Thursday, April 25, 2019

evil and lazy

People, and hence families and tribes and nations, are pretty damn easy to figure out.  You don’t think so, because it is not in anyone’s interest to tell you this.  A LOT of iron rice bowls would be cracked if explanations were logical and simple.  This is what you pay me for.  Yeah, I still screw you like everyone else, but I’m a lot cheaper and at least I make you laugh at yourself.  And, you can always be a Free Rider if you so choose, reading me for free and letting some other poor schmuck donate and foot the bill. 
For much of the Agricultural Age, priests and all their flunkies were the Yes Men of the kings, and it was their job to confuse and complicate.  Recently, scientists got into that game, becoming the weavers of confusion.  Anyone wondering how those nice little dudes in white lab coats could ever be anything other than rigid adherents to the truth might want to consider the guy who “invented” chemotherapy.  I can’t recall his name off hand so to avoid embarrassing me and my memory and his descendent family plus the ENTIRE medical community, we call him Science Dude.
Science Dude was a doctor in the service of the government assigned to the colonies.  In this case, Puerto Rico.  He certainly had NO desire to be there, as you might recall over a hundred years ago, neat crap like malaria was still a danger and these were literally craphole countries.  Hating the island, naturally he also hated the Little Brown People there.  He actually wrote to a colleague back in the US how he had maliciously experimented on the natives and killed several.  This got out and to say the islanders were not happy was an understatement.
Did anything happen to the doc?  Hell, no.  He placed some weak ass spin on the letter, went back to the mainland and was promoted.  Soon thereafter, he was placed in charge of cancer research and he started experimenting on patients here.  Since they were terminal, he gladly had consent for experimental drugs.  Given Science Dudes less than empathetic ways, one can just imagine the painful deaths of many, until he quite by accident happened upon the chemicals used in chemotherapy.  Since SOME actually lived through the chemistry experiment, it was degreed a CURE.  Then made mandatory. 
If you are a doctor, try offering anything other than surgery, radiation or chemotherapy to cure cancer, and see how long you keep your license.  No other “cures” are approved.  The same “scientific method” which saw bleeding, electroshock, eugenics ( AMERICAN, not German ), ADD diagnosis, drilling holes in ones skull trying to cure insanity, and other highlights of man’s daring intellectual progress.  When scientists are not busy with medical quackery, they are busily “proving” Gore Warming.  You can use the excuse, “what other alternative except witch doctors”, but I wonder how different the two practices are.
Under the guise of science, many population management tools have been perfected.  Look at sociology and anthropology, little more than the earliest Political Correctness indoctrination studies.  For a hundred years, these fields have rarely been anything other than propaganda and indoctrination rather than enlightenment.  They differ not at all from the apologists of racism ( not Southern Jim Crow, but colonialists excusing poor behavior of non-White overseas natives.  Did you know that the Alaskan islands invaded by Japan saw the residents that got back to the territories US controlled area placed in internment camps?  Lacking the will to give up resources, we just cattle car’ed them ).
Mostly giving up on overseas colonies ( sticking with sparsely populated islands, with a few exceptions such as Guam, or bases in foreign countries where we are not responsible to the population ), racism was no longer needed as a control mechanism since we no longer had a threatening HALF of the population non-White ( most of the numbers were from the Philippines ).  The same social engineers excusing then forbidding racism were also busy with the next social division of the early proto-political correctness, the social studies very early on propagated by these idiots.
Yeah, all this is your revered “impartial science dude”.  They are about as impartial as my bunghole is to my daily fiber intake.  Scientists are people, and ALL people no matter how they spin their own goodness are both lazy humpers, greedy humpers and some noble in their own mind mother humpers.  All people are the same, being, you know, people, and being a politician makes you no worse.  Being a scientist makes you no better.  The only difference in people is the cultural differences, and they are only subjective.  At core, lazy and greedy and self-justifying.
All the good that people do?  It is conditional.  It is only applicable to a certain class of people and if it is not done on demand they are punished.  It has nothing to do with being good rather than evil, being better than other groups, being perfect or not.  If a politician is evil, it is because he isn’t screwing other people for your benefit.  If a scientist is smart and logical and impartial, it is only because he was preaching to your choir.  Look at the propaganda war, pro-US and pro-Russian.  Both sides are right.  And wrong.
I love the Western Rifle Dudes and the site Unz, both being the most consistently helpful, to me, daily.  Orlov was recently interviewed by Saker, both strongly pro-Russian.  And I think that is a good thing.  Take their biased bullspit propaganda, contrast that to the paid for biased propaganda pro-American Empire media, and where the view is in between the two is probably pretty close to reality.  Both sides aren’t even spewing propaganda.  They see it as the truth.  The ONLY truly effective propagandist is someone who indoctrinated himself and is a True Believer.  The Kool-Aid drinkers.
Keep this Orlov/Saker article in mind, as it is important as we continue tomorrow.
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  1. Following along. You are correct concerning the macro indoctrination of almost all types and forms of groups, entities or collections of people. They are individually and collectively all wrapped up in their group think or performing their "mission" according to the intended objective or pre desired outcomes. There is either a financial incentive for that planned outcome or it is also based on a simple pure raw power, control, or domination purposes. The altruistic individual who studies, labors away, invents or develops anything for a true benevolent purpose is very rare. Most cases that person or element is is eventually caught up by larger powers or controlling forces and thus subjugated for financial gains or power and control uses. The key for Minions is to stay low to the ground, and try to avoid the stray fire from the battles waged by those evil and lazy freaks attempting power, control, fincancial bloodlusting directed at you or your tribe. It is an eternal conflict of the ages and will never stop, ever.

