Thursday, February 27, 2020

four storage plan book 2

Introduction, cont.
Let us say that for whatever reason one day you wake up and say to yourself, Self, you gloriously beautiful meat sack, my pretty face won't last a minute in the apocalypse slavers camp, tossed around like a sex toy before I end up in the stew pot, so I need to listen to this weird guy I happened to run across whose hair exceeds only mine in lusciousness, and I need to listen to him and immediately procure Wheat & Ammo. And you should. Because you never know what disaster will take down Business As Usual.
If you were like me and read THE bestest post apocalypse book ever in the universe, Lucifer's Hammer, you discovered that there were things as bad as a global thermonuclear war ( “shall we play a game?” ). An asteroid could hit us at any time. The odds are low, granted, but it could and that means no amount of “good governance” or “well run corporations” ( I denote their impossibility by quoting those terms ) could stop a world ending event. If you hate long books, I would heartily recommend “Cannibal Reign”. Now THAT is an apocalypse!
Do NOT buy one lone can of freeze dried armadillo butthole. Do not buy a “survival pail of food” which is mainly crap foods you can buy cheaper like instant oatmeal, instant grits, instant flavored pasta noodles, Rice-A-Roni or the like. Go buy yourself one large bag of white flour, or white rice ( the 25 pound sack ). Done. You have one month of calories. Granted, substandard calories. Removing the hull of a grain only leaves the starch, no vitamins, no fiber, importantly, no protein ( do you want beriberi? Because that's how you get beriberi-too much White Foods ).
But it is calories, which is fuel. You need fuel first. THEN you need nutrition. I am NOT advocating White Foods alone ( white rice and beans are fine. You get the protein, AND cheap calories from rice ). That is why I wouldn't go much past one months worth of ONLY a white grain. You'll have other canned goods with vegetables ( never rely on canned vegetables long term. FRESH vegetables from whole kernel wheat is what you need for the micro-nutriants and enzymes. Myself, personally? I wouldn't trust freeze dried either ) and some meats to supplement the white food.
The point here is that you cheaply and instantly Calorie Up. Now you can relax, not panic ( if a month is as lame to you as it is me, get four bags, 100 pounds, which will fit in one $8 Wal-Mart plastic tote of 20 gallons, for about $22 in flour. Up to four months calories for $30. Add other foods as discussed, and you are still under $100 ) and not buy stupid foods like MRE's and freeze dried. They are fine, but in moderation. Now, obviously, if you are rich, go nuts on fancy foods. I just don't write for those 2% of survivalists. Plenty of those panderers up in Idaho.
Don't worry, my pretty. You can have your Super Deluxe Survival Foods. I cover that under its own section, the “Bug-In Plan”. There are four plans, as the title might have clued you in to. The “Collapse Plan” is what you are always hearing me drone on about, five years of wheat and a few odds and ends. Super cheap, as low as $700, fits in one commercial tote and is such an incredible peace of mind that I cannot believe what an idiot I was to not have it earlier than ten years ago.
The “Bug-In Plan” is your traditionally hawked foods that everyone wanted you to buy because that is where the advertising money came from. I'm not saying freeze dry canned butter and meat and milk is a bad idea, because it isn't, I merely state that most of you on a limited prepper budget need quantity over quality. After the calories, THEN the luxury. You can have a bit to start with, for the week or two you cannot cook, or are on the run, but it is a limited time plan, NOT realistic as a years worth of food.
The “Inflation Plan” is buying your regular pre-collapse foods, your complete menu, to fight inflation that is as guaranteed as the sun rising tomorrow ( if 'Ol Sol does NOT pop up tomorrow, you are dead anyway, so don't worry about it ). You are still dependent on the grid for many of these foods ( although, you don't HAVE to be ), so it is an economic contraction plan more than a collapse plan. This not only saves you from inflation, a paying investment much better than the interest the banks pay you, under a dollar on a six month one thousand dollar CD, but it also lets you survive short term emergencies, AND, it allows you time to adapt to unusual, poverty time menus.
The “Budget Plan” is ONLY items on Super Sale, the items that are loss leaders for the grocery stores ( this does NOT include Wal-Mart, which is why when you think you heard “sale”, they actually mean “stale”. There are zero sales at Wally, just “rollbacks”. The days of extreme low price leader are over, but that JUST means you don't have the convenience of One Spot Shopping. To save money, I'll gladly sacrifice that luxury ). This plan only works if you can live as a human being, and not a spoiled rich Yuppie Whore. You must plan ahead, always save money on everything, and invest instead of piss-away your money.
The Collapse Plan doesn't really crossover to the other plans. Wheat is never on sale. It is sold with razor thin margins as it is, and no feed store wants to lure you in by giving it away at below cost. The crap doesn't go bad, so no emergency mark-downs. It is bulky and heavy and no one wants to overstock it for a sale. The Bug-In Plan, can, but usually doesn't, ever go on sale. If you are buying it, for all intents and purposes, it won't go bad ( except the MRE's, which are only a worry after five years if you kept them cool and dark ). It can be, mostly, considered a one time buy.
The Budget and Inflation plan do mix and match a lot. I'm usually always endangering both plans by raiding them and putting them in the collapse plan, but I'm a little “off” that way, always trying to extend the number of years in my collapse plan. Luckily, I'm always short on storage containers so I cannot sin too bad, as much as I'd like ( the mice are not upstairs, but in the basement, so I don't need protection for my budget and inflation plans that are part of my regular menu ). Which is good because a lot of these foods only go on sale once a year, like white sugar after the holiday's.
The whole point here is that you cannot have just one food storage plan. I mean, you CAN, but you shouldn't. I did myself. I had wheat only. Time proved that this was a terrible plan. I was spending too much on groceries, so I could never spend the extra on sales. I didn't have a way to ease into wheat only. It was what was in the fridge, then nothing but wheat. Stress, in a time of life and death stress. Plus, this plan almost finances itself. What you save on regular groceries buys a LOT of storage food. Perfect for those on the frugal budget.
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note: normally I don't take Ice Age Farmer totally to heart.  Too many times what he attributes to Solar Minimum can be otherwise explained ( when you are a hammer everything looks like a nail ).  However, the video yesterday had me rather concerned.  Like, the Chinese army taking over the main rice growing district along with the claim the soy exports to China halting weren't from the trade war but crop lose.  Again, both things explained away ( army isn't controlling production as much as providing needed manpower, or, it was Chinese PsychOps since there is a blackout of info over there ).  BUT.  All of it taken together makes sense and might be truer this time than the other times I've dismissed the report.  HERE 
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  1. Lord Bison please please please...just a bit of logic as regards Deep Freeze Gardner guy at bottom of your post endnotes..
    I watched through 7 1/2 minutes but had to stop.
    Too much WAG and plain stupid crap. Let's review.
    At around 6:50 he talks about how Chinese are imposing rationing of products and shows a frame from video to back up his claim....did you notice that the products listed had English written below Chinese character scripts? DUH!
    I call bullish*t. That video was probably from Hong Kong or less likely Singapore. It sure as Hell wasn't from anyplace else. I'm willing bet one of my 25 lb sacks of WHITE rice that no supermkt vendor in central china will go to trouble of labeling products in English. Amiright? But of course HK rations even in less dire times. Its a f'n island. That's pretty disingenuous. I'm sure the distribution networks on China are in tatters but use such a vid to prop up a point is lame.

