Friday, September 28, 2018

next victim 1 of 3, article 1 of 2 today

NEXT VICTIM ( article 1 of 2 today )
Want to see who the next victim is in the deindustrialization and post peak carbon fuel future?  Look in the mirror.  No need to protest, I know you are already disagreeing with me.  After all, you are smarter than the average bear, having seen the future as it really will be, and are planning for that.  Well.  Perhaps.  You even think you are that far ahead of the learning curve by avoiding most people.  But I think history disagrees with you.  Most of us are planning to survive a time when the nation state has failed to protect us, but are doing far too little to protect ourselves from that very state prior to its complete impotence.  More than likely, you will be the next victim of a political organization trying to protect itself from extinction.
First, look at the grass eating victim of the predator of your choice.  The lion ( or whatever ) needs to eat to survive.  As simple as that.  There is no morality or philosophy involved.  For the majority of Americans, to survive at a even decreased rate of affluence, most of the rest of the world needs to be Our Bitches.  Without colonialization, we would be at far less living standards than Kazakhstan right now.  For one organism to survive, another must die.  That is what overpopulation entails, and almost all of Mother Nature is at the default Overpopulate And Overexploit Mode, constantly.  Always.  Without exception. 
Yeah, welcome to Red In Tooth And Claw.  That is reality.  Which we cannot conceive of on a visceral level.  We think reality is First World Problems ( check out Weird Al Yankovic on the video of that name ).  We have no framework to compare.  The only thing we can do is study history to hopefully understand that those of privilege are always the next victim.  And those victims always suffered from hubris.  Look at the high flying Soviet officers in the military. 
They were high lords and King Crap in their fiefdoms, masses of peasants forced to do their every bidding.  Masters of all they surveyed.  Then the Stalin purges began.  Not too long after that, Stalin himself was purged ( the Soviets had class, “heart attacking” their last leader in the coup.  Not all gross and obvious like America using Magic Bullets to assassinate them ).  Look at us now, White Boys used to centuries of rule and then suddenly we are put to pasture and slaughtered at will by females.  Then, by Other Colors.  And we can’t even complain about the slaughter ( figuratively by demographics, literally in the Knock Out Games ) or we are racists or misogynists. 
Does the lion give a crap that the zebra doesn’t want to die?  Do the LibTards give a crap we can’t live on the wages they leave us, after the bankers are paid?  And isn’t that the sad part?  They are soft and fat from doing nothing but supervising our destruction from a desk.  We are getting leaner and meaner from deprivation.  And yet, we still act like the herbivore, cowering in fear and complaining about the unfairness of our fall from grace.  Please do not misunderstand.  I do NOT call for revolution.
Revolutions, if not supported by the people, are destined for failure.  I think a revolution is just, as this is our pond you are now swimming in, but looking at things realistically it would be doomed to fail.  Especially since the majority of the population has been bribed by illusions of luxury, fracking oil and gas keeping the corn syrup flowing and the auto’s running ( and not to forget, the 500 channels on TV with nothing on.  Do you think Netflix and etcetera is an accident?  That the feds forgot they could regulation Free Riders?  Of course not-the corn eaters also need circuses ). 
Could a fraction of one percent conduct a viable insurgency?  Sure.  With stockpiled food and ammunition, in caches since your home will likely be raided or drone razed, one lone individual could wreak so much havoc on our vulnerable centralized infrastructure a single person could literally halt the entire economy.  You wouldn’t even need Chinese resupply clandestinely.  You might be confused as to why it hasn’t already been done ( the few strikes that looked like warfare were more likely foreign national sponsored trial runs, such as the train derailment and the electric grid attacks ).
You know why?  Because that is how spoiled we are to all our luxuries.  I can’t get dyed in the wool end of world survivalists to give up their cars in the face of Peak Oil and Fracking Failure, and you are THE hard core of the prepper world, and you think anyone really wants to end the necessities that were once luxuries?  Our government is good at a few things, primarily bribery and murder, and it knows to keep food and gasoline as cheap as humanly possible.  The masses are opiated, and that includes preppers and militia members.
NO one would support you, and you know it, and that is why it is futile to strike back at those enslaving and killing you.  Instead of a lion, you remain a sheep, a victim.  Not that we are completely sad and pathetic.  We are monkey men, totally dependent on the tribe, and why strike back without that tribe?  That is a reasonable excuse.  So we stand by while illegal immigrants rape and kill our daughters, our women financially enslave us and take our sons and turn them into Soy Boys and we await professional ruin on the whim of a fake accuser of Hate Crimes. 
Before, when we were a tribe, the resolve of all allowed one to strike back with impunity and strengthen the tribe as a whole ( “don’t hump with those guys, they will gang up on you” ), whenever our rule was questioned.  Now, the tables are turned and we are the ones without power or recourse.  And those that claim, myself included, to wish to kill as many as possible before our own demise-a Good death-at the collapse of civilization, we do absolutely nothing now, ever the victim.  We keep working to pay taxes to support the institutions of power that suppress us.  Hate them all you want, but at least the victims in the 60’s had the balls to strike back, when we ruled. 
And yet, as bad as all that is, I think our victimization has only just begun.  Continued.
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  1. Before, when we were a tribe, the resolve of all allowed one to strike back with impunity and strengthen the tribe as a whole ( “don’t hump with those guys, they will gang up on you” ), whenever our rule was questioned.

    I wish I could remember where, Jim but I read a about a Russian youth having an argument with a Chechen and they decided to meet, to fight it out. The Russian boy comes alone to the place and the whole Chechen clan is there. I forget whether they actually fought, or who won, but the Russian kid was terrified of being murdered...but the Chechens respected his guts.

    1. Growing up in southern California, small rural town, you knew not to mess with the Mexicans ( much smaller minority then ). Any group, from the Aggies to the Stoners, could out number them, but such was their reputation of showing up with the gang that no one ever messed with them.