Thursday, August 27, 2015

econ collapse prep 3 of 4


Remember, we are talking about economic collapse here, not civilization collapse.  And it is done from home, not your fantasy retreat the wife won’t move to anyway.  Buying the land was THE major criteria, as the fastest way to screw the pooch during a job lose is to not have a place to live.  You should be able to talk the old lady into just the $100 down, $100 a month payment part, sold as a combination vacation spot, unemployment insurance and retirement cabin location.  The food part is easier, with government assistance.  But just in case Obammy The Kenyan Klown screws you on that one, have the minimum food stash just in case.  I know you want freeze dried or a duplicate of your current diet, but most likely you are on a tight leash financially and must settle for those buckets of wheat.  Even less than a years worth is something, but don’t buy the kernels without the Corona corn mill ( look up and to the right on this web page to see the Amazon graphic ad for it ).  And don’t worry about how to cook with it.  It ain’t rocket science requiring machines or special gear.  Any Joe Blow can do pancakes, and it isn’t too much more difficult to do a dry pancake turning that into a tortilla ( oil added ) or flat bread ( no oil, but usually with butter on top ).


I’m assuming that with a stash of wheat as back-up, you won’t panic and be stupid and join the mob at a Wal-Mart or Krogers or go voluntarily go into a FEMA camp to get fed.  It will give you time to look for or scrounge other supplemental food.  Now, as far as a weapon, I’d normally only recommend a rifle.  For the frugal survivalist able to only afford one gun, far better to have the option to reach out and touch someone far away from concealment.  A pistol should be a back-up only.  However, if you are that concerned about an econ collapse that you are focusing on that rather than a worse case prepper plan, I’m assuming you are staying in the city until you have no other choice.  Which means you are going to see a rising crime rate prior to your job lose.  In this instance, it might be better to have a concealable handgun rather than a rifle.  A rifle won’t do you any good when it is at home and you are at work ( for you suckers in the city ).  And you know what I’m going to recommend, if you are new to guns.  A 38 revolver is both cheap and so butt simple the newest newbie can handle it ( okay, you might want a 357 for future power increases.  Just load with 38 now.  If the price is right ).  And I already know what you are going to say.  “Dude, the new guy panics and blows off all six rounds and so runs out of ammo.  He needs an auto to quickly reload”.  Sure, until that same panic increases exponentially when a round jams.  Stick with a revolver.  We’ll finish up next article.

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  1. Ahhhh, preaching on junk land, wheat, and revolvers. Happy days are here again. I dont have junk land but have 22 acres and my tax and trailer tax equal $324 a year. No bank. Plenty of firewood, some game, wild edibles, and 2 almost year round springs. We went 8 weeks without rain a couple years ago and they finally quit flowing.

    I have a pretty good amount of wheat but your post got me thinking. I have yet to try to make anything with it. A though for a future article? full recipes for flat bread, tortillas, and something like hard tack. Water and flour and perhaps boiled wheat. Gruell? Motivate us to try them out.

    Firearms. My name is Nightshift and I'm a gun-a-holic. I have my matching Glocks but I trained alot as a leo. I can field strip, clear jams, and use the weapon to its fullest potential. And I love my pair of 357s. Not I dentical but one is the legendary Ruger GP-100 SS 4 inch barrel. A forever gun.i edorse your comments. I am also trying to stream line my collection but am tempted to wait for the next panic which does not seem far off. Hey I doubled my money on some items during the 2012 scare. Don't hate me though Jim, i bought Bolt actions, ammo, and some need items around the ranch. I figured since my profit was in firearms i didn't feel bad spending most of it there.

    I think a pistol is almost top firearm if you're in the city. Selco preaches it and lived it. Makes sense. But a rifle is far superior except for concealment.

    BTW, your hair is absolutely radiant today.

    1. I'm noticing gun prices down quite a bit-I'd wait, as you say. Being around wheat kernals and whole wheat my whole life, I sometimes forget it is foreign food to most folks including survivalists. Perhaps I should do basic recipes.

  2. "Pocket Pistol": Plan to fire it through your jacket, not draw it. Never show the weapon, self-defense only. Hammerless (cheap is shaved, best is factory DAO-no-exposed-hammer) S&W design, or good copy. The "sights" are inconsequential since the target may be only elbow-distance away. .38sp +P self-defense hollow point will be fine for "get off of my bike" purposes. These come in "Airweight" that are lighter than steel (more $$$, natch).

    Full-size pistol like Beretta 92 or Glock 17 in GF handbag or your briefcase in case of extended running gun battle at Wal-Mart parking lot. On your way to the rifles in the Uni-Mog. ;-)

    Agree that cheap land is drying up. No-debt city house between the I-5 and I-205 is a risky bet (but fun now).


    1. All bets, even the bets of the gurus, are risky with the risk factor up or down but never absent. For an econ collapse, a debt free home is not the worst idea out there :)