Tuesday, March 31, 2015

question everything 2


It is the same with JFK.  I have no idea why a lying weasel East Coast Blue Blood womanizer was thought of as such a Camelot Hero type.  I have absolutely no love lost for just another crappy politician.  Everything you hear from his admirers was just rumor ( heard a guy who was told by a guy ) or empty vapid campaign trail drivel.  He increased the troops in Vietnam, fact.  So the claim he was killed because he was going to bring them home ( a claim from a speech ) is hard to buy.  I won’t get into all that too much, except to make the point when you love a hero like JFK so much, you see no fault emanating from him and are powerless to perceive the true reason he was overthrown ( I have no theory of my own on the assassination I feel all that confident in, although I’ve expressed some over the years [ the bankers killing him for threatening to take back currency printing control might just have been more empty political wind bagging ].  I can say I’m pretty confident his fan boy base made him into a much better President than was justified ).


And then there is 9/11.  I’m simply bowled over by the fact so many people bought the official lie so readily, happily taking the hook and line and yelling at each Patriot Act, “thank you sir, may we have another?”.  I can understand the confusion of Oklahoma City, just from the novelty of it ( not that False Flag operations are new-see the 118 year old start of the war in Cuba ).  We had been so conditioned against thinking in terms of conspiracies we didn’t immediately buy into the internal explosives theory.  Yet, the World Trade Center couldn’t have been taken down any other way ( even if you don’t buy that, what about that THIRD tower that was NEVER HIT also imploding down hours AFTER the first two? ).  Also inconsistent was the “attack” on the Pentagon.  No debris of any kind feet in front of the wall, and a hole in it far smaller than an aircraft engine.  Just those two items alone, ignoring hundreds more, and you don’t question the official version?  The cry to Forever War against any and all enemies?  Really?


In fact, if you look at all the prescribed hero’s and those demanded to be villains, it is pretty clear that our empires intelligentsia is hard at work lying about everything, everywhere, all the time.  It’s an Orwellian circus out there where everything is Opposite Land with an evil clown cast.  I could have bad trips on acid and come out a healthier individual compared to what your typical imperial citizen has been morphed into ( assuming I wasn’t one of those citizens to begin with, as adding a bummer physiological experience to it wouldn’t help matters much ).  And it isn’t even as simple as just believing the opposite of what they tell you.  Whole legions of professionals are out to lie to you and they won’t make such a fundamental mistake in their propaganda.  Hell, one of their first tricks was to spend so much time propagandizing Hitler’s propaganda so you would think our side wasn’t engaged in propaganda (  with occasional “true tale confessions” that we kinda sorta did do propaganda-but only by mistake and only by a few bad apples and only for a short time and honest Injun that is all over and done with- just to further confuse you ).  Stalin and his airbrushing new Enemies Of The State from old photos was kindergarten to our masters of deceit.  Hell, they think nothing of embedding agents for life everywhere for enormous amounts of money, all to keep the confusion going, and some of them even “report” about low level crime foiled by low paid confidential informants as if to suggest that is as complex as it gets in the subterfuge.  Our system doesn’t need a Statsi reporting on dissidence.  Nobody opposes our system because so few understand it ( I could research and ponder another 35 years and still unearth just as little as I have now, with it being 99% wild ass guesses.  When you question everything, even your own assumptions-hell, especially your own- all you ever know for sure is that The Truth AIN’T Out There ).  Those eliminated aren’t done so because they suddenly know something-those with opposing theories are encouraged to confuse the whole learning process even more- probably just because their death profits someone for some other reason.  You want me to believe that FIVE years after a witness sees an officially denied crime his accidental death isn’t an accident?  Perhaps his faulty brakes were just because Detroit churns out twenty grand death traps on purpose, yes?


Other systems ruled by controlling information.  Our empire rules by information diarrhea ( just look at all the effort that goes into refuting we even have an empire ) as well as corporate media not controlling information but simply wielding a highlighter pen.  How could you not question everything when everything is disinformation?  How much of the population, with little in the way of production and human labor jobs, is engaged in processing information?  Each and every one of them has financial incentive to sell their version of truth.  Regardless of consequences.  No one has to be in charge of this Rabbit Hole, the thing runs itself.  Welcome to the nightscape.


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  1. "How could you not question everything when everything is disinformation?"

    Well there ya go, the public education system has been a flying success.
    No one questions anything any more and if you mention things like you did the hive swarms you something fierce. It hasn't been about education for a very long time now, it has been about programming.

  2. o/'' Well I'm goin' to Serf City... o/"

    Wise the Beach Boys were. Yes.

    1. Followed by "wipeout" ( whoever did that one ).

  3. "I have no idea why a lying weasel East Coast Blue Blood womanizer was thought of as such a Camelot Hero type."

    The thing that gets me is that JFK's old lady was actually pretty decent looking.

    I can totally understand why Billy Bob Clinton would stray, being married to that penis possessing shemale that he was, but JFK made no sense.


    1. Some guys are just wired to want "strange". I don't understand it myself, but there you go.

    2. All of the candidates from both wings of Team Politik are so awful this cycle, that the Alt-Team may get 13% of the vote and federal matching funds designed to make them part of the Main Team.

      The Borg will incorporate all. Prepare to be assimilated and experience the joy of being the Collective.


    3. It only hurts before and during assimilation. No worries afterwards