Sunday, December 30, 2018

guest article ( article 2 of 2 today )

article 2 of 2 today
Rain and Spiders oh my! Part Four

Minions - *tips Fedora* (Fedora was a battlefield pickup from a Battle of Wits. I lost which is why I have to wear it)

Combat/Battle/Survival Breathing. I'm rolling with Survival Breathing because as much as I like to fantasise about "run and gun" I'm just a blue collar worker with a Martini Action Shotgun. Recall the last time something big / nasty occurred and you were nearby enough. You gasped didn't you? Recall what we said in Part one about parasympathetic nervous system increasing our Respiration rate. OK so something bad happens and we're on autopilot (you know, just for a complete change of pace... lol). Bad Event occurs and oru resp + heart rate through the roof ready to get us to run or smash things ( Dorrito's voice "Why not both?" ).

Now think about if we got our breathing under control. That'd force our body to calm down. Think about when someone's all stressed out and you're all "I've got buckets of wheat berries and a grinder stored away on my junk land. I'm A-OK" so what advice do you give? "Slow down, take deep breaths" and whadya know, they take deep breaths, slow down and then they're ready for the Acceptance stage of DABDA. They're quickly ready to take (hopefully) positive action.

Well apparently that's possible for us to do for ourselves. Keep in mind I'm a blue collar trailer trash militia minion. The last time I was in such a bad position was yonks ago, certainly long before I did the course. I'm just forwarding on info.

So here we go.


1. You Gasp - Reframe this to "Shock Breath". Game on minion

2. Catch your breath. Hold for 2 to 4 seconds

3. Breath out 2-4 seconds

4. Hold breath 2-4 seconds

5. Breath out 2-4 seconds


The idea is that it slows down your heart rate as well. The goal is 115 beats per minute. This is the high performance zone. At 145 BPM (flight or fight) you're out of control.

Wim Hoff got a mention as well. I'm about to look into the guy as I've heard great things about him, but being a lazy minion that's easily distracted it's on my ever growing to do list.

Coming up next Rain and Spiders oh my! Part Five "WOW" (short, almost tweet length)

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