Tuesday, April 11, 2017

empire implosion 3

note: from a minion, getting a free bakery bucket once in awhile from Kroger, he scrapes the frosting residue off the inside and saves it in a plastic jar.  It keeps for years and he uses it for coffee creamer/sweetener.  Unusable flavors go to the beekeeper.  Great idea!  Related, remember when I told you Albertsons was returning their bakery buckets to corporate for recycling so they weren't available for salvage?  That was before they changed ownership.  Try them again, I could have sworn I saw them going to customers.
note: I've been using condensed milk in my coffee, now that I must submit to heartburn.  If you want to store the stuff, do NOT get generic or that nasty "filled" type.  I've had bad luck on either with older dates.  Name brand, however, I've had as old as six years past date and it was still good.
In the public indoctrination centers erroneously labeled schools, the only subjects studied in depth are math and foreign languages ( the two subjects the most people have no aptitude for, nor have any use for ) and things that make for productive learned voters, like history and other social studies, are largely ignored or worse taught on a forth grade level of picture book simplicity.  The British were meanies, we wanted to vote, there was a revolution, Lincoln lost sleep at night over slavery and a few hundred thousand men said they wouldn’t mind dying to free the darkies that would compete with them for jobs, Wilson only got us into war because we needed a democracy in Iraq, I mean Germany, FDR took all our gold to turn around and give us jobs, and the British hadn’t been doing anything since 1776 until suddenly they gave up their overseas colonies after WWII because, ah, I guess, democracy?  And there you go, your history courses through four years of High School.


Okay, there might be a few more highlights.  Like we were just minding our own business, tripped and fell into a tub of hydrochloric acid ( sorry, Fire Marshal Bill, couldn’t help myself ), and for like, dude!, totally NOOO reason the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor and then we had to go over to save the Jews from the concentration camps so they could have their own country and be all like democratic and stuff.  It is a sad commentator indeed that public school history is so bad and pathetic that people you could enjoy the subject get FURTHER education by watching Hollywood movies!  How many people have any idea what Australia was like the last two hundred years except from watching Tom Selleck in “Quigley Down Under”?  How many think England won the second world war because of a fag mathematician?  How many believe that American Jews volunteered to fight against the Nazis because they were clairvoyant about said concentration camps ( rather than just being drafted like everyone else.  In that war as in Vietnam, the only “choice“ you had was to go volunteer or wait for your draft orders.  Yes, in Nam there was a better chance of not being called up or in being posted outside a war zone but in WWII, ALL males were being drafted as cannon fodder ), as alluded to in “Saving Private Ryan”?  I think you get my point.  


Even if you seriously read up on history you can never know but a fraction of everything even written about, let alone what actually happened.  But those tidbits are, to me, fascinating indeed.  The British didn’t lose their empire because they went broke in the first war.  They sacrificed many men awaiting the US entry into the war ( if we hadn’t, there was a good chance Germany would have won, but even if not, they wouldn’t have lost ) so that her war debts could be paid by the losers.  The Brits were at the place we find ourselves today.  A debt so insanely huge that a tax at 100% couldn’t even have paid it off.  And she owed that to the US central bank.  Who got their butt buddy Wilson to go to war on very flimsy pretexts indeed ( I’m of the mind the torpedoing of luxury liners was a set up by the British intelligence-there WERE war munitions aboard and the ship all but stopped to allow for a steady target-easy enough to do if they believed it was an escort that was trying to catch up to her ) to force Germany into paying the war debts.  We might not have fought in the war until later but we financed it from the start.


