Tuesday, March 10, 2015

accidental shamen


Biographies of the dead and famous, or famously dead in some cases, are interesting in many ways.  They are inspirational, true, but to me they are instructive.  The truly great got to be where they were because of ulterior motives.  They were passionate but for other reasons.  And what was dysfunctional to our eyes was the seeds for their behavior.  I’ll never be great, nor famous, and that is okay.  With seven billion other idiots out there, the competition is too thick on the ground.  But it does lead to ponder the “semi-pseudo-great and famous”, the survivalists guru’s.  It’s a sub-genre, so we are talking REALLY relative in terms of famous, like if you have a couple of Fan Boys you are doing really well.  What makes them good at what they do has very little to do with survivalism, I would wager, and everything to do with barely related motivations.  Jim Morrison was only incidentally a successful rock star, which was where he just happened to get to on the way to being a poet and modern shaman, which were incidentally just a way to get to understanding life and death.  Jim just wanted answers, and he took us on a heck of a ride to find them.  So to, the famous survival gurus aren’t living out in the woods where men are men and sheep are nervous just because that will help them survive.  They are there for other reasons.


No other survival “expert” is as talkative as me, none have near the mental diarrhea ( nor are any close to being as good of a writer as I am, but that isn’t because I’m better naturally.  It took a lot of practice riding that free flowing fecal wave to get talented.  I just practice a heck of a lot more ).  As a result, we have no idea what makes them “tick”.  What motivates them.  To the unsuspecting world, they are just smarter than us.  More motivated.  We should emulate their majestic model.  Right?  No.  We can be inspired.  Look for examples.  But at the end of the day, they put their pants on one leg at a time.  Something drove them to desperate acts.  Moving to the boonies is never a rational act on its own.  A bee had to be placed in your bonnet, and I can almost guarantee it wasn’t just because they realized it might be a good idea.  You know, just in case the world ended on their sheduale.  That is a benefit, not a reason.  Financial security ( a huge drop in bills compensates for less job opportunities ).  A fear of crime or government.  A desire to home school your kids ( with less bills, one parent can stay home ).  All are great reasons to drop out of the rat race.  But I’d wager Surviving The Apocalypse wasn’t at the top of the list.  As I said, it is a benefit only.  Not a reason.  You think I’m here because of the collapse?  No, my primary reason is because I have a real issue with authority ( yes, I know, joining the military wasn’t my brightest move ).  This was deep seated at puberty ( I knew early that compulsory school was literally a period of slavery ) and has only gotten a lot worse.  My solution is to minimize my dependence on playing the economic game authority insists on.  It was my way of minimizing the stress of kissing corporate female ass every day ( which probably accounts for most of my opposite gender issues, not the expensive divorce- I apologize for being a male chauvinist pig but there is just something degrading about it.  Being pussy-whipped is okay because of fringe benefits.  A paycheck, to me, doesn’t compensate for the ego bruise ).  I don’t quit, but I CAN, which minimizes stress.  Incidentally, it helps I live out here come a financial collapse.  Beware false idols, and beware false gurus.  Not smarter than you, just with different phobias.  Yes, I know this smacks on more pop philosophy.  For the price, you want a session on the couch with a professional?


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  1. "I’ll never be great, nor famous, and that is okay."

    Oh, I don't know James? Could it be that you really are, but of course it is all lost on an increasingly dumbed down populace? We live in an era where a coworker can have an in depth understanding of physics and electronics, solve complicated mathematical equations, and without missing a beat, come up with some of the most idiotic and rediculous of statements? Educated, yet stupid?

    As far as famous, under today's uber-stupid PC guidelines, infamous might be more appropriate.

    Compulsory education would better coined "re-education". I guess it would seem obvious as to why the socialist strongholds are so opposed to homeschooling.

    Never trust anything that you hear from U.S. news sources; yes, even "fair and balanced" faux news.