    1. I'd call N Tesla one of the great benevolent ones. Of course, he was driven bat crap crazy by The Voices, so who knows what he was thinking :)

  2. Bison,
    Sometime into your third paragraph, I noticed my attention wandering. Then I felt something on my chin... and realized I was drooling.

    "Evil drool is lazy"... a direct quote attributed to the power-wheelchair of Stephen Hawkins.

    Speaking of chemotherapy, do you think bald chicks are hot?

    Asking for a friend.

    What is it with drool. Using 'The Guise Of Science' as a benchmark, would The Hubble Telescope (aka 'The Hubble') be useful in revealing The Truth Of The Matter?

    I often wonder how often I revert to parental OJT by firmly stating, broaching no dissent, "Because I'm the scientist, and I say so." It works with the dogs, but, then again, they understand I am solely in charge of the tennis-balls. I'm sure you understand my point.

    A bald chick in a lab coat. Do the glasses add 'secs appeal'? An other way of saying this in other words, is secs appeal 'conditional'?

    Why The Dominican Republic if Puerto Rico? A Little Brown Chick in a lab coat... contempatively gnawing on a temple bar. Brow seductively furrowed in concentration. Unbuttoned so her thigh can take advantage of a refreshing tropical breeze. As she sits, one high-heel casually on the lab-stool rung.

    If some scientists are smart enough to acquire grant-bucks and some scientists wear white lab-coats after Labor Day, does it follow some government agents are tall?

    Thank you for the start of another informative series. That Orlov, bright dude. Saker is no slouch, either.

    How dependent is America culture on the discovery of 'the comma', and by some definitions, 'America', we refer to all of the civilized world, in your opinion, because you read, alot.

    I smiled at your reference to 'fiber'. And I just realized I got alot out of today's column. Indirectly.

    1. "Asking for a friend" Woop! Too funny. Too many zingers in there to even follow them all.

    2. A bald chick in a lab coat?

      Almost sounds like a date with Sinead O’Conner. Whom, by the way, demands that you travel the Hershey Highway (Yes, she insists that you do her in the butt :D ). For a moment, I thought I was looking at Richard Simmons dating profile, until I looked up and saw the picture, and even then, I still thought I was looking at a dude :D Yes, it’s real. So real in fact, that the dating site removed her profile, for being a little too risqué. Such is the fate of old feminist nutters, that aren’t quick enough to latch on to a beta chump in enough time :D

      “From Sinead O'Connor's web site:

      I've been repeatedly asked will I 'do anal sex'. Let me make it very clear.. Any man I contemplate has to be into anal sex.. It was a family paper so they wudnt have printed it but let me now take time to make VERY clear that yes I 'do anal' and in fact I would be deeply unhappy if 'doing anal' wasn't on the menu, amongst everything else$$ So if u don't like 'the difficult brown'.. Don't apply...”

    3. I'm thinking my whole life's work is now in question, if the above and my site constitute your reading material. :D

    4. Lord Bison, some Minions will just fail, despite your magnificient tutoring. They run off the rails or spontaneously combust, oh well,

    5. You know, you probably won’t believe this, but I do not seek this stuff out, it seeks me out :D I do not watch the news on tv, and rarely go to news sites. So the only news that I ever catch is on late night radio, when I listen to coast to coast am, and only then, when it’s an interesting topic. Otherwise, I listen to old time radio, in order to hear what America was like in a by gone era, when it was still sane.

      Same with TV. The only television that I see, is when I go into the main house, and catch little bits and pieces when I’m in there for whatever reason. Judging from the newer tv shows and commercials, I have reached a few conclusions:

      Apparently white dudes no longer date white women; only black women.

      All blacks come from stable, two parent homes, who are always career professionals.

      Everyone knows a turd burglar couple that’s been together for many years, and in addition to being the most stable and well adjusted of people out there, they’re also superior parents in every way :D

      White dudes commit the most crimes of any other demographic.

      There’s no point for a man to try and mimic Rambo, when a 98lb female can kick any man’s ass.

      I think that about covers it, but feel free to add anything that I’ve missed :D

    6. Aren't they similar? I mean the whole gist is that we're headed to the hershey highway.


    7. Perhaps it is all D&D's fault. Fantasy sold so well...


    Was browsing through your landwatch link and found this gem......
    You could have a new neighbor.

  4. WOW, 48000 acres...I would never be able to ride all that. ( As in, well I think my property line goes over there...never been to that side of the property) LOL

  5. This is more my size;

  6. The problem with millions in land is, FLIR scopes are harder to afford.