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Colonialism is pretty much the natural order of things, and has been as long as trade has been necessary.  Which was pretty much right after agriculture took off past a certain point in its ascension.  Hunter/gatherers were always self sufficient, but as soon as metal surpassed stone, there was no longer such a thing ( it also didn’t help that weather change killed off herds and man had filled in a lot of the empty space- in some regards crops were a necessary evil, regardless of how emphatically agricultures cheerleaders blow smoke up our ass about its improving mans life.  It might have allowed for year long food surpluses, but those went to the top tier ten percent and the remaining population stayed in a state of constant malnutrition ).  Gold Bugs and Libertarians might naively think free trade is natural and desirable and freedom affirming ( yes, I used to be one of those idiots ), but any governor worth his salt would try like hell to colonize an area before he resorted to trading with it.  In one, a local chief is bribed for him to force his people to work for another country.  In another, a lot more people must make a profit, so the first country loses a lot more wealth to get the resources it needs.  See a difference?  Now, the thing about colonialism is that the top dog doesn’t always get to be the “humper”.  Sometimes the old top dog becomes the humped.  We were colonized by Britain, then gained our independence with the help of France ( not because all our guys were such wonderful marksmen.   Britain had control of logistics through a strong navy-and our lack of a road network-and France wanted to thwart their rival in the war over colonizing the globe so they helped us out for that reason alone ), and after a time, Britain became our colony. 


Right now, the US is in the process of losing all its colonies.  As goeth the Petro-Dollar, so goes the colonies.  It only seems like we never had colonies because on the face of it the cost/benefit ratio never made sense.  For instance, military expeditions to keep Dole in more plantation land.  As they said, what is good for General Motors is good for America.  Privatize the profits and make the losses public.  Our colonies paid the corporations and the bankers, not the government.  Our colonies were always profitable, just not in an obvious manner.  Anyway, as our economy sinks under, and we lose our colonies, what is to say we won’t become someone else’s colony again?  A nation able to colonize must have a strong economy.  They need a strong military.  Not to invade and occupy, but to hire a local proxy to control the area, ship him arms and penalize him for non-compliance.  Our economy is emphatically NOT strong.  A strong economy does not see the government borrow over half its operating budget every year.  More next article.

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  1. China is currently colonizing Africa, Russia is colonizing/reclaiming eastern Europe and the Balkan's. Brazil and India are both being more subtle about it at this point but are also staking out their interests beyond their borders.

  2. Post collapse tip for the readers James.

    Try typing into your search engine, "how to make a crystal radio set".

    These are super simple radios to make, and require no power source, and will run forever. Since they are a pasive device with no amplification, you must use an earphone for listening. However, you can always hook them up to an amplified speaker in the meantime.

    1. I haven't thought about one of those forever. Thanks

  3. Single-tube, or even better, multiple modern transistor handheld sets and a solar charger and 2 sets of Eneloop batteries (low self-discharge Ni-MH) will bring in remote and weak signals with millions of x more gain than a whisker on a crystal, while you are hiding or walking. Consider your time and the effectiveness of the system more than what can be done with nothing, since power is cheap and so are handheld radios. I have picked up 2 transistor am-fm-sw (9v) handhelds from free boxes this week and bought a new-in-box radio shack scanner for $1 at a flea market. Running out of space for the collection of CB portable radios (car 12v as well as handheld battery models), and noticed a new Midland handheld CB at Fred Meyer for $25 (50% off). For $40, I'm getting more BeoFeng's.

    If my time is worth anything, deep-six stored 5W ham radios are the way to go. Pre-programmed to talk with each other, and sealed in a small Pelican case gives a 6-pack of good performance radios with a cheapness. 6 radios, 6 chargers, 6 upgraded antennas, power strip to plug the chargers into, ziplock bags for water-resistance while carrying, 6 extra batteries, and wired ear-mic set, inside a Pelican case for $300 is a deal. Of course, my users will have Amateur Radio licensing or be operating under official/emergency terms.

    In the "free" zone, CB and FRS is the way inside the former United States. They are currently available for less than the price of shipping, on curbs everywhere.


  4. Another set of experts 'splainin' why Jim Dakin is a Genius.

    The viewer may have to read between the lines to get the message that they should be living as if the collapse has happened, to beat the rush. Is that Orlov?