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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

cheap wheat is neat


Throughout the years the number one comment, problem or complaint about the Redneck Irregular Deluxe Survival Plan was that there was never any feed stores near the reader and hence they could not stock as much cheap wheat as was needed.  Today, we revisit one solution and present a new one.  The old plan I covered last year was to buy wheat through Wal-Mart.  Every swinging dingus out there has a Wal-Mart near them, or at least far closer than a feed store.  It isn’t as cheap, but that is where the new plan comes in.  It is even cheaper than feed store wheat but even harder to find.


( the feed store is where you must specify human consumption, non-treated [vet meds] whole wheat kernels.  If the pimply teenager clerk fresh from his X-Box has no idea, ask the owner or manager.  If your wheat is red, it is treated, but don’t rely on a mere visual )


 So you now have three options, all cheaper than mail order wheat.  Best price ( a quarter a pound with Home Depot orange containers  ), good price ( feed store 37cents a pound with same container ) or Wally ( at 68 cents a pound in food grade buckets ).  Mail order is usually $1.25 a pound after shipping at the better deals.  For a comparison, if you bought white rice ( anyone who tells you to store brown rice for the apocalypse is a complete and utter moron, president of the Republic Of Dumbassness, Supreme Ruler For Life Of Idiot Ville ) and put them in orange buckets ( if kept out of sunlight, they don’t outgas.  Not a guarantee of no toxic ingredients, but in the collapse,  famine now because you didn’t store enough food is stupid compared to cancer in twenty years from a ‘maybe food grade’ bucket.  Obviously, reused with chemical ingredients stored in the bucket is instant death, but bought new orange buckets are most likely okay, and a third the price of food grade buckets.  Not all of us are lucky to get free used buckets, so I go with the cheapest new ones ), the cost would be 63 cents per pound in a container.  A mere 5 cents a pound savings over a whole grain, with a crappy bucket to boot.  If you can eat wheat, I’d buy the already stored Wally kernels instead of white rice.


The cheapest are hard to find, requiring research and luck.  They are called “wheat cleanings” and are irregular sized kernels culled from regular feed wheat and sold as seed for planting the next crop.  Search in the Yellow Pages or Internet equivalent under “seed” or “wheat seed” or “seed sellers” or something similar.  You want a seed store product, not a feed store item.  A minion came across this method, one I’d never heard of or considered.  If you can find a source that sells these, you are back to pre-Y2K wheat prices, $12 per hundred pounds.  In theory, with a source for free or $1 buckets ( say, from a BBQ joint, as everyone else is trying the bakeries.  Five gallon buckets hold 33 pounds of wheat each so you need three per hundred pounds, with each year being 400 pounds you need 12 buckets per year ), your five years of food just cost $255.  Anyone can afford that.

Continued Next Time

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  1. Here is a link to order through the LDS church. You do NOT need to be a member to buy food storage.


    You can save on shipping cost if you live close to a LDS Cannery. They are located in larger cities around the US.

    Idaho Homesteader

  2. Is this the stuff you are talking about?
    It's from Augason and sold by Walmart.
    If so, which should I get, the red or the white?
    Some reviewers said the buckets didn't package the wheat in mylar bags, is this bad? Should it be repackaged in the mylar?




    1. Red or white are both good. Repacking in mylar isn't essential, if you have enough spare money you can but it is just extra safetly and double airtightness for when you are using 'make do' recycled buckets...

    2. Red has a higher protein content, but just be glad when you can find either.

  3. http://store.lds.org/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product3_715839595_10557_3074457345616706370_-1__195792

    Handy for the price

  4. Here we go again! Wheat, wheat and wheat, UGHHH! How many meals can you eat that crap!?! How many recipes have you ever posted to get that slop down except for nuke bread and sprouts.
    I am the one who stated last month that I am stocking hundreds of pounds of rice both white and brown along with broth to cook with and canned meat and canned vegitables and spices and gravy's so I and my security force will not go taste bud dead.
    So I must take offense at being called names by you and the IdiHOE Homsteader for planning to have A hot meal that reach's 2000 calories and keeps the force happy instead of plugged up in the bowel region.
    Good day to you! I said GOOD DAY!

    1. Refer back not too long ago to the articles :
      Wheat "Only"
      That last line sounds so familiar, a movie?
      I stand by Do NOT Stock Brown Rice.

