Thursday, May 26, 2016

civil war II part 5

CIVIL WAR 2 part 5

For our purposes here, we’ll call the economic collapse as occurring once necessities are no longer available.  Today’s “Greater Depression” is about as tragic as running out of scones during tea time, compared as to what is coming.  Right now, all the crying and gnashing of teeth and caterwauling and overly dramatic noise is about folks losing their luxuries.  And while I can certainly relate, because I myself enjoy meat at every dinner and books delivered from Amazon and other niceties, losing the finer things in life only sucks because you don’t know any better.  Being an imperial citizen does come with a nicely crafted glittery blinder one is allowed to wear throughout life, while empire lasts.  We have zero idea how to live without the luxuries we regard as birthrights.  Look at how vicious and violent an ex-wife gets during a divorce.  She certainly probably loved you at one point, but you are threatening to take away what she views as bare necessities and as such she feels completely vindicated in taking the means to that end, by hook or by crook.  And she has ZERO thought to how you are going to survive.  That, in a nutshell, is how EVERYONE is going to be eyeballing you once the collapse occurs.  As time goes on, they will be fighting for less and less luxuries ( as we are all doing now, and have been doing for decades ) mostly non-violently through proxies such as ballet boxes, and more and more for necessities. 


As a society, we have been fracturing because the rewards for being docile imperial subjects have been shrinking for decades now.  Globally, 1979 was the year that per capita energy use peaked.  It has been shrinking ever since.  And for decades now, the US has seen all its citizens fighting over a shrinking energy pie.  When segments fight over energy, things get and stay ugly.  Which is why young hates old and old hates young and males and females are in conflict, and etcetera.  We THINK that is bad.  We despair over increasing medical or college or automobile or housing costs.  But that is a distraction.  The real anguish is coming with bare necessities in jeopardy.  Survivalists and prepper SHOULD know this, but most of the time they act as if they don’t.  They still live in the cities and drive cars and stay in debt ( I’m as guilty as any, and perhaps more so as I have the means of already escaping-it might just be remote junk land and a very spare income from writing, but it is an escape of sorts nonetheless- and I do not.  I throw around excuses thicker than hormones in an orgy-so this is definitely not a scolding to any of my minions but merely an observation in sadness.  You needn’t wonder how humans keep surviving this level of stupidity throughout our oh so many resource contraction crashes.  Like insects, we populate sufficiently to always see survivors ).


First off, your local government gets a lot nastier than previously.  Their survival is at stake and they could give two craps if you have anything left to live on after increased taxes.  If nothing else, remember the divorce analogy.  If you ever wonder what is going to happen, think 90% pay cut in a divorce and jail if you become homeless and jobless due to paying too much and having nothing left to survive on.  In a situation with not enough resources, we all become honey badgers.  Already, it isn’t too unusual to be paying the same or more in property taxes than the principal payment on a mortgage ( it already wasn’t unusual to be paying more in interest than principal ).  Despite caps on the percentage of tax that can be collected, by law, states and counties and cities already have easily bypassed such pesky roadblocks and are merrily collecting twice or three times the amount compared to just a few years ago.  And that was after ONE recession ( it really is a depression, granted, but due to the insane amount of government stimulus most businesses and local governments are still treating it as a one off event ).


Can you even begin to imagine what the response will be after a real fiscal emergency takes place?  Counties will be jacking up gasoline taxes dollars at a time rather than by dimes and property taxes will go up by half every year rather than every decade, and states will be increasing sales taxes at the same rate and adding food to the taxable amount, and that is just the beginning as they repeat what has historically already been done.  And don’t think you can vote against any of it, as that too has been historically defeated in numerous ways.  You think you are paying too much now, in light of your reduced work hours?  You ignorant slut, Jane!  And don’t expect that poverty will save you, either.  The poor are already paying a much higher percentage of their income, in relatively better times.  How many of us can live on $10, 001.00 a year, in our present location?  Yet, if you make that amount, your taxes have already been doubled, with Obammy’s “health tax”.  And you don’t think that won’t be ratcheted down or in some way be made worse? 


When police eagerly embraced Asset Forfeiture in the 1990’s on ( some locations started a decade prior to that ), they were in the last of the good times economically.  How bad do you think that will become in the near future?  Expect laws to be changed to allow over equipped with military weapons and under equipped with a decent attitude SWAT teams to be busting down doors very soon after taxes go unpaid.  You don’t think that won’t merge with the newly created rubber stamped Eminent Domain laws?  Even if you are still barely paying taxes, expect your city to kick you out with delayed compensation if any to try all their desperate measures to enhance revenue.  Remember, you are poor and broke but if there is ANY way to squeeze ANYTHING from you, the government will be willing to try.  That this will quickly result in a revolt or rebellion or civil unrest will matter none at all to them.  It might actually be either embraced or even manipulated into being, to give them the appearance of upholding the law and peace by employing even more blatant violence against all.

More next article.


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  1. What you are describing points to the need to fly under the radar. Do not have resources that are visible (e.g., nice house, nice car) and point out you have the ability to fork over some of what you've got. It is best to look poor and a bit under-fed.

    Not sure how far they can take taxation, though. There is tension between cost/taxation of necessities and riots in the street. That's what got Egypt's leaders in trouble a few years back. Food subsidies didn't move with increased cost of food- time for their leaders to get on a jet plane to a friendlier country.

  2. We have lift off here at the Cape ! The gamble I took when not applying for disability has paid off...:-)
    Got a part time job, driving a truck delivering seafood to restaurants! It's only 15 hours a week, but hey it supplements the SS check. Still pretty gimpy but the owner likes old vets, with good driving records.
    The views are nice too as I deliver Coco Beach, the wild life be most excellent hee hee.
    Getting stronger all the time Sir James.

    Most excellent perspective today....I see grumpy Trumpy went over the delegate count today. Why he's going to make America great again. Don't you know ? Guess he has magic unicorn farts, coming out his ass, to make it so.

    1. Well now, he might actually have a unicorn hidden in that head of hair of his. Glad things are working out for you, if not The Donald. Just in case Slow Collapse continues to confound and tittilate, it is good to keep busy ( but not too busy ). Stay cool, brother.