Wednesday, November 5, 2014

lesson learned


Ebola might still be a “thing”, or it might just have been another Y2K.  Not that I’m urging you to let down your guard, as its only been like two weeks into the 21 day period the initial folks are waiting to show symptoms.  It could suddenly explode just as easy as it could die off quicker than a tropical village.  My point today is, did you learn any lesson from being suddenly confronted with the possibility of pandemic?  Besides learning I’m most likely going to die, the wife STILL not properly taking care of herself and so still going to the hospital regularly ( I know better than to assume that scorpion will change its ways and not bite the frog crossing the river ), my main take was that I need to beef up my Alpha Strategy items a bit better.  To me, I was just reminded of more futile efforts I need to concentrate on.  And you?  Did you find out you couldn’t go anywhere?  Did you suddenly see a glaring hole in your preps?  Discover that your preps were for the wrong disaster?  It is no big deal.  As they say, better to die in training than on the field of battle.  Brew up a pot of coffee, give the kids ten bucks each and tell them to get the heck out of the house awhile ( if they are too young, give them some 50% off Halloween candy and tell them to go tricycle in traffic ), sit down with a pad of paper and evaluate, reevaluate and make some concrete moves tomorrow. 


I hate to keep repeating myself ( although, how else could I keep publishing this blog ), but you don’t have twenty years to prep.  How we in the movement ever went from the imminent Soviet ICBM attack ( better two years early that two minutes late ) intense paranoia to our current, yawn, no worries, slow and steady wins the race, is beyond my comprehension.  No, wait, I do understand why.  Because our wages have stagnated in the face of inflation, it takes five times longer to buy all the middle class toys Doomers need than decades previous.  So rather than teach how to do without the toys, the time period to acquire the toys was expanded.  And I’m the crazy one?  That is stupid beyond belief.  Beyond Obammy Stupid.  You buy the bare bones, and you are covered if the ass falls out of civilization tomorrow.  Then work towards the toys.  Always plan for the worse, and do it quickly.  You bet on the wrong horse, you lose the race.


A fun read.  David weber’s “Out Of The Dark”.  Now, don’t spend serious money on it.  Perhaps only get it from the library.  I don’t much care for his regular series on the female outer space captain.  Honor Harrington or some such.  But he does write well.  This one is a Survivalist Lite turns militia porn, going from alien invasion to vampire story.  Yet somehow it works.


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  1. Ebola may well become a personal problem for you Great haired one. That hill you climb on yer bicycle, beyond that lays the zone Elko uses to deposit solid waste on. Ebola seems to survive quite well on it's own, even being found in fossil records. Ya think the powers the be in Elko will sterilize that crap before they spread it?

    1. Unless Baby Jesus himself still loves me above all others then.

    2. You know this guy, Jim?

      I quit smoking at the wife's request. She started again. I asked her to stop. My wife refuses. She said she likes smoking.
      Wife buys her garbage (soy, HFCS, GMO corn, etc) food, I refuse to eat it since it's garbage and she gets mad.

      She will probably do the same as TJ's wife and make me swear off women before she dies.

      I'm having a splendid week! How RU?


    3. Call sign unfamiliar. Don't get me started on wives'. Mine just went manic depressive, blew up and threatened to leave for a few weeks to go to the daughters. Just like she started doing seven years ago. Well, BTN's. What are ya going to do?

  2. Replies
    1. After awhile, its hard to care one way or another. One imagines drama is a hobby.

    2. Drama is the most expensive hobby anyone with any concern for the future can be associated with.
      Drama leads to episodes of cops being filmed on your block.
      Drama leads to gossip.
      Drama leads to OPSEC failure.
      Even being associated with someone who has an associate who's hobby is drama is potential to pull you into the hobbyists drama.
      DRAMA = BAD Juju.
      So it is a firm policy in my household to avoid 'drama', point the idiocy of the drama in pop culture and news, and try to keep things on an even keel.