    Then he noted a supposed leaked 2019(?) Dept Homeland Security paper about Chinese lack of soy stocks and how US/Brazil weather had limited supply. Let's think about this...1) China, like MANY countries, prohibits import of US soy for direct human consumption because of GMOs. US soy crop is probably 95%-97% GMO. Just a fact. So the only US soy China imports is for animal feed. Do you follow?
    2) but if Chinese pig numbers are down 70%-75% due to African swine flu then why would China need to import US GMO soy?
    China is probably fully self sufficient in homegrown soy for direct human consumption (tofu). I'm sure they have plenty of land in the normal rice, soy, veg rotation to supply all the tofu needs.

    Popsicle guy's narrative ain't following logic.

    Last he had a vid snippet about ChiCom police prohibiting fisherman and shows cop snapping fishing rods. There is a mention of waterways contaminated with CoronaChan & police controlling food supply. Meh. We don't know what that vid was about and Mr. Icicile doesn't speak Mandarin.
    For all we know the fishermen were violating quarantine or were supplying black mkt shops at exaggrerated prices.
    Guys "here" who jack up price of water, gas or ice during approaching hurrican get a cop visit. Its against the law.

    So we know zip nothing about the vid or the motive behind it's posting. Unfortunately it seems a lot of way over the top misleading vids are getting posted by anti-regime foes (Falun Gong?).
    I think CCP should be called out and hope they're overthrown BUT to post false stories in attempt to undercut the regime is just stupid wrong. It backfires and provides a shield the CCP can clamor against.

    Since Demented Guy is haggling on the bunny fur lined panties I'm heading to store to pick up the last of the "whitey tighties". Stock up minions!

    1. Now that you mention all the fine points I honestly didn't pick up on, I see you logic and have to agree with you. Good job on the analysis. Well, I did call BS on his other vids, so this only means I was wrong to give credence on this one. Thank you. I'll have a talk with Demented, but don't hold your breath. LOL

    2. "I call bullish*t."
      Correct. The words been out for several days now that the TPTB are over accelerating the hype on all of this virus stuff. One of the top bitches at the CDC is the sister of the dood that started all the Trump over throw stuff. Sta ready, of course, but not overtly so.

