Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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The Vikings were a fishing tribe with some agriculture who were a few degrees of longitude removed from herding reindeer finally coming on their own once they decided that plunder was the way to go and they used their frozen northern base as a staging ground to safely expand to the warmer, softer civilized regions ( or, what passed for civilized, the Papists sending out slightly less filthy and vermin infested missionaries to tax and frighten much dirtier and infested savages hugging trees ).  Of course, the coastal settlements Rome set up to spread their empire came under direct assault as the Catholics somehow had figured out how to slowly but surely guilt the newly converted into turning over all the silver that kept getting unearthed as treasure from the earlier die-off was discovered.  The Vikings were drawn to loot and murder at churches like flies are summoned to a picnic ( the aerial   germ clusters seemingly delighting to landing on the lightest colored food almost as if taunting the revolted and nauseous Germ-X grabbing masses ).  And of course, their reputation just went south from there.  Now, do you really think becoming aggressive harmed those northern Europeans?  Sure, eventually they ran out of coastal areas accessible by their craft that could still be plundered, or ran out of time as armies gathered or military technology changed, or what have you.  But they went from poor peasants in a northern wasteland to far richer warriors in a still northern wasteland ( personally, I prefer northern wastelands.  In a world teeming with asshattery, at least the north fills up butt hole to elbow far slower ).  As did several of their following generations.  While it lasted it was a sweet deal.  Should it have never been implemented to avoid the eventual disappointment?


Japan did pretty well for itself, considering how relatively resource poor they are.  Probably too poor to seriously expand into Asian until recently.  Becoming an empire is kind of like getting rich.  Just as you must first have money to make money ( kindly don’t pull some libertarian fantasy rags to riches BS out of your ass.  We all can pretty much concede that improbability, or at least acknowledge it as being the exception that proves the rule ), so too do you first need resources to get more resources.  Please look at the two premier military powers today.  That both started resource abundant ( I discount China, who really hasn’t risen past its merchant class roots ).  Japan never really had enough to play that rich nations game, but she tried and did Damn Skippy well for how little she had going for her besides a tremendous work ethic, and one of the rare larger homogenous populations able to work nearly as well as smaller close knit groups.  Those two attributes got her occupying Manchuria and Korea and coastal China, a lot of islands and acting as a thorn in the Soviets side ( if Japan had made any serious motions towards Russia at all many troops never would have been freed to go fight on the western front, which is why it made sense for Japan to be an Axis power from Hitler’s viewpoint ).  It is interesting to speculate how differently things would have gone if that vile twat FDR hadn’t goaded Japan into attacking us, trading hundreds of thousands of lives for the chance to emulate his hero Stalin ( still to this day getting Mad Props for Best Mustache Of All Time ) and play dictator, but more likely than not they could have made empire work, even if at a reduced scale.  They gave it a go, and it could have lasted a lot longer.  Continued next article.

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  1. It's funny to think about a Japanese "Empire." Let's compare Japan to the UK. Both island nations. (I know the UK is four nations if you count Northern Ireland.) Lets take the UK sans N Ireland for instance. It still is three separate countries that are controlled by the English Crown. When this island was young, around the time that the said Vikings had pretty much settled the place themselves, there were lots of "Kingdoms" each with it's own King. Of course all of the warfare that went back and forth didn't help them much, until they all decided to swear fealty to a head King. He was called a "King" not an Emperor, which technically he was. Over to Japan. Same kind of thing happened there. Bunch of small kingdoms ended up being under one guy, but they call him an "Emperor." Yet all the real control that first emperor had was what we know as the Japanese island chains, give or take some of the current territory. Korea and mainland China came later, and of course as they pushed into new territory preceding and during WWII. I know this is very simplified.

