Monday, October 26, 2015

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Here is another article suggestion from a minion.  How do you stay positive and on target prepping when the job sucks, yet anymore jobs are precarious and scarce?  How do you suck it up and keep working?  If you continue working, you gain extreme benefits from the extra income ( this assumes you don’t do all the typical middle class traps ), plus the spouse isn’t really ready to pull the cord on moving out to the retreat.  Today, it is harder than ever to quite your job, yet more tempting than ever before.  I would be moaning and bitching about how employers now have us by the scrotum, the last century of progress of workers rights nearly completely nullified and voided, but I’m too busy laughing my ass off about all the pain and suffering they are going through at the same time.  Almost nobody is safe from the carnage of the Greater Depression we have entered, icons such as McDonald’s and Wally World not exactly bankrupt but certainly looking like they will be the first to go tits up at the slightest whiff of additional trouble.  Okay, they did it to themselves.  McDonald’s has been moving towards faker and faker food, and insulting the Black community by ad targeting them as if they were too stupid to realize they were eating pink slime and sawdust and Wally was just too flippin stupid ( giving credence to the Arkansas pudpuller stereotype which just pissed off all the other rednecks and hillbillies in other states ) by thinking the Nineties would last forever and expanding with debt accordingly.


But in a growth paradigm economy, such stupidity could be forgiven.  Not anymore.  No room for stupidity and 99% of corporates are retarded arseholes who can’t change ( as the saying goes, I might be ugly which is skin deep but you are stupid to the bone ) to literally save their lives.  You can’t expect to have an MBA study ecology and actually encounter the concept of finite resources, but then, you and I, regular types, figured it out so ignorance is no excuse.  The average corporate clone thinks the laws of physics do not apply, and with that kind of attitude is it any wonder they are clueless?  That is just some of the crap you have to put up with, some fudge packing toad laying off half the workforce and doubling the remaining employees work load, thinking it was a swell idea and trying to do it again.  They simply could not pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the bottom.  They are the simpletons who screw up a wet dream by waking up and jerking off.  So, being so dumb, every time there is a problem, they try the same old solutions that worked before, not realizing they were “one off’s”.  The new economic reality for them is too much to compute.  Which would be an unending source of mirth for those of us with the cranial capacity higher than a chimpanzee, if it weren’t for all the headaches we get from the blowback.

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  1. Good article James, and describes the old bosses business practices to a T. Fully believed that none of this could ever end, leaving resource depletion and automation out of the equation all together. But he's old, and probably won't be around to see the fallout, as luck (for him) would have it.

    Most of us will not be able to count on continued gainful employment. The Bison plan of frugal survival will at least provide the bare minimum survival needs.

    My main priority at this point is to keep my property taxes as low as possible within my control, and begin reducing my monthly outgoes to the absolute minimum.

    1. I think your plan is good. Econ collapse is going to be Job #1 around here for awhile, long before AR's or MRE's are needed.


    2. I find myself reminiscing a lot about when I was a kid, and was working my first job. I had no bills, so my check was entirely mine to spend. Of course I lived at home, so that explains a lot of it. But I was about as free of the system at that time as I had ever been. As time went on my monthly overhead managed to increase considerably, mostly from items that I really thought that I needed. The Bison plan and the book by that Long fellow were a big influence on how to get back to those good old days. There really doesn't seem to be an abundance of such advice out there. Most in our society has been conditioned to look down on such a lifestyle (I know that you've addressed this many times before).

      I'm now at the same place as Phil Garlington of Rancho Costa Nada fame was a few years back, and I've had enough. Haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do yet? But reducing my bills down to practically nothing will go far in the way of versatility with regards to future employment options.

    3. I feel free and blessed at minimum wage part time and no bills ( living in town is a bill, but an option, not a necessity ) compared to making twice my normal full time income. That never seemed to improve my situation like this does.

  2. Lord Bison,

    I'm usually reading you on a mobile device these days so I don't comment anymore because it's a hassle. But I have to take the trouble to do it this once because of your glaringly blatant omission of the one post that us long-time fans have been waiting for: We want your 'take' on The Donald!

    Maybe you have wrote about him in your new subscription letter thingy that I don't know about. Work has been hit-n-miss (mostly miss) for me for over a year so I just can't subscribe right now.

    BTW, since I'm here on the comment board I wanted to tell you that one of your bio posts that I read a year or so back where you mentioned quitting drinking inspired me to do the same. It was a very good move on my part, so thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Well, you know I think elections are rigged, and the campaign just theater, but that said I like the illusion the Donald will tell everyone to kiss his ass. I'd rather see that hideous hair flopping in the wind than Obammy's floppy lips or Clintons thigh fat. Glad I inspired you, but you'd better find another stress release if you want to stay out of the bottle. If it wasn't for my writing I'd have gone postal long ago.

    2. I used to drink quite a bit myself a few years back on my days off. Once I got to my late 40's though, my body starting reacting poorly to the drinking, and quiting was actually pretty easy for me.

      I can't imagine that there are all that many elderly alcoholics out there, as that lifestyle would not be conducive to longevity. Though I've encountered a few, most don't seem to make it past their 60's, and I know of at least 3 that died in their 50's.

      I wish Nevada would just legalize the weed and be done with it. I'd start a few plants and go the ingestion route as opposed to smoking.

    3. Sandaval is such a retarded monkey molester, adding a buck a pack tax to cigs, forcing more smokers to quite or cut back. If he legalized pot and taxed it $5 for however much, THAT is a growing tax base.