    2. Anon 10:04 - If you look at the LDS Catalog link I provided, it has lots of other items beside wheat.

      Personally, I stock only about a ton of wheat for my family. If I am eating something plain, I like oatmeal better.

      Not that I don't like wheat. I have made more than my share of whole wheat bread. Plus, I can feed it to my chickens and get eggs.

      My newest, favorites, bestest food storage item is the canned pulled pork from Costco. Cheap, cheap, cheap and I love me some pulled pork sandwiches.

      Idaho Homesteader

    3. I missed the part where he said to get ONLY wheat.

  5. Went to Lowes the other day and low and behold they had white food grade buckets and screw on lids. Buckets were $4.50 if memory serves and regular lids were $2.25. The screw on lid was like $7.50. Not the cheapest way to do it, but it looks like Lowes is catering to preppers some.

    For extra insurance I bought the six gallon Mylar food bags and O2 absorbent and desiccant. If you drop the oxygen content to kill critters, but there is too much moisture you can get botulism. Not trying to scare anyone, but I'm being paranoid and dropping the moisture level down below 10%. I bought the stuff so long ago I don't have source. I use two O2 absorbers and two larger desiccant packs. Of course the wheat has been stored in the house with a dehumidifier in the room and as low as I can get the humidity for a week or so before. I then fold the top of the bag over a steel towel rod and with my cloths iron on highest without any water for steam I iron the heck out of the Mylar bag, making a melted seam at least a half inch wide. Paranoid I know and probably overkill. After a week or so it is vacuumed down like those blocks of coffee you can buy.

  6. Unless you live in a place like downtown san francisco or boston, I would think that anyone would be living in relatively close proximity to a feed store. When you mentioned picking up wheat at a feed store, I was skeptical at first, because I couldn't think of what animal you would feed wheat kernals to? But sure enough, our local feed store had it, and it was around $12 for a 50lb sack if I recall correctly? I accidentally got the right one without the wormer, as this was before I knew that you could get it treated. I really need to get a lot more. I just hate to have to buy several hundred lbs, then have to haul it all to the nevada homestead, once I finally make my way out there. Right now it's sitting in a galvanized trash can on the north side of the house, and seems to be holding up well?

    1. When I moved from Carson to Elko I had to dump hundreds of lbs of wheat for lack of space. Still butt hurt about that seven years on.

  7. Lord Bison,

    Just downloaded and read MSN#5. A mighty fine read and surely worth the price of admission. I've been skeptical of E-readers for awhile. After moving to an area with a crap library system it is nice to be able to read away. Especially your stuff. Really dug this issue.

    Thanks alot,

    Sir Lord Baltimore

    1. Appreciate that, thank you. Hope you have Kindle Unlimited. The best deal if you love fiction. You should never run out. I burned out, but then I've always preferred non-fiction ( which is pretty bad in Kindle Unlimited ).

  8. Are you really not aware of the BEST source for Hard Red Wheat? It's in 60# bushel bags, of SEED berries, from a farm Ag center, selling see wheat to farmers. Find 'em in the phone book. They can order anything you want. I got Red Winter, Red Spring, Winter Rye, even Triticale. Oats too. I was paying $12 a bushel, though I see it around $15 now. Seed berries for wheat are untreated, and EXTRA clean. And then you store it in 55 gallon drums, with the O2 driven out using 1 pound of dry ice per barrel. Easy Peasy.

  9. Some good info here. And some not so good info. To start with, I am a wheat farmer, and know of what I speak.

    "The cheapest are hard to find, requiring research and luck. They are called “wheat cleanings” and are irregular sized kernels culled from regular feed wheat and sold as seed for planting the next crop."

    Wheat Cleanings
    Not true. The residue from cleaning grain does contain undersized kernels, it also contains grain that was cracked during the harvesting process that won't store well. In addition it can also contain in various amounts, dirt, rocks, weed seeds, and chunks of straw. This is something that should not be consumed by humans, and is never in my experience planted. When we clean grain for seed, we actually select for the largest plumpest kernels as they will provide the most vigorous plants for the next crop. I had a terrible crop this year due to drought, and right at 10% of my wheat was undersized. Cleanings do make great chicken feed.

    Eating Wheat Seed
    Wheat seed is just wheat that was very carefully cleaned to remove weed seeds and debris. If you buy organic seed you are good to eat it. I grind the seed that is leftover from planting and make bread with it. Most conventionally produced seed is treated with chemicals. Sometimes it has a red coating but not always, so be careful.


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