Monday, December 31, 2018

guest article ( article 2 of 2 today )

( article 2 of 2 today )

Rain and Spiders oh my! Part Five

Secret Survival Skill (for everyday minion living)

Kiora Minions (Kiora is Maori for don't mess with me... nah it's hello). Check out this scar I got from BISON boot camp. I got it grinding wheat berries with my Corona Grinder!

Short contribution today but I think it's a good-un

We've all seen the video where they ask you to count the number of times people bounce a basket ball in a video. You do as instructed & at the end of the video you have the answer but instead you're asked "Who here saw the gorilla?" and like a dolt you missed the guy walking through the video dressed as a gorilla. That was *before* mobile phones ruined our attention spans!

That's where this tip comes in. WOW

Wide eyes

Wide eyes - looking straight ahead, bring your arms up in front of your body straight out. Keep looking ahead and move your arms (whilst still flat) slowly to each side of your body in line with your shoulders. Looking ahead keep tabs on your hands.

This is to practice not being locked into tunnel vision.

Oxygen - Shock Breath then into Survival Breathing.

Walk - Posture. It's attitudanal. Not defeated (hunched over) and not aggressive chest jutted out. Just "confident". If I were a multi decade special forces guy I'm sure I'd have a certain level of confidence as well.

The non-verbal "walk" / "posture" is a non-verbal communication that also works on yourself as well as giving people confidence in you as well.

Going to our scenario where our plane flying between Sydney and Los Angele crashes on a mysterious tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean. Everyone is crying. But not you you studly BISON prepper. No, you read Dingo's notes from a bush survival course. What's more is before the crash you were wheelchair bound and now you can walk. No, that plane crash was a great thing. Look around with wide eyes, take in that deep breath, breath in and out at 2-4 second intervals and hold your head up high. You've got this. Just before you calm everyone else down, survey the survivors. Pick out the prettiest among them. Remember, you were in a wheelchair moments ago and now Peter is back ready for action!

Rain and Spiders oh my! Part Six covers what to do after you secure the prettiest one.

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  1. re:
    grinding berries

    A Corona bottle works. As does Pacifica Tecate Modeno. Baja Brewing.

    Or systematic placement of your berries on the track for the Baja 1000.

    All work and no play...