Monday, June 22, 2015

colonialism 2


Are you confused as how colonizing works?  Look at the French colonies, or look at US Vietnam.  Look at Russia under communism and its partners.  You pick your pliant politician, you bribe him, you train a secret police for him.  You send advisors to his country to teach his military, although more importantly they keep on eye on things for the controller.  In return for a few bucks and a few buck privates, he works his people in wage slavery or as peons and they mine whatever resource you require at close to free cost.  Colonizing a country is so much more effective than straight up slavery, mostly because there is never the real boss anywhere close to revolt against.  The American South produced far more wealth once colonized than its slaves ever produced.  And the rulers of the country, the east coast blue blood Yankee industrialists and banks, made money off the war to colonize the place.  But colonizing is not cheap.  Yes, it returns far more than is invested, but you need the wealth and war capacity to get the colony in the first place.  As in, it takes money to make money.  And it takes wealth and warriors to maintain the colony.  The optimal solution to is send over as few troops as needed.  If it becomes a shooting war your profit goes to hell.  The Brits were masters of colonization as they really only needed a navy to rule the waves.  The army was much smaller and usually had technological superiority.  Yet, once Germany threatened their navy supremacy, their colonizing days were over.  They didn’t know it yet, and it took two world wars to convince them ( actually, just one war and one build up to another ), but the German competition was the apex of the British Empire.  They lost the wealth needed to keep the wealth rolling in.


As has the US.  I don’t think anyone can argue that fact.  We don’t have a mere recession.  We have no manufacturing wealth ( government subsidized auto companies are sad and pathetic ), the service economy is deflating along with the housing sector ( the housing sector is a ghost of its former self.  Existing structures are left vacant to trap everyone into high rents, and a shrinking pool of employed get a few new homes built ), and most importantly one country after another is dropping dollars for oil.  We don’t come back from this.  Our navy is shrinking, our high tech is nothing like the Maxim machinegun against spear chuckers but more akin to a few mechanized assassins which while terrifying to individuals don’t win battles or wars, and very soon after we lose our colonies ( we can’t even get a few barrels of oil out of occupied countries, and our former oil colonies such as Mexico have seen off the chart declines in pumping volume and are close to worthless- but we do have a few fake-oil producers still on the payroll! ) we might just become a colony ourselves.  Again.  There might still be enough wealth left to make it worth a few cases of AK’s, a bit of Semtex and an advisor or two and diverted merchant marine and naval vessels.  You won’t see occupying troops.  But the competing warlords in your region, the ones with extra ammo being sent to them as your stockpile shrinks, will be in a foreign countries pockets.  It doesn’t go from now to post-apocalypse immediately.  The wealthy looters move in, rape the place, then abandon it.  If you are lucky.  Otherwise they stay awhile.  Not that the die-off won’t happen immediately.  Count on that.  Way too many oxygen wasters around the place.  Hello Congo, Heart Of Darkness.

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  1. Where do you see the die off happening first, Jame? demographicly or geographicly selected?
    Coastal areas due to the effects of global warming (aka hurricanes)?
    Or Seniors and disabled due the the effects of inflation (aka Social Security not being enough to afford the cat-food and medicines the old farts need to live?)
    Or both at once?
    How will we know the die off is happening? In Europe it may already be happening as in many countries the natives births are not enough to offset those die-ing of old age. All their population growth is in immigrants. In the USA we are approaching that point.

    1. Wow- loaded question. And hard as hell to start noodling. Yes, everywhere already we have subtle, hidden effects-malnourishment from GMO, masked deaths through medical maltreatment. Up front in your face type? I'd have to noodle that a bit.

  2. Late middle-aged White men will (are) dropping like flies in a hot window, due to VA healthcare combined with smoking/alcoholism/obesity. Expect the ObamaCare in the style of the VA to do less care while issueing even more dangerous (esp. in combinations) drugs to post-breeding-age people. The drugs "work" in that they make you feel better (aches go away) but they have long-term effects that will lead to rapid-onset death that can be blamed on "old age" or "natural causes".

    There is rationing and delay even now for people with the misfortune to not be top 10% wealthy or have vintage gold-plated med coverage from the job in the 1970's. We will look North to Canada and wish we had it so good, while Canadians book medical tours to Thailand.

    Yeah, and the "empty" food due to depleted soil and semi-toxic undigestable GMO crops..... Glyphosate (Roundup) causes leaky gut syndrome in mammals who live too long (longer than 3 years) or eat too much of it. Autopsy of cows fed high glyphosate feed looks like 4-pack-a-day smoker and a pint of Jack for lunch every day for 50 years autopsy. Withered, blackened and cancerous is a fair description.


    1. Withered, blackened and cancerous is a fair description
      For $1.25 on sale Wal-Mart brand hotdogs