Wednesday, November 12, 2014

holy hump batman!

The Walking Dead season 4 DVD just came WAYYYY down in price to $20.  My nipples hurt right now, they are so hard.  I was waiting for the thing to drop to under $25 for a used one, but now I get a brand spanking new one under budget.  The Apocalypse Fiction Gods be praised!  Order through my Amazon ad atop this page now.  That is all.


  1. I gotta tell you, I was disappointed with it.

    A retarded bomb maker could count off the decent episodes on one hand...

    1. Was it far worse than previous seasons? About the same? Love the missing fingers ref.

    2. I don't want to engage in too many spoilers but the group gets split up. Entire episodes are thereafter dedicated to touchy-feely crap where man X shares long, meaningful pauses in conversation with woman Y.
      It's punctuated by the occasional plothook that goes nowhere.

      Bottom line? Imagine they took a whole good season and padded it out with bullshit to make up two seasons instead.

      I don't have a short attention span, but there were times my wife and I would watch in shifts and notify the other upon their return if anything interesting had happened.

      Typical response?

      "Nothing to report".

      It's a shame. There are some really tough-as-nails moments but you're always mentally flatlining when arrive.

    3. Sounds like the show is self-destructing. Perhaps they already arrived at the point of cost/return apex. Typical Hollywood. You get popular, so you put more money into sets to ride the wave, then panic when the profit margin decreases. Oh, well. My copy should be here anytime- still looking forward to it. The question is, after watching, will I look forward to the next season?

    4. I've heard season 5 is good, not that it'll be available down in my neck of the woods in anything but contraband form for another 6 months or so.

      If season 4 achieves nothing else, it at least serves for a good springboard into season 5. But... spoilers,... y'know? -_-

      I agree with you on the banal cost/benefit factor which has all but eliminated any shred of artistic integrity left in the moving picture industry.

      Oh well. Find the silver lining. When life hands you shit episodes of TWD it's really telling you that you have time for more burpees.