Thursday, November 6, 2014

prep bulls-eye


Way back in the day, Howard Ruff ( one of the original Yuppie Scum Survival Guru’s ) in his still pertinent today book “How To Prosper During The Coming Bad Years” ( regardless of what gold did or didn’t do, his advice on prepping in general is outstanding ) gave a bulls-eye target description on food storage.  In the middle was grains, the next ring beans and powdered milk.  One ring outside that was vitamin supplements and freeze dried meats or what have you.  It’s been a few years since I re-read the book so I’m going by memory here.  The point was, the bulls-eye was the bulk or your calorie count, the target to shoot for.  Everything else was added to that to improve it.  But the bulls-eye was primary.  Between Ruff and Kurt Saxon, I was sold on the concept of Mostly Wheat survival storage eight years before I ever put my first stash together ( I first started studying survivalism in High School, then did my time in the military-it took awhile to get to the point I was allowed to do something about trying to save my own life in a future calamity.  Which should say something to you about the benevolence of authority ).  I’d like to shamelessly steal the bulls-eye target concept and apply it to your prepping in general.  Where Ruff was talking about food, here we talk about the entire prepping effort from food to weapons to land and shelter.


You all know how I feel about Gott Damn Yuppies and their peacock feather class consciousness toy acquisition.  Oh, potential mates of fair skin and buxomly torso, look at my swank city McMansion.  Look at my SUV.  Look at my SECOND home out in the boonies with gigawatts of power from solar cells better to power your hair dryer and curling iron after the zombie apocalypse ( giggle, hee-hee, it’s oh so very quaint and funny to prepare! ).  Look at my muscular He-Mannish bug out vehicle, it’s larger wheel base compensating for my smallish manhood yet highlighting my ginormous wallet.  Look at my sexy semi-auto arsenal!  I Are Survival-Man, hear me roar and attract sufficiently worthy breeding material.  This is the subconscious motivating attitude you can almost smell oozing out of the pores of 99% of all survival writing ( to be fair, most don’t even know they are doing it because they are non-writer hacks merely blatantly copying the more successful- read, the financially successful ).  And also to be fair, since Alpha Male pack leader commercially successful writers don’t engage in a lot of navel gazing, they don’t even know this is why they are doing what they are doing.  To them, anthropology and evolutionary biology are mere buzzwords associated with unworthy nerdly underlings beyond their notice ( and, no, this isn’t sour grapes.  It is hilarity at watching a circus just as if it were the sincere yet empty political rhetoric prior to a fixed election ).


Alex, you wonderful bastard!  Got your paper copy of “Ebola: Understanding And Preparing For An Outbreak” in the mail yesterday.  I’ve already loaned it to a volunteer at work, one I’m trying to convert to the Dark Side.  Many thanks!


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