Friday, April 10, 2015

3 of 3 today

Re: Pellet guns and low tech archery for survival.

The Crosman Nitro Fury in .22 cal, has proven to be a great gun thus far James. The trigger pull is heavy, but there are several mods available on the web that illustrate how to alleviate this problem, I just haven't got around to it yet. That aside, it shoots amazingly well. I can tear a smaller soda can (Red Bull) to pieces at about 60 paces, even with the terrible trigger pull, and with all shots more or less centered on the small can. The gun is very quiet, and has enough power to easily take down small game such as rabbits, squirrels, etc.

Didn't come with a scope as it was said to, so you have to watch out for this sort of thing sometimes with Amazon vendors. But for a $100.00 for a Nitro Piston gun, it can't be beat. The only test left is the overall life expectancy? But these Nitro Piston guns are said to hold up longer than the spring guns.

In addition to a snare set for small game, consider for archery equipment, the Spectre take-down bow. Can't hurt to have one of these for the price of $80.00.

If you want to spend a little more, the Primal Gear Unlimited Take-Down bow is a nicer bow, but twice the cost.

As you've pointed out before James, crossbows are superior in that most folks can fire and hit with one accurately. I can at times, put a bolt within the same hole with my excalibur crossbow at 25 yards. The only problem is that they are not as easy to reproduce in a resource down situation, as would be a primitive bow and arrow set. But if one wishes to explore this option, there are several good videos on youtube illustrating homemade crossbows.

As much as I like the modern air guns and archery equipment, I still don't feel comfortable relying on anything that requires a modern infrastructure to maintain. The above mentioned products are a good start, but ultimately I feel that it's best to learn primitive trapping methods in addition to procuring your own low tech archery equipment.


  1. I have a crosman quest 1000,love it! Its a .177 pellet break action,and will put a pellet thru a 1x4 with ease.Not really useful for defense,but it would put a world of hurt on a person

  2. I got a real nice slingshot for about 10 bucks and unlimited ammo (rocks). Of course, it ain't camo and it don't make my pecker any bigger but it gets the job done! It don't cost a 1000 bucks for a lifetime membership to the National Slingshot Association either! I'm just saying..........

    1. Indeed. Another alternative with potential.

  3. Looks like a decent gun 9:36. Another super gun for the price is the Hatsun 95. Turkish made, all German steel, fully adjustable trigger, and a real walnut stock. Said to be the best bargain out there for under $200.00

    I chose a .22 cal, because I wanted to stay subsonic regardless of pellet weight, and I prefer the alloy pellets. I also like the bigger pellets for hunting, should I ever decide to do so.

  4. Also check your local craigslist for archery materials. I purchased a homemade PVC take-down bow for $45 from a local source on that site. University student looking to make some extra $$ for school did it - it works well.

    I like spring piston air guns, but they are heavy as hell. The Benjamin 392 (.22) and 397 (.177) is a decent pump that is much lighter to carry. Not quite as powerful as the magnum springers so ranges have to be kept shorter.

    1. Used archery equip. makes sense. They get excited with something new, then bored.

    2. Check out "The Backyard Bowyer" on youtube sometime 4:42. He shows how to make many pvc bows, including the take down variety.