Tuesday, May 10, 2016

roll your own cigs update-post 2 of 2 today

ROLL YOUR OWN CIGS-UPDATE/post 2 of 2 today
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An update on storing your tobacco.  It has been reported that storing pipe tobacco in Mason Jars keeps your product fresh for years.  The trick is to stuff so much in that you displace the oxygen.  No need to mechanically evacuate the jar or heat them up to vacuum seal or place an absorber in-just cram in so much tobacco that nearly no air remains.  Supposedly, this was tried and from personal experience reported as successful ( as seen on a chat room ).  I thought I could double the storage containers by buying a small container of tobacco-the 6 ounce rather than the pound bag-and keep it in that plastic AND Mason Jar it, but the bag is too bulky.  You'll just have to open a pound bag and stuff the loose tobacco in.  I was able to get 8 ounces in a quart jar, but I REALLY had to stuff it in constantly and with a lot of pressure.  It was a very tight fit-which is good.  So, two quart jars per pound of tobacco, or two hundred cigs plus worth in each Mason jar ( buy the lids NEW!  You are protecting an investment here ).  Put your boxes of empty paper tubes in a tote.  No need to worry about crushing or water or even mice.  Sure, your costs increase, but marginally.  Only $11 in new jars and lids will hold 2400 cigarettes worth of tobacco.  Do NOT pre-stuff your tubes and store that way.  My experience was a disaster.


  1. Well, if you finish out the math James, one pound comes out to slightly more than 1 cigarette a day per year. So figure 30 pounds will give you your daily cigarette for a year, and then some, assuming another 30 years of life.

    Personally, I think that you'd be better off vaping, not that it's necessarily healthy, but I feel that it's healthier than the conventional intake method. Even a water pipe filters out a lot of the crap.

    1. You could do the water pipe and eliminate the tubes requirement, if you are really pinching pennies. I got close to 500 cigs from my last pound.