Tuesday, August 25, 2015

econ collapse prep 1 of 4


All you need to do to prep for the economic collapse for about the price of an ounce of gold.  Now, granted, this advice is pretty close to the booklet on dropping out of the rat race in six months with you and the spouse both working minimum wage jobs, but as that was written some time ago and the global stock markets meltdown has most survivalists in a tiff over economic collapse right now I thought it would be a good time to rehash it ( plus, last week I did the articles on the econ collapse but left you with little concrete advice ).  Also, this article differs from the booklet in that it isn’t as comprehensive.  There, you were moving to the boonies and downgrading careers.  Here, you are just investing in insurance rather than altering your lifestyle.  This plan is not much cheaper, but it does allow for less money up front with longer to pay.  For this, you won’t need to live on your junk land in order to be able to afford the other preps.  The booklet was a “hurry up and prep for the ass falling out of civilization”.  This article covers a less radical, less panicked plan ( for the record, I prefer the panic, but I also know most of your spouses will not support it-hence, this scaled down version ).  It is more “what immediate cheap steps can I take just in case the economic collapse goes full bore bad?”.


I’m going to assume you are new to prepping.  If you are not, and have beans and bullets, grains and guns, this isn’t going to be much more than a reminder to buy that damn junk land.  I won’t be advising any kind of financial assets acquisition, either.  As much as I loved Ruff from the ‘80’s, he was way too focused on emerging rich from the collapse.  We won’t have so much luck this time around.  Without the grid inputs, your house will soon be useless.  Gold and silver are mostly useless for the holder, being a multi-generational wealth transfer medium, although a few years worth of silver for property tax payments is a pretty darn good idea ( here in Nevada, you can no longer pre-pay the taxes-a sign of impending hikes ).  Any kind of stock or bond or retirement plan or promise from an employee is not worth the paper they are printed on.  Outside of a few months living expenses, all your wealth should be in preps.  A collapse is the only guarantee for the future, the timing being the only unknown.  But all that is your big picture prepping.  Let’s focus on the any moment now economic collapse a lot of folks think is going to happen ( my focus on the ongoing economic collapse is just the question when the plunge down the waterfall happens.  Most folks look at it from the point of view that the economic collapse doesn’t happen until they lose their job and home and car.  Until then it is just a recession ).  Next article we’ll get into the meat of the prepping.

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  1. “Here in Nevada, you can no longer pre-pay the taxes-a sign of impending hikes”.

    I was wondering about this James? I'm the minion that just got the 2.5 acres 15 miles outside of Elko. I was thinking of paying a larger sum than the actual property taxes, as sort of a “tax buffer” if you will, should any unfortunate circumstances make their way into my life.

    Can you no longer do this? You can't make a larger lump sum payment, and then they can debit out the taxes according each year until paid off?

    My taxes are only $15.00 a year I think, so a lump sum of around $500.00 would go a long way. It would be a nice feeling if it were possible to somehow pay the taxes for a lifetime, with no threat of land confiscation. Which by the way, was how I got this land.

    1. A minion mentioned the tax pre-pay, which has a name I've forgotten, and when I went to look up that info I got the "discontinued" info. I could be wrong, as this was not from an official site but second hand, but I've accepted it as "most likely correct". With silver bullion, you have an inflation proof way of saving your lifetime of taxes, though. Even if the feds "FDR" silver, there will always be a black market or even a corrupt county official to take silver. And it should cost a lot less than $500.

    2. I hadn't really thought that far ahead I suppose James, but you raise some good points. That $500.00 won't be worth much in a few years. But it never really dawned on me that there could be another seizure of privately owned precious metals, not that anything would surprise me anymore? Still, it's probably the safest bet anymore considering the volatility of our dollar?

    3. Any gun or gold seizure would of course NOT work as it would have 80 years ago. The politicians mostly burned all their trust long ago ( what you see today is total apathy and ignorance, but I doubt trust ). But they will make it difficult for you to liquidate even if nobody voluntarily turns theirs in. But just in case, buy retail with cash and not through the mail.