Thursday, April 30, 2015

cali exodus #1


Beck School Of Economics

Milton Freedman School Of Economics was the perfect propaganda for the scorched earth takeover from the central bank, a quick process of a mere two decades or so that convinced the victims that participating in their own fleecing was a good idea ( prior to this, the central bank ran the economy and was the primary beneficiary. In this instance, the central bank started to cannibalize the economy, a one time process that is almost done. After that, it is Third World Banana Republic status for the US, without the peasants being able to feed themselves and without any resources being mined which might at least provide enough income to police the hungry peasants. Remember, the myth of the bountiful country is decades out of date. Peak Iron Ore was in the 1950’s, Peak Silver in 1999, the southern tip of the Midwest aquifer is dry, etc ). The Glen Beck/Rush Limbaugh School Of Economics is the propaganda that states that welfare recipients are parasites holding back the economy. The wide held assumption of this economic school as factual ( in actual fact, as deeply flawed as Keynesian, if not far worse ) means that when the safety net is withdrawn due to budgetary constraints, the infrastructure allowing rich people to profit is gone. They are going to cut off their nose to spite their face ( those that didn‘t leave-not all the rich are smart or connected ). We’ve talked about this before, but I’m trying something different this time and tying it into the coming out migration from California.


Black folk or other minorities on welfare are the current fall guy for richer folk that are on a different kind of welfare. Middle class welfare is ending, pretty much, and this was what set the stage for the coming exodus, and rich welfare is on the rise ( if you are in the financier class, exponentially so ). In the very near future, in order for the last dregs of wealth to be wrung from society to put the last few dollars in the carry-on luggage of the rich as they fly first class out of our imploding economy, poor welfare must be ended. Where Glen and Rush earn their corporate paymaster paycheck is they are convincing the middle class that this is the most natural thing in the world. The best idea since slice white bread. But this is nothing more than national suicide. Don’t be stupid and play the race card, as this is camouflage- the simple fact is that the poor, lacking any support, unable to feed themselves, will turn on those with any means. It doesn’t matter their color or culture or tribe. Currently, welfare to the Blacks pacifies an otherwise angry and violent crowd ( Fergeson and the like is merely Obammy The Biggest Pole Smoker Of The Century agitating an otherwise passive mob in the interests of further divide and conquer of the poor and middle class ). A crowd, it might be remembered, in which almost every young male has been through the prison school of combat and pasty fat pukes with AR-15’s are no match for them. This has to have been deliberate. The rich divide us between skin color, gender, occupation and anything else proven to be effective slight of hand as they draw down our economy.


Next article, how the middle class wealth exodus will fuel the fires of migration.


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  1. this one was great

    they love you here at the nursing home

    best sleeping aid ever

    put everybody to sleep

    old geezer

  2. "the poor, lacking any support, unable to feed themselves, will turn on those with any means. It doesn’t matter their color or culture or tribe. "
    And when a smart politician gets ahead of that turning we get Nazis, Communists, and all sorts of other strong man democratic dictatorships that perish as soon as the people discover the dictator lied about being able to fix things. (the dictatorship might survive, but not as a democratically supported one)
    These events are already occurring in the Middle East, South and Central America, and are starting to occur in Europe. The were always happening in SE Asia and Africa so that is their normal state, but even there things are stepping up a notch or two. When we see a major county of Western Europe get a 'Putin' sort of their own that when we know the gig is up and coming to the US shores next. The great depression prior to WW2 was a great example of how things could shake out- minus the victory for the USA in WW2, or future recovery. There are no resources to switch wartime production to consumer goods after a big high intensity war. And there probably isn't enough resources for high intensity wartime production even if the existence of nukes didn't preclude it - the next war(s) will be fought with not much more than everyone has now. Instead of D-day or the battle of the Bulge, imagine border skirmishes, ethnic cleansing and low scale civil war/raiding nearly everywhere - globally, for _generations_. I really don't know how the rich expect to be able to avoid it. I bet the smartest are buying very good, very loyal security forces, and treating them very well on their own little private islands with lots of hookers and blow (while training themselves on firearms and managing subsistence fishing and farming cooperatives). I think though that too much money may act as blinders for most at the level that they could actually afford to do so. Normalcy Bias applies as much or more to the successful than the poor, don't you know.