Wednesday, August 12, 2015

move to the head of the line, dumbass


My job as the food bank driver entails a heck of a lot of physical labor.  Two years ago the boss put in a grant proposal for a big refer truck and now I’m doing even more work ( before, I could park my little Chevy S-10 right at the stores back door and load directly into the bed.  Now, I must park in the back 40 and then load everything twice as often up and down the lift gate.  In just three weeks I can tell I’m pumping up my muscles ).  The one thing I’m not allowed to do anymore is think ( with my chain of command all female, you can bet there is a lot of dismissal of any thought or idea I might express, both because I happened to be born with testicles and because of my superior intellect they feel threatened by ).  The only mental effort I need is while driving, and even that isn’t as difficult as it once was.  The new truck is such a lumbering diesel bastard I couldn’t quickly dart in and out of traffic if I wanted to.  So, while I’m on the job I have a lot of free time for my mind to wander.  There is one store I frequent daily that got a new department manager, and she inspired this article.  Nice gal, nice looking ( yes, ugly bitches, sorry we discriminate against you but if we didn’t all our babies would look like you-although if you have a nice rack there are exception vouchers ), a nice personality if you don’t work for her, and as far as I can tell not as stupid as a box of rocks.  And a total incompetent in her new job.


Once I begin to question why she is still holding the position, I began noticing others in similar positions and have concluded that incompetents don’t accidentally end up that way.  It has to be purposeful.  First, like attracts like, and we all know how insanely stupid most corporate bosses are.  But more important to today’s discussion, incompetents are put in place for their attributes.  They are compliant, knowing their position depends on currying the favor of their superiors.  They are invariably young if the position is entry level, and youth has energy.  It is my contention that by placing a young person in a job, properly motivated, they will do the work of an entirely addition position.  Once they burn themselves out, and they inevitably have to as the work pace is unsustainable, corporate just hires another young and hungry sucker.  They are also greedy, motivated by fear as discussed above but also by the promise of an addition token of money necessitated by the drive to pay off college debt or pay for child support or what have you.  And last, it seems the old military trick of promoting pricks intentionally has been adopted by corporations.  Remember basic training, where your sergeant made the most obnoxious dick the acting squad leader?  Just another “screw with you” part of the process, along with sleep deprivation and other neat tricks of manipulation.  The private sector seems to excel at doing the same, but for different reasons.  Perhaps they don’t want any fraternization.  Mission accomplished when your boss is the worlds biggest pud pumper.  Your boss has NO people skills, is an insufferable corporate lackey, and believes no one else should have a life outside work?  Know that feeling that all along they are out to get you?  You are right.


( why this discussion on a survivalist blog?  Duh, I’m trying to get you to leave the big city and your dead end job and downgrade to the boonies )




  1. I think its amazons founder that said all bosses hire less competent underlings to protect their position. So they promote and assign jobs with no input from department heads . It keeps them honest.

  2. Great post. I retired and am now working a low stress corporate security job for decent money. And I'm making a decent wage. Plus I'm living in the sticks in a low cost lifestyle. Screw bosses. I can change jobs when I need too.