Wednesday, April 12, 2017

empire implosion 4


There was not really a single reason for World War I, despite legions of professionals attempting to regurgitate all the arguments for job security, but some reasons matters more than others.  If Britain hadn’t been able to thwart Germany building the Berlin-Baghdad railroad, a bridgehead into controlling the oil at the Saudi Arabia of the day, present day Iraq ( France was relatively happy with Syrian oil as a concession prize ), that alone might have started a war ( whether as large or not is unknown ).  Germany had already started to surpass her economically.  The US might have had another reason than war loans to get involved as we wanted to be a contending global power ( why else the central bank if not to fund empire building? ).  Germany felt cheated out of colonies as those were the resource bases to build industrial economies.  Russia just got to be more and more of a basket case and you know how governments love to get into wars to pacify their unruly citizens ( England was looking at socialism, woman’s suffrage and Ireland for their unstable homeland ) .  France, well, who the hell ever knows what France wants.  All these reasons, economic and political and geopolitical, helped in deciding for war, but I would argue that when you drop an imploding empire in the midst of everyone else’s issues you see a guaranteed major conflict.  


Austria-Hungary never should have lasted as an empire.  They were a Frankenstein ad hoc stitched together for all the wrong reasons multicultural mess of a state.  There was no stability culturally and in time economically.  The overreaction towards an assassination of a minor head of state by a minor rebel group, which should have been a police matter but instead sparked a world war, was clearly in hindsight caused by a disintegrating political unit terrified of ceding any more power to the point they were violently overthrown.  They were a bully afraid of losing power.  Does any of this sound like the US today?  Economically ruined but held together by the last vestiges of an old power arrangement, living off the last scrapes of treasure seized in the past, zero homogeny among groups made part of the empire against their will, foreign policy that could be said to have been made by clowns, but would be an insult to that circus performer.  Overreaction to  harmless incidents without the wherewithal to enforce any actions showing its displeasure.  Any move a blunder that exasperates the issue rather than solves it.  Buffoons and morons in charge of everything.


The disintegration of one empire, fueled by those in power of others fearing the same fate, and with coal derived munitions millions of soldiers died.  Today, let’s throw in nuclear weapons.  Along with overpopulation caused by using too many natural gas derived nitrates to grow food.  If millions could die from conventional weapons only used on the battlefield ( not even counting civilian casualties ), how many civilians alone shall perish from nuclear war and trade embargoes?  I contend few soldiers will die as we simply don’t have the economies or resources to fight another global war.  But plenty of regular civilians will feel the wraith of an America throwing a bitch fit over Our oil not being delivered in exchange for our worthless debt instruments.  No one can tell what the spark will be, who tips us over from incompetence to blind rage, but I for one don’t believe our empire will go quietly. 


There is far too large of a number of people who influence our decision makers who shall not stand idly by as their wealth is taken away from them.  The international situation has already been helpless as far as our influence.  We might have stirred up a hornets nest that assassinated Libya’s dictator but we can’t even hope to restore order there afterwards.  Multiply that by all our further attempts at control.  But as you can also see, we don’t stop doing what isn’t working.  We just keep repeating the same attempts because we are so broke and led by such incompetents that they can conceive of no other course of action.  These are the people that could drag us into a nuclear conflict over even small events.  All entities small or large make decisions that are always in the long term more harmful than helpful, but cannot do otherwise.  Expect a continuation of human nature and you will rarely be disappointed. 


As internationally, so domestically.  The disintegration of empire won’t just mean totally illogical decisions in foreign countries but here at home also.  Assuming the central government actually retains some/enough control after the oil trade tanks, not the best bet you could make with the deed to the ranch, expect them to make every conceivable wrong decision.  Remember, these positions are staffed with politically correct diversity members playing at being politicians.  Not even bureaucrats or civil servants.  If there are, say, food riots after the trains are delayed again, rather than shipping in some grain by semi-truck, these people will arrest and execute the leaders of the riot, order helicopter gunships to fire into the unarmed mobs and raise taxes instead.  They always do the wrong thing for achieving order and harmony because their task is to minimize the effects to those who sign their paycheck, not to keep the trains running on time.  We are WAY past the point of governance and way into the process of dismantling the structure for the last of the wealth.  Good times ahead!


Yep, I should have finished this series off in three articles rather than four.  I THOUGHT I had more to say but really, no.  Sometimes I swing and miss, but far less than most others so I still call my hair perfect.

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  1. o lambent locked one,
    how right you are.
    human nature is the fly in the ointment.
    we can see the train wreck coming but can do nothing to stop it.
    we are what we are and the result is predictable but not alterable.

  2. Actually the more I think over that first part describing the Austria-Hungary empire, and look at past empires, and current ones I too can see the same seeds of madness. Russia for example, currently has a rational leader that is making certain to make only regional plays where he can actually make changes that can become positive to his nation. He probably also deliberately laid the groundwork for the anti-trump russian connection (which honestly is nothing more than business as usual for DC). Where as in the decline of the old roman empire, they lost cultural cohesion, hired mercenaries and gave them power, attempted idiotic invasions and were arrogant and full of their own power while bumbling and flailing around at every minor foreign annoyance like it was some sort of massive emergency when it was actually less than a flea bite.
    And now here sits the USA doing many of the same sort of things.