Wednesday, January 2, 2019

guest article ( article 2 of 2 today )

GUEST ARTICLE-article 2 of 2 today
Rain and Spiders oh my! Part Seven

Oh hi, I didn't see you there, it appears the class has dwindled down. No matter, I'll just adjust to selfish mode and these notes are just a way for me to internalise what I learned. I do hope others can take away something useful (the course wasn't cheap even by Pony Prepper standards & there was one person there that had travelled from Thailand to do it)

The previous six sections focused on mindset. If you haven't got that squared away not only are you going to have a bad day but you'll bring those around you down as well. I recall reading about some POW's being liberated from some camp. The libererating soldiers were angry at the gaurds for the poor state of the prisoners. "You starved them" was the accusation. "They were given the same amount to eat than we had" the gaurds were able to prove. Long story short, the difference was mindset. The prisoners were down trodden, the gaurds weren't so down trodden (but it was war and war sucks for everybody, only the amount of sucking varies).

So now we move onto concrete stuff. First order of business is LIFE SUPPORT.

Life support is best covered by the Rule of 3's

3 Hours without Shelter
3 Days without Water
3 Weeks without Food
3 Months without People

Shelter and Water are by far the most important. My notes say "Exposure will kill you faster than" Than what?! FFS. I think faster than dehydration or starvation.

Securing shelter and water gives you time to think about WTF you're going to do.

Digestion requires water. Therefore a bit of "survival" fasting (going without food) frees up water that would have been used for digestion for other bodily requirements. Plus, if you're like me, you've got some survival calories conveniently stored around your body in the form of a Survival Gut (I made that term up. Feel free to pilfer, we're all friends and I don't think anyone is reading this anyway. LOL that's me to a tea. Dingo no friends)


System Approach to Survival

Put these into place ASAP

* Mindset
* Shelter
* Water

Then put these into place (at the same time)

* Fire
* Food
* Signals (for rescue)



Emotion / Mindset -> Body (get it in the best condition you can now) -> Knowledge -> Skills -> Gear

If you think about it Lord Bison pushes Mindset quite a bit, not many preppers push Body but the Militia guys do, skills get demonstrated on YouTube but by far the biggest is gear because that's where the $$ is but according to my instructor it's the last part.

A part of his training is they'd basically do the naked survivor show. They'd pull up in the Army Range Rover then get told to GTFO, get all their gear off and then achieve X (arrive at a location or get picked up in a couple of weeks). One cheat they'd do is they'd have the paracord bracelet and hope the instructors wouldn't see it. Anyway, you can see why this guy would put gear last. You also see why his unit had a reputation for pinching gear off other units. Yoink you don't need that claymore

Later skater


  1. Where dat air iz?
    3 minutes without air renders all the other stuff invalid.
    Think, caught downwind from a raging forest fire. Or in your own house burning down. At the very least you can get a couple packs of them white nose/mouth filters at Horror Freight for a few dollars. They have an elastic band that goes around your head. A dampened bandanna wrapped around the lower portion of your skall, cowboy stagecoach (where my coachgun iz???) robber style can help. A couple of the nose/mouth filters can be folded in half and stuffed into a small ziplock and take up almost no space.

    1. Horror Freight. Ha! Love that one, hadn't heard it before.

    2. Never got out of that place with less than a $300 dent in my ass pocket. Fortunately I've only been there twice, and believe it or not, everything I have purchased there was decent stuff and still serviceable. I snagged Horror Freight from Aesop. Sue me. lol

    3. The other "3's" were mentioned but he didn't put much stock in it.

      I mean, if you need to be told that air is a higher priority than shelter the only reason you've survived this long in life is that other people have been looking out for you.

      Same with the 3 whatever without thinking. Needless complication to the rule of 3's. Probably covered in the survival tea ceremony.

      Maybe Air wasn't mentioned because it's a high speed issue. If it's an issue you best be dealing with it immediately. It's not like you can get the order wrong and say "I'm hungry I'll sort out something to eat"

      Anyway - I'm glad someone is still reading what I'm sharing. The whole series is 10 episodes

    4. GS-2 of 3 solar panels from them still going strong after ten years.
      Dingo-I wrote in the upcoming newsletter, the Rule Of Threes should include coffee. Dead after three Wake-Up's without it. I have you to thank for that one as I had just read your articles and it was fresh in my mind.

  2. Three months without people. I'll add that to my standard. Nice.

    1. Would that be something to avoid, or to strive for :)

    2. The Mrs. would be in heaven with no people around. Me? I'm gonna emphasize that when I talk to people.

    3. I like the sound of this wife you speak of. Sounds smart. That reflects well :)

  3. re:
    the much-touted Rulio de Tres

    Nope. I don't buy it. I may die after three minutes without air, but how soon does my performance degrade? Drowning, I tend to get really really focused.

    Without water, my performance degrades in a couple hours... or sooner, depending on stressors such as temperature or exertion. Or responsibility.

    Three days without a shower? Trench foot. Trench tuchus. Trench pits. Directly leading us to...

    Three months without people! One can hope.

    However, any time without our dogs it inconceivable. Intolerable. However however, I secretly suspect the dogs would do just fine without me.

    1. Dogs are like ex-wives. They hated you ( probably for the Christmas hat you made them wear, and other indignities ) but are sad to see you go, as their luxury stream was impacted. From a devil they knew. Cats, now, they could give a wet fart in a rainstorm.