Thursday, January 14, 2016

devil take the hindmost 1 of 2

Note: Terrence, still unable to Reply on e-mails ( I can add your name to my contacts, then write a new e-mail, then delete your name from my contacts.  As you might guess, nothing personal, I prefer to just not reply to mails right now ), so I'm thanking you for the below link.  Which everyone should read.  Hilarious and very insightful.
“They run away and cry ‘the devil take the hindmost’” from the play by Beumont and Fletcher, 1611.  The young and fit lead the pack running from trouble and the old and crippled lag behind, where Lucifer snatches them for whatever nefarious purpose he has in mind ( note is made of boiling them until their meat falls off their bones.  In later centuries, the Papists used fear and hate to increase their treasure and keep the whole population under their control, so tales of the Devils atrocities seemed to become more and more severe as time went on.  Think of them as akin to the old folk tales such as the German Krumpas who rewarded good children with gold but took away the worst ones for a meal, the mere naughty being whipped vigorously.  And please note I’m not disparaging religion, but religious organizations ).  There are many takes on this one statement which seems to have been a popular one, from the Black Plague where everyone abandoning those closest to a victim who started coughing, to some stupid analysis over at Huffington Post that rather than abandoning those on Social Security and other welfare, leaving the poor to the devil, we should all stop and unit and fight him ( moron.  You can’t fight the devil, and math says all those on welfare will be abandoned sooner or later due to economics.  He was being leftist and PC and compassionate.  My only concerns over paying welfare are social stability-I make zero claims for caring about their asses whether those are young and black or old and leaking ).


Authoring a piece over at an Internet Fish-Wrap doesn’t seem to require any understanding in math.  Not that I’m particularly fond of the practice myself ( college educated idiots try to insist everyone take dozens of math courses to graduate high school, the vast majority never to utilize the knowledge again, our “teaching administrators” being incapable of teaching or administration seem to have failed to remember that ones brain need to be wired a certain way to “get” math in the higher levels ) but I’m not talking about anything more advanced than addition and subtraction.  Hell, I stopped trying to even pretend to learn math after the multiplication tables ( pre-calculator era ) and I’m able to comprehend numbers better than most politicians and pundits.  Even better than most survivalist guru’s, who have a problem with understanding charity will kill the giver ( I’ll be shortly writing on math for survival ) or that on a finite planet we will run out of resources- we meaning everyone, especially  including Americans.  To me, 2+2 has always =4.  Wishful thinking can make it anything anyone wants, apparently, but it isn’t the right answer.  In everyday situations where scarcity meets overpopulation, there are going to be those thrown to the devil.  And it can’t be fair or just because everyone thinks of themselves as being the more worthy of survival.  So something besides fair or just or compassionate or even moral is going to decide for folks who is Lucifer’s Dinner.

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  1. No doubt that showing any kind of surplus, will be ones downfall.
    The trick will be, eating well and looking starved.
    Especially in my case ,where I likely be unable to bug out.
    Need to get the hell west !
    Barring that coming true, I still plan to disappear into the swamp, as few dare tread.
    Careful where you share....

  2. Everyone who survives will be justly deserving, or at least that's what they'll write in the history books about their fathers and mothers.

  3. So let me get this Right.. Are you saying we ALL can't live through the DIE OFF?????? ;)

    1. 9 will die so that one might live. It's the morality of the auto wrecking yard.

      Avoid eating human flesh. It's God's work to dig holes for found (or made) corpses so that predators don't get a taste for us. Sorry brother, but better you than I.

    2. One shouldn't resort to cannabilism, nor should practicioners be allowed to go unpunished. Whether we can live up to that ideal is another question.

    3. “morality of the auto wrecking yard.“

      Love that phrase. Sums up everything you need to realize after TEOTWAWKI.

      Idaho Homesteader

    4. I prep so that cannibalism is the second to last option. Dealing with the bodies of others (and your self when death finally comes to you) should also be prepped for. Finding a way that profits you from the bodies of the dead is a good idea. Feeding a green manure crop to fertilize my fields with is my plan for predator bodies and other human waste.

    5. That works too. Modern Human flesh is likely some of the most toxic stuff you could ever consume, plus the whole disease aspect. But there is also lots of minerals and vitamins etc locked away in human bodies. Recycling the useful stuff in human bodies through some mechanism just makes sense. Methane digester works, and gives some fertilizer as a side effect. Feeding to pigs (as long as you don't directly immediately eat the pigs) and then just methane digesting their waste and cycling out the fertilizer could also work. What ever you do have _at least_ 2 steps between your mouth and another humans body.

    6. Human eating pigs recycled to other pigs? Or does that just move the toxins?

    7. Pigs are too close genetically, and can transfer disease and other human bad shit. Better to just grind them up and run em thru a digester. Then spread that good concentrated fertilizer out in the garden safely.
      However, butchering them out and drying might make for good dog food. Keeping the guard dogs fat and well fed with bad guys.

    8. Methane digesters are a great way to preserve woodlands. Are they do-able low tech? Once the metal salvage runs out, is that the end of them? Just reading "Hot Earth Dreams", I'll summarize soon in an article, the author talks about "ratchet tech". Once certain tech is introduced, in a decline it hits a ratchet and doesn't disappear. The smelting and working of a sword also works for black powder muskets ( but not machine tooled arms ) so even with nitrate constraints we won't devolve past BP. I'm wondering if the components in a digester are too modern or can be included as a Ratchet Tech.

    9. If you set-up a methane digester and also have the ability to weld stainless steel to fix a crack, you should get a lot of decades from a system. Not cheap to set up, natch.
      PVC/HDPE might keep the cost down, with a different set of repair tools.

      Search "rendering plant" for info on how carcasses are handled late-20th-century style. Nice commercial overview with angle of thrift on labor/BTU's added to process.

      Lowest-tech is probably pool-liner in a pit filled with cleaned materials (no collars, tags, prosthetics, clothing, etc.) with aggressive enzymes, resulting in goo (no attempt to extract anything useful, disposal-only).
      I wouldn't want to have corpse/road-kill-eating hogs on the same site as a food production farm, nor would I want to use output from those hogs on food production without processing that could kill prions (high pressure/temp). The "corpse farm" might be able to generate flammable gas for industrial/household use with a pretty intensive gathering strategy.
      Human remains boxed and buried or incinerated takes care of the problem as long as we have access to lots of cheap BTU's (modern solution in 1st world).
      Ignore the problem? Secondary die-off from disease until the corpses decay enough to become mostly-inert.