Friday, October 16, 2015

aggressor states 5 of 5


If you look at aggressor states, it doesn’t really seem like it was all that bad of an idea.  You take a small and poor nation ( yes, there were seeming exceptions such as the US, but if you look at them as aggressors from the beginning, with the natives genocide, they started as a relatively poor agricultural settlement.  The later resource bonanza was an unexpected bonus ), and they utilize offensive tactics to seize extra wealth.  For a time they prosper.  Then, after stripping the land of substance in a last ditch effort to keep their empire from crashing after imported plunder ceases to maintain the new levels of before unavailable resources, they once again revert back to a resource scarce, small and poor area ( Japan has been given preferential trading partner status to secure that nation as a politically secure aerial staging area for Asia.  In effect, they have been given artificial wealth from the US since their defeat as an empire.  Once that nation state welfare is removed they will revert back to poor as is the trend.  They are not an exception.  In one aspect, you could even use Fukishima as an example of resource extraction to prop up failing wealth ).  The Vikings just went back to poor northern Europeans without colonies.  The Japanese will be going back to a poor insular island ( as is England, but minus the United Kingdom-Scotland will soon revert to independence post-oil and post-British die off, and I wouldn’t even be surprised to see Wales independent ).  The Europeans minus their colonies, then minus aid from the US ( at that point, even our WWII allies will finally be totally screwed by us ), or trade preferences, will revert back to pre-gunpowder power.  The US will be several small states, all equally poor ( Yankeeland, perhaps minus some of Maine if they ally with French Canada.  Texas, of course, even if it is minus some southern border land.  You get the idea ). 


Being an aggressor state really only has a minor down side for its citizens ( the extra wealth is just like winning the lottery, abundant, squandered, gone ).  For the rulers, the guillotine is always a risk, but then being king is both very rewarding and very risky, even in the best of times.  There might be issues like overpopulation die-off after pestilence.  But really, that is usually generations away.  Who amongst us wouldn’t trade for a longer life now, in exchange for our great grandkids not living as long?  Before you get indignant and claim otherwise, this is exactly how Social Security works, bitches.  Being aggressive is not only in our nature, it usually pays dividends.  Whether on the personal scale surviving a crisis or on a nation scale taking the resources we want to get richer.  By being meek and passive, you don’t risk anything ( other than eventually being assimilated by the nearest aggressor state ), but you also never escape poverty.  Poverty or occupation can carry the same risks to life as if your empire crashes, so why not get rich first?  You have much to gain and little to lose, and as with small tribes, so with nation states.  It is an evolutionary tool for survival.  If a behavior coincides with human nature, it is successful ( if Gore Warming is actually a thing, and don’t cite 90% of scientists as proof because they have been wrong on group consensus before, then Business As Usual is just another version of the Aggressor State and will not/cannot be stopped ). 

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  1. Yep, global warming (if real) can NOT be stopped, due to human nature of using all of a resource before moving on.

    1. Using all the resources was fine when you could move on. When it is global...

    2. Get of the planet and into space. The Growth paradigm can actually kind of work in space (if ratcheted down expectations). We don't have to send people just robots to harvest energy and resources, and heck, we might as well put the polluting factories up there too and just send down via parachute drop the finished products.
      Wont happen until/unless we get a sufficiently large (but not too large) die off though. "why are we putting rockets in space when suzy sobstory is going hungry?" keeps getting in the way in our current mush headed soft hearted overripe empire.

    3. Since the 70's it's been the same. "so much misery at home, why explore space?" True to a degree, but the 80's/90's would have been a good resource surplus time to go back to investing ( perhaps too much money was being invested in robot-izing our work force, though ). Too late now, way too much energy decline.

  2. Did the monthly Amazon vita buy. Thanks Jim!