Wednesday, May 25, 2016

civil war II part 4

CIVIL WAR 2 part 4

The end of cheap and abundant oil, already in the rearview mirror ( the current low price and high supply is from the global economic crash that saw low manufacture demand due to unemployment and lack of credit-as soon as the marginal drillers and shippers go out of business due to low price, higher prices and lack of supply will return ), is a problem not because we don’t have enough to survive on.  We have more than enough ( today’s 80 million barrels a day is about in line with the 20 being used seventy or eighty years ago, when adjusted for population ) per se.  Nobody will be dying from the cold or heat from lack of oil, but due to lack of money to get oil ( plus the unequal distribution ).  Our economic system is imploding, however, and that is due to nothing more than the decrease in toto or a decrease in the in the increase in the oil supply ( if you subtract Fake Oil from conventional petroleum, by a substantial amount-remember, the global economy led by the US was based on an increase in the oil supply every year.  We no longer have that ). 


Without a functioning economic system, bad things start to happen.  Like global trade becoming dysfunctional ( the globe starting to splinter into regional trading blocks with incompatible monetary standards ).  Global empire and trade isn’t just about keeping shipping safe from pirates ( a job we pretty much suck at anymore, as a cursory look at Somalia might illustrate.  How embarrassing is it when a bunch of Skinny’s not only force you out of a war, refuse to die satisfactorily from our Super Spaceship Guns ammunition, and then tell our navy to suck monkey balls? ) but also about standardizing financing and payments to facilitate trade.  And trade isn’t just about being able to buy affordable plastic baubles at the dollar store.  It is also about being able to buy 60-70% of our oil.  Which we wouldn’t even need if we hadn’t been such idiots with our domestic supply.  What we pump now is the same amount China used to build a global manufacturing empire with-we could have “been a contender” even today, but following true Angry Chimp programming, we squandered and wasted.  Wasting oil as if it would last forever allowed us to overpopulate, centralize farms, destroy our soil, inflate taxes and regulations, ruin mass transportation, grow government, being indebted to a point miraculously far past bankruptcy, enable our central bank to own the whole country and a whole bunch of other stuff too depressing to even think about now.


Every single thing that we do, that we take for granted, that is institutionalized and hence refuses to change since our elites profit off of it, it all rests on very affordable and very available oil.  Which increases in supply every year.  Which we no longer have.  This is pretty basic Class 101 stuff, people.  It is so far from Rocket Science that the cross eyed retard playing a banjo in Georgia could grasp it.  I don’t want to point any fingers and accuse anyone of being dumber than a box of pointy rocks, but if I have to I will.  Actually, I won’t.  Call me Honey Badger.  If you want to die being an optimist that is your right and privilege.  I shouldn’t defecate on your parade.  Never mind what I just said ( and don‘t get pissy-I‘m not insulting anyone by claiming you are stupid.  The banjo player was a joke, people.  Jeez, get a sense of humor!  You can be as intelligent as they come, and if you are an optimist you are incapable of seeing bad things coming, regardless of the facts.  Facts are never facts, but conclusions filtered through our personal paradigm.  ALL of us, every last swinging cheese dingus, gathers evidence by prejudice ).  For the rest of you,  collapse at some level is baked into the cake and already started, the timing and severity the only question.  Also questionable are details.  It is easy to take the last decade and extrapolate.  Or take historical examples and duplicate.  We don’t really have much better tools, although most of them are made in China from pot metal and are rather dull.  I’ll leave global verses imperial collapse pretty much alone.  What concerns us is US ( of course China will arm and fund guerilla groups and invade select areas to exploit.  Wouldn’t you if placed in their sandals? But that comes later, and I’ll go out on a limb here and speculate overthrowing them will be as successful as the Guerilla operation the Confederates waged after the Civil War.  Not to disparage Southerners.  If they couldn’t continue fighting Yankees with their infrastructure destroyed, and they were some tough SOB’s, today’s pussy militia stand zero chance ).  If I haven’t convinced you we will see an economic collapse by now, it ain’t going to happen.  I’ll just move into the action following such ( collapse being defined as loss of control and governance.  Our “collapse” so far has just been the set-up for that ).  More tomorrow.


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  1. OK, what is a swinging cheese dingus?

    Regarding this rotten assed gov't, if people haven't done as much as humanly possible, and continue in that vein, to disassociate themselves from it then there is something wrong with their brain housing group.

    IT is the source of ALL of the calamity in this world now. No good can come from any association with it from here on out.

    It's going down, and like the Titanic, if you get too close it will pull you down too. Distance is good, more is better.