    3. Think about all the stuff you pay money for NOW but won't be able to after a major collapse. Example: cable, cellphone plan, car payment, etc. If money is tight, get rid of all that stuff NOW and use the money to secure your life for the indefinite future. Priorities people.

      Buy a Tracfone on sale at or for about $100 and it will come with 1300 mins, txts, and mb of data free. Then RARELY use it.

      Cable? What kind of an idiot pays for their own brainwashing? Please.

      Car payment? Really? If you run your own biz you can stay at home and earn more money than bolting on that employee noose every day and feeling like a slave. Yes, you get to keep ALL the money when you work for yourself. Surprise! Don't wanna work today? Then don't! You won't get fired. But know what? When you work for yourself you enjoy it so much you do it ALL the time cause, who doesn't like making money, especially when you enjoy the hell out of what you're doing?

      Now, if you have been brain damaged by society and are incapable of saving your own life in all ways then you have just wasted even more of your time reading this. Sorry.

      Oh, and Jim, you mentioned "or are on the run". How long does it take to run 3 steps to my 870 standing in the corner over there? Or wait, I can just stand up and yank my AR off the wall right there. Better yet, open the desk drawer and grab my 92FS. Point is, I ain't goin' nowhere. If anyone brings me trouble they'll get back far more than they can deliver. Besides, they'll have to get through at least a dozen other heavily armed and prepped survivors before they get to me. Location, location, location. Avoid crowds.

    4. The disease is probably over hyped. There is a reason for that. Getting us to ignore the under reported economic aspects ( "all is well, go spend money" ).

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Update on Indian (dot) expat groceries here.
    I popped into a store owned by a 'cousin' of Mr. Patel, my usual Indo store stop.
    About 15 miles distant in different suburb. Lots of health care types around. Doctors/nurses & researchers.

    Holy moley...shelves stuffed and most aisles are even partially blocked. Not a sign of 'shelf stripping' (unless today was restock day).
    Actually better rice variety and prices than Mr. Patel (lower rent I think). 40# Basmati rice variety for $11.99. Heck, I pay $13.99 for 25# sack of US grown white rice!

    A good 30 feet of 4 shelf high aisle chock-a-block full of lentils, peas, beans. Enough legumes to feed an infantry company for a week. Very affordable and clean packaging.
    Frozen food freezer full and very fresh, good quality vegetables. 50# sack of smaller yellow onion for $12.

    'Dots' not panicking or loading their larders...

    1. Most excellent. Please continue with intel. Bear Independent just did a video on the bulging shelves at Sams. Kroger was chock-a-block full my last trip. I had a weak moment and allowed myself to be swayed by fear. Apologies to all

    2. Bison,

      “When paranoid, you can be wrong 1,000 times and you will survive. If non-paranoid; wrong once, and you, your genes, and the rest of your group are done.”

      No one knows when SHTF, so prepping early is good.

    3. Perhaps I am chastising myself unduly, feeling the pressure to be more right than usual, given the stakes and the limited time of action. We should all be prepping to completion, yesterday, but that goes without saying. But correct analysis is more important than ever. Easy to say, hard to do, with corrupted data. Thanks.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Please pass on to Texas patriots to feed liberals armadillos. Since they are sterile from soy, their peckers falling off will be no lose.

    2. I heard the trick enjoying AA's (armadillo anus) is to not cook them too long or they'll get all spongy like over cooked shrimps. Lay about a dozen of them out on lightly oiled a cookie sheet then cover them with a layer of thinly sliced red onions and 12 pats of unsalted butter then straight into the oven at 350 for 45 mins and not 1 second longer. DAWGEEZ! A side of swamp cabbage and some scotch bonnet corn bread and chase the whole mess with a quart of applepie moon and you'll think you died and went to hell.

    3. Demented Guy, Good job on scoring the CL mill. Let us know about once you've had chance to use. Will it do anything for acorns?

      I pass on armadillo as well for that reason. And I'm not squimesh, we prepared opossum with sweet potatoes and it was pretty good.
      Like hearing about your adventures.

    4. Armadillo anus menu talk seems like such a pleasant distraction. And we have further to sink :)

  4. By far your best opening sentence ever. I read it aloud to Pugsley and he said, "Well, that escalated quickly."

    My friend Steve over at Sigmadog ( used this one the other day:
    'Smell Like A Hungry Child' as the name of an antiperspirant that Bernie Sanders would sell.

    It's nice to have witty friends.