Thursday, January 21, 2016

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I shouldn’t even have to write this article, as addition and subtraction is such simple math that anyone unable to comprehend it or utilize it should be the first ones in the stewpot ( not that I’m implying this applies to any of my regular minions.  After all, you are smart enough to stick with the best ).  Alas, we are all pretty busy trying to avoid getting screwed by our spouses, our bosses, our co-workers, our fair weather friends and anyone trying to sell us anything for any remaining cash in our pockets, and that doesn’t leave a lot of time to think clearly and rationally and without resorting to mental shortcuts, because immediate financial survival takes a lot of time and effort.  I don’t blame most people for failing to think about much of anything in those circumstances.  It wasn’t this way not too long ago and the fact that it is dog eat dog and every man for himself out there tells you how far along our collapse is ( dismissing social norms and cultural expectations is not the cause of a collapse but its symptoms.  Resource contraction causes collapses ).  Unfortunately, clear and concise thinking is your number one survival tool, far more important than cases of MRE’s or arsenals of semi-auto’s.  That tool is a lot harder to use than paper currency and blind obedience Group Think which tells you how to spend it.


And even if it IS much harder to use, that is really just relatively speaking.  Clear thinking isn’t hard in concept.  You just learn to think for yourself rather than allowing others to do it for you.  When other people do your thinking, they charge a tax.  Sometimes that tax can approach 100% and last for years.  Being lazy can get expensive.  Anyway, let’s get back to simple survival math.  Too many mouths and too little food equals famines, and humans procreate much faster than new farmland can be cultivated ( if it can, at all ).  Malthus wasn’t just pulling some bizarre idea out of his ass.  He was much clearer and grounded in reality than Smith ever was.  Well, at least the followers of Smith, anyway.  But because Europeans had figured out how to colonize a few extra continents, full of folks without the advantages the White Boys enjoyed ( which, being White was NOT one of those ), a lot of otherwise semi-smart people got the silly notion in their head that population could expand forever and not starve.  Then, once carbon fuels got into everyone’s hands, nobody wanted to think about it at all.  Questioning the new god Fossil Fuel was to question your new found wealth and luxury and longevity.  It was just assumed, like there always being air to breath, that there would always be enough to eat ( after all, we started getting artificial fertilizers from the air, so it looked like the buffet was never going to run out.  One small detail of course was the infrastructure needed but more fundamentally, finite fuels were needed for the process.  Not the kind of detail you really should be ignoring ).  Malthus used pretty simple math, too.  But nobody liked his math.  Physics seems to be subject to popularity.

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