% Neanderthal DNA on average. Our physiology is much different than theirs. They were more powerful, with much higher muscle mass and an average cranial capacity of 200cm3 more. Higher cranial capacity doesn't indicate higher intelligence, but were probably just as intelligent. The larger body mass accounts for this increased cranial capacity. (Bergmann's Rule)
      One thing that helped their extinction was their calorie budget. Much higher than ours. My pick up MPG vs a larger car for example. There may have been some dietary differences. i.e. We are more of an omnivore. They probably could eat a salad, but would be hungry much more quickly than us. Don't know if they were less able to eat anything, just speculating. I do know we can eat just about anything. That's why chimpanzees who are our closest cousin sharing 98% of our DNA can only live in a very narrow range on the planet, but we cover it pole to pole. Gut length has a large role here. The longer the gut length, the more time food has to digest and be absorbed by the body.
      As indicated by research, they may not have gotten past using spears. Big heavy spears that while strong are heavy and don’t give the range of an atlatl or a bow and arrow. So closer battle with dangerous prey and enemies, would increase the odds of injury or death. I could go on and on, but will leave it here.

    6. I believe I read on their adaptation to the ice age, so any long term weather change was problematic. Whereas we, as you say, evolved to adapt to a larger range of everything. It would be interesting to see if bows and arrows were perfected specifically for fighting them, but I don't have any handy figures on timelines.