Saturday, April 22, 2017

ghetto control 2


Nothing works anymore.  It is hard to intuitively understand this as almost all of us grew up after our economic decline started ( the Great Depression was about factory overcapacity, resource glut from mechanization of farming, and what took that from recession to depression, central bank manipulation and seizure of control.  It was NOT about losing wealth, but wealth transfer, as the serfs gold was taken.  Later, that included silver and soon after that, even paltry copper ) and things falling apart is so boringly normal for us.  We have no perspective.  Which is why you hear doomer writers talking as if they were waiting for the decline to actually start.  As if they still have a chance to acquire enough resources to survive the decline, then being greedy enough to actually think they have an ice cubes chance in Hell of THRIVING during that decline.  Sad, pathetic delusional creatures that they are.  Profit sharing ended decades ago.  Some still fear the government, as per the usual Big Government boogiemen from the CIA and IRS, but the fact that ever more Fearsome Folk are pulled out of the hat to frighten us attests to, not enough TRULY fear the government anymore.


We KNOW nothing works anymore, the big difference being we can’t translate that systematically, and so we also know government doesn’t work well anymore.  That includes law enforcement.  Nothing against the beat cop.  He can only do his masters bidding ( his impotence there translating over to petty harassment that gets all the press ).  Which includes being a LEO rather than a Peace Officer, a Brown Shirt rather than a blue one.  Do you wonder why they sometimes retreat into indifference and apathy, soothing their souls with donuts ( fun filled fact.  The “cop eating donuts” meme was created out of necessity.  Before our society went 24 hour commerce, the only thing open at night when cops on graveyard were trying to stay awake on coffee were donut shops ).  Nothing working is merely the result of resource contraction.  People are selective about that definition, not applying it to their marriage or their kids future or their job security, but at base everything not working can be explained that simply.  With law enforcement not working, how can you expect anything else to function properly?


Those with first hand experience in the system, the truly poor rather than the cash flow poor, understand the bitch be broken.  They understand their odds of being caught are low and they understand that the justice system works against them because they can’t bribe their way to immunity.  They know they can be punished for being poor rather than because they did anything wrong ( victimless crimes do NOT count, as the poor and Libertarians would agree ), so they have no vested interest in being law abiding.  As the legions of True Poor grow, and this cultural awareness spreads, the masses lose interest in the ruling paradigm.  They begin to understand that power comes out of the barrel of a gun.  Not that they are interested in revolt, because life is hard enough minding your own business without borrowing trouble, just that they understand their options.  They are apart from the system and could care less about it other than what they can personally gain. 


All these Black Ghetto uprisings are not revolution, not in the 1960’s way.  Back then the revolt was to belong to the system benefits wise.  Now it is just about power.  Not power to rule, but power against being ruled with too heavy of a hand.  Today’s demonstrations are basically a tribal adaptation in reducing the control of their benefactors.  Since emancipation,  Blacks refusal to assimilate has been harmful to them economically ( we needn’t get into the can of worms as to how much is voluntary and how much is compulsory in this refusal ) but recently and into the future this has positive effects.  As centralization breaks upon the shoals of energy decline ( some of you get tired of my focus on this, yet as anthropologists far more educated than I say repeatedly, “it is ALL about the food” to explain ALL human behavior, and today oil IS food.  I feel I shouldn’t have to explain myself as this should be self evident, but I guess since my sole job now is to explain I can’t complain much ), tribal identity and unity is now a very good thing.  It is finally advantageous.  And the Black Tribe is not only saying “kill whitey, the face of our oppression”, it is also saying “we didn’t get on that boat voluntarily, so keep the money coming in if you know what is good for you”.


The riots are not about some black thug being gunned down by cops, who are usually Uncle Tom Blacks anyway.  Oh, the individual protestors THINK they are protecting one of their own.  But just as larger forces move on their own volition regardless of individual perspective ( such as industrialism against ingrained agrarian power being behind the Civil War, regardless of all those individual actors playing by a different script ), here we see how in effect the Black tribe is reacting to encroachment into their designated territory.  They don’t care if Whitey thinks he is in charge, if all the Blacks in office and behind the wheel of a beat car are told what to do by the rich honkey’s.  What they care about is being left alone.  Don’t invade our territory to punish one of our foot soldiers seeking sanctuary from your injustice system.  I’m sure no one individual could articulate their actions as such, but this is the message being delivered.  Hands off, or we Knock Down Game more of your citizens in reprisal ( the normal casualties are just to keep On Message that Crackers best remember to fear all Black folk ).


The message is, Uncle Same might inflict a few casualties in this war but we have won it.  We control our territory ( and, again, to those Whites in enemy occupied territory, you had best understand that you are NOT in charge there.  They are.  You keep hanging around you will be a casualty sooner or later.  You think a high-cap semi scares a tribe of warriors?  Numbers will always triumph.  In short, evacuate while you have the economic means to do so  ).  In the next continued article we cover mountain tribes, occupied cities, California suburbs, meth towns and the border area, all regions the FedGov has lost control of.


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  1. If you are living in an area full of people that hate you because of your religion / colour of skin / nationality / whatever ---- MOVE

    I read a story about white true believers in diversity. The couple moved to a literal Ghetto. The chick caught on super quick it was going to end in tears after only 2 scares. She ended up being the smart one and left her boyfriend who accused her of being racist despite them both being subjected to racist attacks.

    You can't fix stupid but YOU can look after yourself

    1. "after ONLY 2 scares". ONLY? She stuck around for another one? True, she eventually wised up, but the interim could have killed her. You need to be proactive, yo.

    2. Meh, once could be coincidence. Twice is a trend, and three times is shame on me for being fooled again. ;/

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