Now, obviously, Germany never could have paid off Britain’s debts.  If they were too much for her to pay off, what could a decimated economy such as Germany do ( the top economies were Germany, Britain and the US at the start of the war.  But Germany didn’t get loans and had been embargoed through the war.  Neither could they hold the oil fields seized after the Russians retreated.  Yep, still talking about the FIRST world war ).  But by winning the war with US help, the Brits now controlled the mideast oil it needed ( France was left to take the bulk of the casualties in the trenches while the British concentrated on the middle east.  But, you know, for democracy and such ), plus knocked Germany out as an economic rival and colonial power contender.  In effect, England might have taken a serious beating financially but she extended her power for several more decades at the expense of the US taxpayer ( remember, you can run an empire a long time after you start cooking the books, just like we have ).  Which might have been one reason we shafted her so bad with concessions during the next war.


So, there you have Britain protecting her empire at the expense of millions of corpses.  What about the other combatants?  We’ve already covered the US, a butchers bill paid to keep our bankers from losing money.  At the beginning of the war I’m sure JP Morgan and company thought it was easy money, having as little idea as the generals how long and expensive the war would be.  When that bit them on the ass they went crying to Uncle Sam for a bail out.  We bailed them out with conscripted serfs.  Russia, one of the leading belligerents uninterested in peace or compromise as they had the most to lose economically ( they needed access through the areas original flashpoint for trade ), was also a country unstable socially.  Already another empire had bested it militarily and revolution had nearly broke out several times.  Economically it was a basket case but as throughout history this has never stopped them geopolitically ( it just makes for an unstable population ).  Even though Germany was to shoulder all of the blame, since she lost, Russian was one of the main culprits along with its other butt buddy the Austria-Hungary empire.


That was your failing empire violently lashing out on its death bed.  Long the “sick man of Europe”, one could make a case that she drug the rest of the world into war as she imploded as an empire.  Continued tomorrow.


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  1. Now, everything american history is, everything negro. They were and still are an amazing group of people. Just consult any PIC (public indoctrination center) history text book published in the last 50 years for your proof.

    In spite of their being horribly abused by everybody and their sister in law they still managed to overcome and persevere on a scale unequaled in human, and animal, history.

    What did they do? Don't ask such silly assed questions or you will be labeled "you know what".

    My wife and I used to review/edit textbooks each year for all of the major publishers in the 80's and early 90's, just about the time the blinders were being removed from my eyes (placed there by the PIC and other criminals) and my level of tolerance shrank exponentially each year to where I just had to stop.

    8 years ago my mother died and all us kids got together to go through her stuff and amongst it all were all the textbooks her and our dad had purchased over the 12+ years us kids were instilled in the PIC's. I sat there and thumbed through some and my disgust went through the roof. How much Lincoln lies and fawning can a person endure already? That was the only time I have ever taken books to the landfill. Bad history (lies) is NOT better than no history. If they are discovered by a scientist in 10,000 years maybe they'll be considered joke books.

    1. I'm convinced history classes in public schools consist of names and dates to the exclusion of all else to force kids to hate history and hence ignore it. You can ignore math of foreign language with few consequences, but certainly not history.

    2. I have been a history & geography teacher for over 14 years now. History and to a lesser extend geography have always been very politically tainted fields.

      I can assure you that in elite schools you still get very good history lessons, whereas in schools meant for the bulk of the population the simplifactions are extreme, and yes, they are sometimes ridiculously tainted (and I live in France, where history is still something quite serious).

      In one generation it won't matter anymore because most people will have lost the ability to read (yes, I'm earnest) and thus school will cease to exist as a means to educate.

      That said, if you ask anybody to explain you the world as it is right now, you will have very different views and explanations depending on where he lives and which social class he belongs to. Now if you do that 100 years in the past, 500 years in the past or 2,000 years in the past, you can get an idea why things are so complicated in history.

      In the video linked to below, you have a historian making a good job of explaining the limitations in investigating the FIRST civilisational collapse (after which the first bestsellers were written, such as the Bible and the Odyssey)

      1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD)

    3. Read the book, far from impressed. And it wasn't cheap. I'd recommend the video of course, for the lesson you describe.

  2. RE: WWII

    Peoples knowledge of this momentous time is very poor. I'd get on my high horse but it'd be hypocritical of me.

    I'm of the mind that there were no "good" guys in WWII.