    The other thing I would like to point out is like James said that Japan had a pretty homogeneous population. Not being an expert on Japanese history, I wonder how many different "Tribes" existed on the island chain. I know they are/were there, because in my limited studies of Japan, there were references to Okinawa how they were different. Some would call them races, but that isn't quite accurate either. Tribes to me are best. Over in the UK, there were quit a few different tribal affiliations. The Britons (part of the Celts), Welsh, Celts and of course the Angles and Saxons who came over from what is now Germany and Denmark. I think some of the Jutes made it over too. Of course whatever DNA any of the occupying Romans left behind and our wonderful Vikings, who's language gave me my last name. Then their cousins the Normans had come over and spread their love around in 1066. I'm sure I missed some main tribes. Being kind of a nerd I find it interesting that we call the UK British after the Britons and England or English after the Angles, who were actually from Germany/Denmark. Also related to my nerdiness, I'm fascinated with genetics and DNA. I have read somewhere that the Neanderthal had red hair and that those of us with European ancestry have up to 4% Neanderthal DNA in us. sub-Saharan African have 0% Neanderthal DNA. Don't know about Asians. Anyhow it is interesting how prevalent red hair is among the UK and Ireland. I'm not red headed, but my mother had an auburn hair. Just my thoughts.

    1. If we were still around as a society in thirty or fifty years, I'm sure we would be amazed at how history was once again rewritten with the DNA and new studies of Neantrathals and all that. You don't read much on the cross breeding to produce one race verses another. Might upset the "all from Africa, all mutated to environment" old school teaching.

    2. Didn't Chariots of the Gods postulate that red haired children were expressing ET characteristics?

  2. I looked into the Nevada moped laws James and verified that you can ride a Moped without a motorcycle license and financial responsibility. The term moped becomes a little tricky however, since it's become somewhat of a generic term in modern times. As such, today's scooters are also often referred to as “mopeds”. To clear up any misunderstandings, the term “moped” as described below is the moped in its original form. Meaning like the ones that you saw on the road in the 70's and before, with pedals, 2hp motors, and a top speed of 30mph. Per the description below, it does not need pedals, but it must stay within the HP rating and top speed limit, and I'm pretty sure that practically all of the modern 50cc scooters exceed this HP rating.

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    A moped which meets all of these criteria does not require insurance or vehicle registration, but it must have all the proper safety equipment and you must carry a regular Class C or higher driver's license to operate in order to drive it on public streets.

    1. It might be tricky if buying through the mail, but I'd imagine less so through a dealer ( who is doing the legal research for you ). I had planned, if ever buying one, to pay four times as much for a Honda or Yamaha and have a mechanic available, plus for the much higher quality.

    2. Yes, you would be much better off with one of the Japanese units, there is no doubt about that. For myself, they are way out of my price range. As a result, I've come to the conclusion that I would have to learn self mechanics and maintain it myself.

      The thing is, I've done a fair bit of research, and while the Chinese scooters are by no means an ideal purchase, if you know your way around a wrench, they're actually not a bad investment. Sometimes you will come across a total lemon that will not cooperate no matter what, so they can be hit and miss in this sense. But most of them are decent machines with proper maintenance.

      Remember James, folks said the same exact thing about the Japanese bikes when they first arrived on the scene as they are now about the Chinese scooters.

    3. I had enough problems being taught fundamental bicycle mechanics. My brain just doesn't lean that way. I'll leave motorized bikes to the pros. That is just me. For someone like yourself that is a wonderful thing, being independent repair wise in transportation. I don't think all Chinese stuff is junk, just that which is sold through Wal-Mart.

    4. Not really wonderful for me either James, just a compromise to poverty. I actually don't like turning wrenches, but did so as a youth back in the days when you could actually work on your own cars because they were so much simpler. A part of me misses that, hence the reason for wanting a scooter. I got tired of taking the car in to have practically anything beyond a tune up costing in the vicinity of $800 to $1000 dollars! Tires for the scooter I want are $26 a piece. Heck, in a worse case scenario, an entire new engine is less than $400. And of course there is the much lower cost of fuel. The camping trip that cost over $40 in gas in my car, will now cost cost about $10 in my scooter.

      There are compromises for sure. They suck in winter time, and the danger factor is increased considerably. The key for me is to not need to be on the road at certain times along side the masses of cars, but at my own choosing (That's where the work at home part comes in). But as you might be able to see, the much lower costs associated with owning a motor scooter keeps whispering seductively in my ear.

    5. All things considered, such as the increased calories needed and the no longer quite so cheap parts, running costs for a scooter-Chinese, obviously-won't be so far from a bicycle that with a casual income you shouldn't be forced into compromising. I skipped a level, going from full time work truck to poverty biking. Call the moped a middle ground.