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Friday, April 21, 2017

ghetto control


In our last series of articles, if a collection of two articles could constitute a series or if it was merely a two-parter or even just a continued article, I’m unsure of the etiquette in this situation, I mentioned that most people don’t realize how little control Washington DC has over the rest of the country, in effect mimicking Rome that bribed the barbarians surrounding that imperial city so that they might refrain from sacking her ( which worked, until the money stopped ).  I’d like to run further with that theme, and hopefully it won’t be “running with scissors” because we know how THAT usually turns out, your little sister screaming her fool head off as an inch of cold steel bobs up and down from her eye socket, how the hell did those safety points DO that?, blood gushing down her shirt, you just knowing somehow this is all going to be blamed on you just because you made a double dog dare.  Bitches.  Anyway, I’m not sure when you could say when we turned that corner, using finances rather than fear to control our population, even though we still do use BOTH, and sometimes just fear, but let’s frail about in the dark together, shall we?


Up until the War Of Northern Aggression And Colonialization when the industrialists got all uppity because their raw material providers thought they should have a voice in their local economies, there were pretty clear arguments for staying in the Union.  Namely, why not?  There were more benefits than costs.  American culture has had way over three hundred years to reinforce avarice and greed.  Free lunches for everyone, yo!  After the war, however, not as many people got to the head of the line.  As is normal in industrialized economies, those in charge gave a whole new meaning to greedy pigs wallowing in their exclusive slop bucket ( on par if not exceeding the Sun King, exceptions such as Sam Walton used as Poster Boys but their descendents always reverting to type ).  Immigrants were allowed in with open arms ( this happened prior to the war, but that experiment proved so successful that as what worked against the Confederacy was applied against western indigs and workers rights advocates ) and the common man was delegated to his proper place as peasant once again, order restored to the universe of the Elites.  For a short period, once when social unrest was apparent even to the humpers eyeballs deep in their hog trough during the Depression they caused, and once right after the World War when no one in their right mind could think of denying war vets better rights ( as happened in Britain after the First War, when the upper class finally saw their power wane and the workers actually got something more than starvation wages ), the poor got a taste of the wealth.  Those were aberrations, not an American constant as Libertarian Cheerleaders somehow assume ( I used to be one of those assumers ).


Here is Reality 101.  The Constitution gives you no rights.  Only force and the threat of force gives you any rights.  American Blacks understand this.  The American Whitey’s sadly do not.  The Whites, far better armed, keep redrawing the red line in the sand, Obama style, completely dangerous only on paper.  Blacks, no arms except the warlords enforcers, are far more dangerous because they understand the laws of force.  I’ll return to the Blacks as they are a large part of our story here in the imperial homeland occupation, but let’s concentrate on bigger picture for now.  Peace, prosperity and order come out of the barrel of a gun.  Going back to our ancient ancestors scratching at lice and waving sticks around screeching at intruders, force and the threat of force allowed for peace.  Today, our navy ( with the older ships, not the new ones mothballed after going dead in the water from the Microsoft Blue Screen Of Death ) provides the same function.  Leave ocean vessel commerce alone or we bomb you ( I’ll leave alone for now our navy’s inability to handle aquatic guerrillas ).  That threat allows global trade. 


The common man, the poor ( the middle class no longer exists, the only thing keeping them above the dirt poor being home equity which has been, mostly, seized by the banks ), they have NOT been part of the power structure for all this time except the two above examples, short lived.  The federal government might bribe them to keep peace and prosperity, but that doesn’t mean they have any control.  They are not part of the profit sharing plan, and if you doubt that for a second ask yourself why the purchasing power of the 99% has been down for almost fifty years.  Food Stamps and Obama phones are not wealth.  They are alms to the poor to keep the poor from rioting and that is all.  Almost all welfare given by the government on almost all levels might give the illusion of transfer payments to the poor but almost all of it is siphoned off to the Elite’s profit centers.  Free medical is just welfare for the Health Care Industry.  Free cell phones are government welfare to the cellular carriers to subsidize expanded coverage.  Food Stamps enrich the bank that performs the transactions and the MegaCorporations that control all of our food supply.  And etcetera.


