Sunday, November 26, 2017

culture collapse 3 of 3


In yesterday’s article, I wrote “When everything is dependent on an infrastructure that is failing, failed policies being adapted are merely responses to failures outside your control”.  Political correctness was introduced as an original profit center and a divide and conquer strategy.  Dilute the work force to lower wages, and focus the anger of broke workers on Blacks ( who you now both hate AND fear as the profit center War On Drugs emboldens them with more violent tendencies ) and women, to the detriment of the last powerful employment force, White males. 


Today PC is being doubled down on ( what worked in the past must work for the current problem! ), but, just like with the military, the economy is collapsing so resource spending becomes a curse rather than a cure ( and the economy is contracting with resource availability, so there can’t by definition be a recovery ).  Spending more on minorities to use them for profit and security is now just an out of control cost that delivers little return.  The Blacks want more money, but it doesn’t come fast enough so they riot, which causes more costs to be incurred by the government which slows the next demand for more money which causes more and bigger riots. 


Women demand more jobs, which used to be great for disenfranchising White males, but now with the number of jobs shrinking due to oil rising in cost ( extraction, not retail ) more females must be giving more jobs from a shrinking pool of them, leading to unqualified women in positions they have no training or aptitude for.  Hence, the female firefighter who cannot carry out an unconscious victim.  As the military must shrink with the budget, open up more positions to females in the combat arms ( just as with firefighters, a higher paid position, given sign-up bonuses and combat pay ) which they are obviously completely unqualified for.  A music major is in charge of cyber security for a company that’s product is useless without secure computers.


But, wait!  How can putting women into positions they cannot perform be a plus?  Doctors save money by substitution ( more money to prescribe pills than offering surgery.  Lower liability costs-you can‘t prove the pills were harmful as that is long delayed, lower wage cost ).  How do incompetent females help institutions save money?  By privatizing training cost, for one.  Less jobs mean more workers need more education to compete for those fewer jobs.  HR covers their ass because they hire the one with the most education ( they cannot be blamed for lower school standards and training ).  In theory, only the highest schooled applicants are hired which in theory means at no additional cost you got better workers ( the localized version of hiring overseas workers ).


But that doesn’t explain the systematic profiteering, that is just one lower entry cost.  Princess warriors and Others Of Colors don’t get hired because the company is leftist, or just because Like Hires Like or because only women and colored are graduating from college.  The reason those are the only ones GOING to college is because they are hireable.  How does the corporation make money here?  Because competence costs money.  Incompetence saves money ( not in the long run.  The long run is a land of pixie dust and unicorns.  It is all about This Quarter.  So even as PC costs money, it is also profitable ).  That is your simple answer.  A doctor used to be quite skilled in knowing what drugs hide what symptoms ( no longer the case-they rely on the pharma rep to suggest the best ).  But you don’t need to have ANY skill to save a company money.


A competent engineer, using a skilled contractor using quality material?  Whoa!  That crap costs MONEY, honey!  More computer programmers to offer a more secure firewall?  What?  Is the company made of money?  Better quality control to keep our customers happy?  You want us to get another bank loan costing us 1% interest to fund that?  Good Christ, we are already paying off the loan used to buy our competitor to get our stock price up to pay off the last CEO on his golden parachute.  He earned his well deserved money by…anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  SAVING the company money.  How?  By INCOMPETENTLY running the company.


CEO compensation packages rise to pay for the most competently incompetent leader.   There is NO more growth, only contraction.  So, ipso facto, you make money on contraction by saving money. If you can’t EARN, you SAVE.  If your income gets cut, you drop certain costs.  For the household, you cut home away coffee and eating out and cable TV.  Your mental health is impacted by more stress due to these cuts.  You go on regardless until you eventually melt down.  In the company, you fire people even if you needed them to offer a product, because what choice do you have?  You cut quality, because what choice do you have?  You hump your suppliers and your customers, because what choice do you have?


Political Correctness is all about removing competence from the equation.  The more PC a corporation is, the less competence is a factor in ones job.  Once competence is removed, the incompetent are in charge.  Competent people do a job properly.  They COST the company money.  In the past, that was Too Cool For School.  Better services and products made the company a profit.  Now?  It costs money.  So, following the money, how do you make a profit?  By saving money by cutting costs.  And only incompetent people cut costs by increasing incompetence.  Increased incompetence ( hurting future profits ) saves money currently.  It PAYS a company to be PC.  What you pay for, you get more of. 


Only a non-engineer could supervise an inferior build.  Someone ignorant in customer service does a great job screwing those paying for your product.  A foreman ignorant in human nature easily forces genders and races together and demands physically impossible performances.  Ignorance and incompetence is rewarded and those with the reward of employment make our new culture by breeding and teaching their spawn.  Welcome to Hell, it is profitable for someone.

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  1. Witness our POTUS...
    The man has made a fortune by using those attributes.
    Of defrauding and the glib voice of a used car salesman.
    It's no wonder Joe six pack loves him.

  2. Pretty accurate observations. I know of two females with no particular skills whatsoever, or even college degrees, that are riding high on the affirmative action gravy train, and both making around $100k a year. One works for a major food retailer, and the other for a large utility company here in the west. For the utility company girl, picture Jethrine Bodine from the Beverly Hillbillies, and you’re ¾ of the way there 😲 Gonna go out on a limb here, and guess that the 300lb hillbilly chick has never had to scale a telephone pole during a power outage following an ice storm.

    As far as firefighters go, I recall that as a kid, one of my father’s friends wanted to be a fireman. He was a tall, lanky fellow, and part of the requirement was that he had to be able to carry a 160lb dummy up a ladder. He couldn’t do it, so he couldn’t become a fireman.

    I remember an incident in which the cops were called when there was a burglary at the business next door to where I worked. One of the cops that showed up was a skinny as hell Mexican dude, that had wrists about as big around as a 12 year old girl. No way in hell this dude could do much of anything to anyone, unless he was clubbing, tazing, or shooting his opponent.

    1. Remember the video of the female cop getting in trouble with a big burly guy and a civilian comes along and shoots ( or subdues-it's been many a year since I saw it, can't remember ) the criminal? Everyone was all, like, oh, Texans kick ass. Nobody mentioned Peggy Pig was worthless in the situation.