Tuesday, November 25, 2014

population control


In general, humans are weak, lazy and stupid.  Social custom both ensures the ignorant have a fighting chance at survival and is always correct due to its discovery.  Customs are brought about in typical Darwin fashion, a long set of trials where the idiots die and the slightly less idiots survive and pass on the winning strategy.  Today, most Americans have no use for custom, making their own up as they go along because Sweet Baby Jesus forbid they actually step outside their fantasy bubble environment of the Oil Age ( if you doubt my first sentence above, just think about how the 70’s oil supply shocks didn’t clue anyone into conservation or alternates but brought about an economy based on doubling down on Business As Usual ).  Anthropology is the bastard step child of Universities, only allowed as long as obscure dark skinned tribes with stretched out lips and bosoms, skipping around camp fires chanting some weird ass noise, are the only peoples studied and no conclusions are made as to how us honkies behave.  We wouldn’t want to upset anyone who thinks it’s possible to act in as moronic a matter as possible without any negative consequences.  I love anthropology myself, finding it fascination how humans will act regardless of time or place, but there isn’t much of a need to put too much time into it.  Just remember the adage “it’s all about the food, stupid”.  Today, infanticide and war as population control.


Humans were made to hump more than bunnies on Viagra.  It is a given.  If you are married, you might not accept this truism, but that is only the result of the last hundred years of a one off event of energy surplus ( any system that doesn’t need male upper body strength to farm will see an equality of the sexes, and farm mechanization was closely aligned with women’s suffrage in this country ) which too shall soon pass.  And sure enough, you hump enough and pretty soon you get a bun in the oven.  Now, I know it is shocking to you that not every kid bursting into this world is greeted with confetti and joy, but in an energy down world, infant death and infanticide are accepted.  In fact, in poverty stricken areas, it is quite normal to NOT want some children.  Those children which help economically are welcomed and those that will impose a hindrance and possibly endanger other members of the family are not welcomed at all.  Infanticide is accepted and normal in these cases.  It can be as simple as triaging food and medicine, for when childhood death is an everyday occurrence a malnourished infant dying isn’t questioned.  Everyone knows there isn’t enough to go around, nor does anyone expect you to do something drastic and overt like throwing the poor kid off a cliff.


Warfare is never going to go away.  In some societies it is the only way to settle disputes.  In a lot of instances, warfare is for needed resources in a perpetual land of want.  Sometimes it is for breeding stock or just plain greed.  But war alone isn’t always enough to both feed the tribe winning or getting rid of enough population ( one only needs to look at the areas plagued by decades of war and see little decrease in people ).  However, in pre-gunpowder societies, perpetual warfare itself, not the actual fighting, was enough to decrease population.  In a war, you need men ( PRE-gunpowder, FemiNazi dykes! ).  Over time, male babies are going to be the lottery winner in the infanticide survivor game.  This doesn’t decrease the number of kids, because if there are no mates at home the warriors will get one on the next invasion, but it decreases the kids that will grow up to be breeders.  Instead, they grow up to die on the battlefield.  In time, a slow decrease in absolute numbers, or preferably a leveling off of numbers just below the resource threshold.  People are still humping, babies are still being born, young males are still getting wives.  But the population doesn’t explode.  The current Chinese preference for males isn’t abnormal, it is the latest in a long custom.  Parents decide about children for their own interests ( which is why nothing short of forced sterilization will bring populations down if it pays to have children ).  Custom can turn that from a disaster to a more manageable outcome.

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  1. OK If Rawles is NOT P.C. then all he is is a money grubber, worshipping Mammom. So much for all that religious B.S. of his.

    My sister says she would not be interested unless you shaved off your hair. (ALL of it)

    If I have a package delivered to the food shelf where you work, they are not going to think it's a donation are they?


    1. All good American Christians worship Mammon. The more $ you got, the more light from Jesus shines on you. Ask the Mormons. I won't shave my eyebrows or rectum, but everything else is negotiable. And I'll reconsider my eyebrows if she is a MILF. Any package, James Dakin c/o FISH goes to me as if it were a postal box- NOT considered a donation to the food bank.

  2. In an time of declining resources you have two options.
    A) Control population growth by limiting birth / killing off excess people
    B) Find (take) more resources (usually by theft or violence).

    Or, of course, a community can (and will) do both...

    1. Thank goodness fracking will save us all forever so this is just a thought exercise.

    2. BWAAA-HAAAAA!!!!!- you nearly cost me a keyboard you well coifed bastard!.
      I live right next door to the Bakkan, and the prices of real-estate had been trending DOWN even _before_ the recent fall in oil prices. Now that oil is getting to less than $80/barrel most of the existing wells are barely making a profit, so almost no new ones are being built. I give it a year at current oil prices before I will be able to pick up a trailer or building supplies for rock bottom prices (not that I am waiting for that before building shelter on my land, just looking forward to the improvements that could afford...).

      Oooh How about you go on about how natural gas will save us if frakking oil doesn't!

    3. I'm not worried about fracking at all. Even if the wells dry up in two years, Obammy will roll out his room temp fusion generator from Area 51. Or was that Al Gore who invented it? :)