    ~ onward ~

    1. Swinging Cheese D--k, I'm sure you've heard that expression. Dingus is just another, less vulgar "D" word. In case you are still wondering, it is also the nickname for "Richard".

    2. Kinda figured that, just checkin.
      Yeah, I'm ex-army so I'm familiar. 37 months in Wildflecken, Germany - 12b10 combat engineer. Total time in: 4 years, 1974-1978.

  2. OK I am not disagreeing but if a foreign invader occupied US soil Us rednecks would make there life hell. We would lose but it would be costly given the arms and ammo available presently. I for see the USA becoming 6 regional nations. The regional nations aligning with others and foreign government's for independence.

    1. Yours is a good analysis. I'm not entirely convinced an invading force would actually be successful, but I also refuse to believe it CAN'T happen. It isn't a question of arms-I think most would run out of ammo quickly. It is a question of who has more surplus energy. If, say, China first cyber-attacked, then backed certain groups against others, they could more easily get a beachhead into certain resource rich areas and by that time face far less effective local fighting forces. Yes, regions aligning with foreigners for support, but the cost will be ceding certain areas.

    2. Ok Alaska would be Russia's. The west coast could be China's but the Rocky Mts. would contain them. They have little control in their mountain area's. The southwest isn't worth invading. The oil of Texas and the southeast is geographically hard to invade plus has more federal base's and depots for arm and munitions than any country. The upper Midwest and plains state would mesh well with Canada. This leaves Washington D.C. and the north east as a bastion of liberal power for the former great corrupt federal government. Not as bad a deal as it could be!!!!!! :).

    3. Just told a friend this last night, the link are from ol' Remus's site.

      Connect the Dots

      The little squares on the left are the links if you'd like to look.

      Popular Mechanics - U.S. Crews Fail To Place in NATO Tank Competition

      Defense One - How the Pentagon is Preparing for a Tank War With Russia

      Gun Watch - U.S. will reach 400 Million Private Firearms by end of Obama Presidency

      Here, I'll connect the dots for you.

      Today's militaries aren't worth a f**k, and for all of the obvious reasons.

      Here's reason 1:

      Huffington Post - Senate Confirms First Openly Gay Army Secretary

      Even when I was in, 74-78, I could see the changes going on.

      That tank test was in Grafenwher Germany where I personally blew a turret all the way off a tank with a LAW in Reforger '76.

      Graf is also where I spent a continuous 93 days in the field.

      The tanks in that test were stateside tanks that were sent over.

      My experience at Ft Campbell showed that stateside equipment is in deplorable shape, far worse than european equipment.

      When push comes to shove it will be the civilians in the US that claim the day, specifically, the old doods with old skool experience.

      Yeah, they may be old, and they may wear pampers, but in the end they can put a big hole thru a little dime at a hundred yds. and have the giant nutz to stand right up and do it.


      Cause thats the way we was raised, goddamit! :-)

    4. Bah, China wont want to go boots on the ground - They already have enough ground with their own back yard and their Africa colonies. But they will certainly support a puppet regime (national or regional) to get them a "cheap" deal on some of our resources they most covet.

    5. JJ they have a food shortage . They have a population problem. California and the west coast has Deep water ports. Chinese Immigrants have been in California since the 1850s its a know territory.

  3. (The end of cheap and abundant oil, already in the rearview mirror)

    If gasoline prices are an indicator, and they are the price of oil is not that bad.

    Current gasoline price for my city is 2.27 a gallon.

    Watch this video from 1983 (34-years ago) and the price of gas then was 1.48 per gal. Only an increase of .79-cents in 34 years is not a big jump. (Gas price at the 12-second mark)

    Chuck Findlay

    1. Chuck your a business man. Its called cash flow. I owe X and have to sell off inventory at a loss to get it. The hope is acme co. will go bankrupt and price will go back up. In this case its nations we are crippling. Our daily pump out has been 5 million barrels for 40 years. When it has dropped new leases are issued by the BLM. The 5 mbpd is to cover Military, government, and agriculture. Pump price is a reflection of foreign country's in need of cash flow. We are the #1 consumer and #3 producer and have been since 1980. Our government has covered its needs what we pay is a reflection of others desperation.

    2. (Chuck your a business man. Its called cash flow. I owe X and have to sell off inventory at a loss to get it.)

      I don't want cash flow, I want a profit in my pocket. And selling things at a loss just doesn't do that.

      I generate cash by doing work. I buy tools and supplies to help me preform the work so I get cash in excess of the cost of doing business.

      Selling below cost is a last-ditch thing and oil companies are in it for the long-haul.

      Chuck Findlay

    3. Oil company make profit on processing others oil and sit on their reserves. Countrys have to sell X to cover social and civic cost to stay in power or they get over thrown.