Fat deaf pigs of radio commentators might cry to the heavens that poor people are defrauding the government because they don’t want to work, but the reality is, just as in George’s world of opposites, flipped 180 degrees.  Fat cats in the corporations and bureaucracies have no interest in working for a living and so live off the dwindling resource base while the masses are starved, not from lack of food but from malnutrition.  All the welfare that actually channels back to the elite is the bribes to keep public order.  Money is created out of thin air, loaned to the government which sends it to their cronies via welfare payments.  The military is funded to keep the oil flowing and the foreigners are paid in the same paper promises for that oil.  Nobody works anymore except at keeping that apparatuses moving and not at all very hard even at that.  “Lazy poor people” is, sadly, mostly believed by the poor themselves, the same folk delusional about how beneficial the fantasyland of the “free market” is, and is basically just another control mechanism used to make the poor sad and embarrassed they took welfare rather than angry that is all they get as the local politician is wrinkled ass deep in whores and junkets to faraway climes.  I know we’ve strayed far from centralized control of the hinterlands, but understanding the bribe is important to grasp the extent and effectiveness of same.  Continued tomorrow.


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  1. "Food Stamps enrich the bank that performs the transactions and the MegaCorporations that control all of our food supply."

    It also depresses wages in the workplace. Places like Wal-Mart can pay low wages because their employees often qualify for food stamps, housing vouchers and energy assistance.

    Idaho Homesteader

    1. And the greeters qualify for Social Security. One could make the case the medical industry imploding forces seniors into the workplace and THAT depresses wages also. But I see your point-when Wally was the #1 employer they set a lot of bad policies such as you describe-although I think they learned their poor employer skills from the fast food industry who pioneered them.

  2. As you pointed out in your article the idea of "bread and circuses" is not new! Between the dumbing down of our school age children, the "entitlement" generation, the "special interest" groups and the herd of whiners all trying to circle the trough at once it is getting difficult to elbow your way up to the gravy urn to dip your biscuit! Perhaps that is a valid argument for high capacity magazines! Do you think the actual end of the world will be televised! I used to enjoy "COPS". Watch all those poor disenfranchised racially profiled idiots get cuffed and stuffed into the patrol car. That was back before we started shooting them 15 times! I digress....Good article can't wait for tomorrow's offering..

    1. Shooting criminals doesn't usually kill them-we are using 9mm's-but it sure employees a lot of popo admin.

    2. Slap them in both ears and punch them in the throat-old school!

    3. 9mm (not +p+)fmj (as is frequently policy or mandated) makes a survivable wound esp. when wearing a bit of light comfy level 2a body armor or when "it's just a flesh wound". Deep bruises and a cracked rib let you know to get surrendering and STOP_huh-huh_RESISTING or I'll taze you again (on ground, cuffed, fetal position, attempting to comply to contradictory commands).
      Of course, 5 cops each with 17+1 and a reload are going to get 40 rounds (total) on target (and shoot each other a little) before going dry at under 15', almost always. That hurts and is likely to result in a long pause to check for movement and pulse before rendering aid. "Secure the perimeter".

      The FBI has recently switched back to 9mm due to hiring lots of small-weak-female Agents who can't qualify with a Glock 20/10mm or .45ACP anything. The ammo they are using includes much better bullets than standard FMJ, and will work pretty well if placed well. Not as well as a big heavy fast bullet placed well but mostly well-enough.

      Watch out for female Lawr-Enforcers, because they don't have "a spectrum of force" available to them like a 220# male office does. The ladies go from Bitchy-Command-Voice to Mag-Dump without the possibility of a little instructive grappling or the club in between, especially if they are without another officer present. Going home safe at the end of shift is Job One. "To Serve Man" is a cookbook.

      The "wounding" weaponry and tactics are tools of a terror-based control system. Dead doesn't hurt, and is not an example for the others, but put in a chair or lingering on life-support is An Example. The Medical-Industrial-Complex gets another "patient" to bill against and possibly part-out (much-more-money in parts!), instead of just a small fee to the coroner and registrar of deaths office.

      Matt Bracken is an optimist!


    4. Admin workers for the police, AND the medical industry. More fem desk warriors! Who says the system is broke?


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